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Air Greenland

Air Greenland Flights

Home AirlinesAir Greenland (GL)

Air Greenland routes and airport map

Find all Air Greenland flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Air Greenland fly to?

Air Greenland serves 3 domestic destinations and 57 international destinations in 4 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Air Greenland destinations

The following is an overview of all Air Greenland flights and destinations:

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Where does Air Greenland fly from?

Air Greenland departs from 60 airports in 4 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Air Greenland departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Air Greenland departs from:

Air Greenland most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Air Greenland, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Nuuk to KangerlussuaqGOH to SFJKangerlussuaq to NuukSFJ to GOHIlulissat to KangerlussuaqJAV to SFJKangerlussuaq to IlulissatSFJ to JAVNarsarsuaq to QaqortoqUAK to JJUQaqortoq to NarsarsuaqJJU to UAKSisimiut to KangerlussuaqJHS to SFJKangerlussuaq to SisimiutSFJ to JHSUummannaq to Qaarsut and UummannaqUMD to JQATasiilaq to KulusukAGM to KUSQaarsut and Uummannaq to UummannaqJQA to UMDIttoqqortoormiit to IttoqqortoormiitOBY to CNPIttoqqortoormiit to IttoqqortoormiitCNP to OBYNarsaq to QaqortoqJNS to JJUNarsarsuaq to NarsaqUAK to JNSNarsaq to NarsarsuaqJNS to UAKQaqortoq to NarsaqJJU to JNSQeqertarsuaq to AasiaatJGO to JEGAasiaat to KangerlussuaqJEG to SFJIlulissat to AasiaatJAV to JEGQaqortoq to NanortalikJJU to JNNQasigiannguit to IlulissatJCH to JAVKangerlussuaq to AasiaatSFJ to JEGIlulissat to QeqertarsuaqJAV to JGOAasiaat to IlulissatJEG to JAVNarsarsuaq to NuukUAK to GOHNuuk to NarsarsuaqGOH to UAKIlulissat to UpernavikJAV to JUVKangerlussuaq to CopenhagenSFJ to CPHCopenhagen to KangerlussuaqCPH to SFJAasiaat to QasigiannguitJEG to JCHNanortalik to QaqortoqJNN to JJUSisimiut to NuukJHS to GOHManiitsoq to NuukJSU to GOHNuuk to ManiitsoqGOH to JSUAasiaat to KangaatsiaqJEG to QPWNuuk to SisimiutGOH to JHSManiitsoq to KangerlussuaqJSU to SFJKangerlussuaq to ManiitsoqSFJ to JSUUpernavik to IlulissatJUV to JAVQasigiannguit to AasiaatJCH to JEGIlulissat to UummannaqJAV to UMDIlulissat to QasigiannguitJAV to JCHPituffik to QaanaaqTHU to NAQUummannaq to IlulissatUMD to JAVQaanaaq to PituffikNAQ to THUQaarsut and Uummannaq to IlulissatJQA to JAVAasiaat to QeqertarsuaqJEG to JGOQeqertarsuaq to IlulissatJGO to JAVKangaatsiaq to NiaqornaarsukQPW to QMKNuussuaq to UpernavikNSQ to JUVNiaqornaarsuk to AasiaatQMK to JEGIlulissat to Qaarsut and UummannaqJAV to JQAAasiaat to AttuJEG to QGQNanortalik to NarsarsuaqJNN to UAKAttu to AasiaatQGQ to JEGKulusuk to NuukKUS to GOHUpernavik Kujalleq to UpernavikUPK to JUVNuuk to KulusukGOH to KUSUpernavik to NuussuaqJUV to NSQUpernavik to KullorsuaqJUV to KHQKuummiit to TasiilaqKUZ to AGMIginniarfik to AasiaatQFI to JEGPituffik to SavissivikTHU to SVRTasiilaq to SermiligaaqAGM to SGGKullorsuaq to UpernavikKHQ to JUVTasiilaq to KuummiitAGM to KUZSiorapaluk to QaanaaqSRK to NAQQeqertaq to IlulissatPQT to JAVSermiligaaq to TasiilaqSGG to AGMIlulissat to SaqqaqJAV to QUPQaanaaq to SiorapalukNAQ to SRKKulusuk to TasiilaqKUS to AGMSavissivik to PituffikSVR to THUKangerlussuaq to NarsarsuaqSFJ to UAKNarsarsuaq to KangerlussuaqUAK to SFJNuuk to PaamiutGOH to JFRKullorsuaq to NuussuaqKHQ to NSQPaamiut to NuukJFR to GOHQaanaaq to IlulissatNAQ to JAVInnaarsuit to UpernavikIUI to JUVTasiusaq to InnaarsuitTQA to IUIIsortoq to TasiilaqIOQ to AGMTasiilaq to TiniteqilaaqAGM to TQIIkerasak to SaattutIKE to SAEAkunnaaq to IkamiutQCU to QJISaqqaq to IlulissatQUP to JAVKangersuatsiaq to Upernavik KujalleqKGQ to UPKPaamiut to NarsarsuaqJFR to UAKKangaatsiaq to IkerasaarsukQPW to QRYTasiilaq to IsortoqAGM to IOQUummannaq to IkerasakUMD to IKEIlulissat to QeqertaqJAV to PQTUpernavik to Upernavik KujalleqJUV to UPKNuussuaq to KullorsuaqNSQ to KHQIkamiut to QasigiannguitQJI to JCHNarsarsuaq to NanortalikUAK to JNNUpernavik to QaanaaqJUV to NAQAasiaat to IginniarfikJEG to QFIAasiaat to AkunnaaqJEG to QCUUpernavik to KangersuatsiaqJUV to KGQSaattut to UummannaqSAE to UMDTiniteqilaaq to TasiilaqTQI to AGMInnaarsuit to TasiusaqIUI to TQAUpernavik to InnaarsuitJUV to IUITasiusaq to UpernavikTQA to JUVUpernavik to AappilattoqJUV to AOQAappilattoq to UpernavikAOQ to JUVSaqqaq to QeqertaqQUP to PQTIlulissat to IlimanaqJAV to XIQAkunnaaq to AasiaatQCU to JEGIkerasaarsuk to IginniarfikQRY to QFIUummannaq to UkkusissatUMD to JUKKangaatsiaq to AasiaatQPW to JEGUpernavik to TasiusaqJUV to TQAAasiaat to KitsissuarsuitJEG to QJENiaqornat to UummannaqNIQ to UMDKitsissuarsuit to AkunnaaqQJE to QCUNarsarsuaq to PaamiutUAK to JFRIlimanaq to IlulissatXIQ to JAVUkkusissat to NiaqornatJUK to NIQReykjavik (Keflavik) to NuukKEF to GOHNuuk to Reykjavik (Keflavik)GOH to KEFUkkusissat to UummannaqJUK to UMDUummannaq to NiaqornatUMD to NIQIkerasaarsuk to AasiaatQRY to JEGIlulissat to QaanaaqJAV to NAQNuuk to IlulissatGOH to JAVCopenhagen to NarsarsuaqCPH to UAKNarsarsuaq to CopenhagenUAK to CPHIlulissat to NuukJAV to GOHNarsaq Kujalleq to NanortalikQFN to JNNAmmassivik to NanortalikQUW to JNNTasiusaq to AappilattoqXEQ to QUVNarsaq Kujalleq to AappilattoqQFN to QUVBillund to KangerlussuaqBLL to SFJQasigiannguit to IlimanaqJCH to XIQIginniarfik to KangaatsiaqQFI to QPWAappilattoq to Narsaq KujalleqQUV to QFNUpernavik Kujalleq to KangersuatsiaqUPK to KGQIginniarfik to IkerasaarsukQFI to QRYAkunnaaq to KitsissuarsuitQCU to QJENiaqornat to UkkusissatNIQ to JUKNuuk to IqaluitGOH to YFBQaanaaq to UpernavikNAQ to JUVQeqertaq to SaqqaqPQT to QUPUummannaq to SaattutUMD to SAEKangersuatsiaq to UpernavikKGQ to JUVAlluitsup Paa to NanortalikLLU to JNNSaattut to IkerasakSAE to IKENanortalik to AmmassivikJNN to QUWTasiusaq to NanortalikXEQ to JNNAalborg to CopenhagenAAL to CPHNanortalik to Narsaq KujalleqJNN to QFNAmmassivik to Alluitsup PaaQUW to LLUAasiaat to IkerasaarsukJEG to QRYAappilattoq to TasiusaqQUV to XEQNanortalik to TasiusaqJNN to XEQAasiaat to NiaqornaarsukJEG to QMKIkerasaarsuk to KangaatsiaqQRY to QPWQasigiannguit to IkamiutJCH to QJIIkerasaarsuk to AttuQRY to QGQNanortalik to Alluitsup PaaJNN to LLUKitsissuarsuit to AasiaatQJE to JEGIkerasak to UummannaqIKE to UMDKangaatsiaq to AttuQPW to QGQAttu to IkerasaarsukQGQ to QRYIqaluit to NuukYFB to GOHKangaatsiaq to IginniarfikQPW to QFIAlluitsup Paa to AmmassivikLLU to QUWAttu to KangaatsiaqQGQ to QPWKangerlussuaq to BillundSFJ to BLLIlimanaq to QasigiannguitXIQ to JCHNiaqornaarsuk to KangaatsiaqQMK to QPWCopenhagen to AalborgCPH to AALQaqortoq to Alluitsup PaaJJU to LLUAlluitsup Paa to QaqortoqLLU to JJUIkamiut to AkunnaaqQJI to QCU

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