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UVT Aero

UVT Aero Flights

Home AirlinesUVT Aero (RT)

UVT Aero routes and airport map

Find all UVT Aero flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does UVT Aero fly to?

UVT Aero serves 38 domestic destinations and 1 international destination in 2 countries, as of December 2023.

List of UVT Aero destinations

The following is an overview of all UVT Aero flights and destinations:

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Where does UVT Aero fly from?

UVT Aero departs from 39 airports in 2 countries, as of December 2023.

List of UVT Aero departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries UVT Aero departs from:

UVT Aero most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by UVT Aero, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Remezov to KazanRMZ to KZNKazan to RemezovKZN to RMZKazan to AstrakhanKZN to ASFSamara to KazanKUF to KZNSaransk to KazanSKX to KZNKirovsk / Apatity to KazanKVK to KZNNizhnevartovsk to KazanNJC to KZNKazan to Kirovsk / ApatityKZN to KVKMoscow Domodedovo to RemezovDME to RMZRemezov to Moscow DomodedovoRMZ to DMEBugulma to Moscow DomodedovoUUA to DMEKazan to SamaraKZN to KUFMoscow Domodedovo to BugulmaDME to UUAKrasnoyarsk to RemezovKJA to RMZKazan to KrasnoyarskKZN to KJASaint Petersburg to RemezovLED to RMZRemezov to Saint PetersburgRMZ to LEDTomsk to IrkutskTOF to IKTKazan to KemerovoKZN to KEJKazan to TyumenKZN to TJMOmsk to AbakanOMS to ABAKazan to YaroslavlKZN to IARKazan to SaranskKZN to SKXNovy Urengoy to VolgogradNUX to VOGRemezov to SamaraRMZ to KUFKemerovo to KazanKEJ to KZNRemezov to KrasnoyarskRMZ to KJAIrkutsk to TomskIKT to TOFKazan to GroznyKZN to GRVKazan to SurgutKZN to SGCNovy Urengoy to RemezovNUX to RMZYekaterinburg to RemezovSVX to RMZVolgograd to Novy UrengoyVOG to NUXAstrakhan to KazanASF to KZNYaroslavl to PermIAR to PEENovy Urengoy to KazanNUX to KZNGorno-Altaysk to KazanRGK to KZNYaroslavl to KazanIAR to KZNKazan to Gorno-AltayskKZN to RGKOrenburg to KazanREN to KZNBugulma to SurgutUUA to SGCAstrakhan to SochiASF to AERKazan to OrenburgKZN to RENNoyabrsk to BugulmaNOJ to UUASurgut to BugulmaSGC to UUASochi to KazanAER to KZNKazan to SochiKZN to AERSurgut to RemezovSGC to RMZBugulma to NoyabrskUUA to NOJSochi to AstrakhanAER to ASFGrozny to KazanGRV to KZNNizhnevartovsk to PermNJC to PEESurgut to KazanSGC to KZNBugulma to NizhnevartovskUUA to NJCAbakan to OmskABA to OMSSamara to RemezovKUF to RMZKazan to Novy UrengoyKZN to NUXPerm to KazanPEE to KZNKazan to NizhnevartovskKZN to NJCRemezov to YekaterinburgRMZ to SVXSamara to OmskKUF to OMSPerm to YaroslavlPEE to IARRemezov to SurgutRMZ to SGCSamara to Novy UrengoyKUF to NUXKazan to MurmanskKZN to MMKRemezov to OmskRMZ to OMSMurmansk to TyumenMMK to TJMRemezov to Novy UrengoyRMZ to NUXTomsk to Nizhny NovgorodTOF to GOJBarnaul to PermBAX to PEETyumen to MurmanskTJM to MMKBarnaul to KazanBAX to KZNNovy Urengoy to BugulmaNUX to UUATyumen to KazanTJM to KZNAstrakhan to TomskASF to TOFKazan to Nizhny NovgorodKZN to GOJBugulma to UsinskUUA to USKAstrakhan to Nizhny NovgorodASF to GOJKazan to BarnaulKZN to BAXBugulma to Novy UrengoyUUA to NUXSaratov to GroznyGSV to GRVNizhnevartovsk to BugulmaNJC to UUAPerm to NizhnevartovskPEE to NJCGrozny to SaratovGRV to GSVNizhny Novgorod to TomskGOJ to TOFSamara to PermKUF to PEENizhnekamsk to RemezovNBC to RMZPerm to SamaraPEE to KUFUsinsk to BugulmaUSK to UUANizhny Novgorod to PermGOJ to PEEKazan to MagnitogorskKZN to MQFMagnitogorsk to KazanMQF to KZNUsinsk to UfaUSK to UFANizhny Novgorod to KazanGOJ to KZNPerm to Nizhny NovgorodPEE to GOJUfa to UsinskUFA to USKNizhny Novgorod to AstrakhanGOJ to ASFSamara to MagnitogorskKUF to MQFPerm to BarnaulPEE to BAXTomsk to OmskTOF to OMSMurmansk to KazanMMK to KZNRemezov to NizhnekamskRMZ to NBCTomsk to KazanTOF to KZNOmsk to RemezovOMS to RMZKrasnoyarsk to KazanKJA to KZNKazan to SamarkandKZN to SKDNovy Urengoy to SamaraNUX to KUFSamarkand to KazanSKD to KZNPetrozavodsk to KazanPES to KZNKazan to PetrozavodskKZN to PESCheboksary to SurgutCSY to SGCKrasnoyarsk to NizhnekamskKJA to NBCKazan to SaratovKZN to GSVSaratov to KazanGSV to KZNPerm to OmskPEE to OMSKazan to PermKZN to PEESurgut to CheboksarySGC to CSYOmsk to TomskOMS to TOFMagnitogorsk to SamaraMQF to KUFOmsk to PermOMS to PEEOmsk to SamaraOMS to KUFNizhnekamsk to KrasnoyarskNBC to KJAKazan to TomskKZN to TOFTomsk to AstrakhanTOF to ASF

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