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Yakutia Flights

Home AirlinesYakutia (R3)

Yakutia routes and airport map

Find all Yakutia flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Yakutia fly to?

Yakutia serves 33 domestic destinations and 1 international destination in 2 countries, as of September 2023.

List of Yakutia destinations

The following is an overview of all Yakutia flights and destinations:

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Where does Yakutia fly from?

Yakutia departs from 34 airports in 2 countries, as of September 2023.

List of Yakutia departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Yakutia departs from:

Yakutia most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Yakutia, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Yakutsk to NizhnevartovskYKS to NJCNizhnevartovsk to Moscow VnukovoNJC to VKOMoscow Vnukovo to YakutskVKO to YKSMoscow Vnukovo to NovosibirskVKO to OVBNovosibirsk to Moscow VnukovoOVB to VKOVladivostok to BlagoveshchenskVVO to BQSYakutsk to ChokurdakhYKS to CKHChokurdakh to YakutskCKH to YKSKhabarovsk to YakutskKHV to YKSBlagoveshchensk to VladivostokBQS to VVOKhabarovsk to NeryungriKHV to NERYakutsk to VladivostokYKS to VVOVladivostok to YakutskVVO to YKSDeputatsky to YakutskDPT to YKSBlagoveshchensk to Yuzhno-SakhalinskBQS to UUSNeryungri to KhabarovskNER to KHVYakutsk to KrasnoyarskYKS to KJAYakutsk to DeputatskyYKS to DPTNovosibirsk to YakutskOVB to YKSMoscow Vnukovo to SochiVKO to AERYakutsk to NovosibirskYKS to OVBSochi to Moscow VnukovoAER to VKOYuzhno-Sakhalinsk to BlagoveshchenskUUS to BQSYakutsk to KhabarovskYKS to KHVKrasnoyarsk to YakutskKJA to YKSSrednekolymsk to YakutskSEK to YKSYakutsk to NeryungriYKS to NERMoscow Vnukovo to Mineralnye VodyVKO to MRVNovosibirsk to NeryungriOVB to NERBlagoveshchensk to KhabarovskBQS to KHVVladivostok to ChitaVVO to HTANeryungri to YakutskNER to YKSKhabarovsk to ChitaKHV to HTANeryungri to NovosibirskNER to OVBNizhnevartovsk to Saint PetersburgNJC to LEDYuzhno-Sakhalinsk to KhabarovskUUS to KHVSaint Petersburg to YakutskLED to YKSTiksi to YakutskIKS to YKSMineralnye Vody to Moscow VnukovoMRV to VKOYakutsk to SrednekolymskYKS to SEKYakutsk to TiksiYKS to IKSChita to VladivostokHTA to VVOMoscow Vnukovo to NeryungriVKO to NERChita to KhabarovskHTA to KHVAnadyr to KhabarovskDYR to KHVKrasnoyarsk to Ulan-UdeKJA to UUDOlyokminsk to YakutskOLZ to YKSBatagay to YakutskBQJ to YKSKhabarovsk to Yuzhno-SakhalinskKHV to UUSKhabarovsk to Ulan-UdeKHV to UUDKhabarovsk to AnadyrKHV to DYRKhabarovsk to BlagoveshchenskKHV to BQSNeryungri to Moscow VnukovoNER to VKOIrkutsk to YakutskIKT to YKSYakutsk to OlenyokYKS to ONKYakutsk to IrkutskYKS to IKTUlan-Ude to KrasnoyarskUUD to KJAUlan-Ude to KhabarovskUUD to KHVYakutsk to HarbinYKS to HRBYakutsk to BatagayYKS to BQJHarbin to YakutskHRB to YKSOlenyok to YakutskONK to YKSKrasnoyarsk to SochiKJA to AERPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Yuzhno-SakhalinskPKC to UUSYuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Petropavlovsk-KamchatskyUUS to PKCYakutsk to MirnyYKS to MJZSochi to KrasnoyarskAER to KJAMirny to YakutskMJZ to YKSYakutsk to OlyokminskYKS to OLZYekaterinburg to Saint PetersburgSVX to LEDYakutsk to UdachnyYKS to PYJYakutsk to BlagoveshchenskYKS to BQSMoscow Vnukovo to MakhachkalaVKO to MCXBlagoveshchensk to YakutskBQS to YKSYakutsk to Ulan-UdeYKS to UUDNovosibirsk to SochiOVB to AERYakutsk to YekaterinburgYKS to SVXMoscow Vnukovo to KaliningradVKO to KGDUdachny to YakutskPYJ to YKSKaliningrad to Moscow VnukovoKGD to VKOKhabarovsk to MirnyKHV to MJZOmsk to YakutskOMS to YKSYakutsk to OmskYKS to OMSSochi to NovosibirskAER to OVBOmsk to SochiOMS to AERSochi to OmskAER to OMSUlan-Ude to YakutskUUD to YKSSaint Petersburg to YekaterinburgLED to SVXChita to YakutskHTA to YKSMirny to KhabarovskMJZ to KHVYakutsk to ChitaYKS to HTAMakhachkala to Moscow VnukovoMCX to VKOYekaterinburg to YakutskSVX to YKSMoscow Vnukovo to NizhnevartovskVKO to NJCChersky to YakutskCYX to YKSYakutsk to Saint PetersburgYKS to LEDUst-Nera to YakutskUSR to YKSYakutsk to Moscow VnukovoYKS to VKOVladivostok to Ulan-UdeVVO to UUDNizhnevartovsk to YakutskNJC to YKSUlan-Ude to VladivostokUUD to VVOSaint Petersburg to NizhnevartovskLED to NJCYakutsk to Ust-NeraYKS to USRYakutsk to CherskyYKS to CYX

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