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Air-India Express

Air-India Express Flights

Home AirlinesAir-India Express (IX)

Air-India Express routes and airport map

Find all Air-India Express flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Air-India Express fly to?

Air-India Express serves 24 domestic destinations and 14 international destinations in 8 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Air-India Express destinations

The following is an overview of all Air-India Express flights and destinations:

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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Where does Air-India Express fly from?

Air-India Express departs from 38 airports in 8 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Air-India Express departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Air-India Express departs from:

Air-India Express most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Air-India Express, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Guwahati to New DelhiGAU to DELNew Delhi to GuwahatiDEL to GAUSingapore to TiruchirappalliSIN to TRZTiruchirappalli to SingaporeTRZ to SINDubai to MangaloreDXB to IXEMangalore to DubaiIXE to DXBBengaluru to ThiruvananthapuramBLR to TRVMangalore to BengaluruIXE to BLRBengaluru to MangaloreBLR to IXEThiruvananthapuram to BengaluruTRV to BLRVaranasi to BengaluruVNS to BLRBengaluru to VaranasiBLR to VNSDubai to KozhikodeDXB to CCJKozhikode to DubaiCCJ to DXBDubai (Sharjah) to KannurSHJ to CNNKannur to Dubai (Sharjah)CNN to SHJKozhikode to Dubai (Sharjah)CCJ to SHJDubai (Sharjah) to KozhikodeSHJ to CCJJaipur to BengaluruJAI to BLRBengaluru to JaipurBLR to JAIBengaluru to HyderabadBLR to HYDHyderabad to BengaluruHYD to BLRKannur to DubaiCNN to DXBDubai to KannurDXB to CNNAmritsar, Punjab to HyderabadATQ to HYDLucknow to MumbaiLKO to BOMThiruvananthapuram to Dubai (Sharjah)TRV to SHJAmritsar, Punjab to DubaiATQ to DXBKochi to Dubai (Sharjah)COK to SHJRiyadh to KozhikodeRUH to CCJSingapore to ChennaiSIN to MAAGoa to New DelhiGOI to DELSingapore to MaduraiSIN to IXMKochi to MuscatCOK to MCTDoha to KochiDOH to COKGuwahati to ImphalGAU to IMFThiruvananthapuram to DubaiTRV to DXBKochi to HyderabadCOK to HYDKochi to DubaiCOK to DXBDubai to TiruchirappalliDXB to TRZImphal to GuwahatiIMF to GAUDubai (Sharjah) to TiruchirappalliSHJ to TRZVaranasi to Dubai (Sharjah)VNS to SHJMumbai to Dubai (Sharjah)BOM to SHJKochi to DohaCOK to DOHDubai to ThiruvananthapuramDXB to TRVDubai (Sharjah) to ThiruvananthapuramSHJ to TRVMumbai to LucknowBOM to LKODubai to LucknowDXB to LKOMuscat to KochiMCT to COKJaipur to New DelhiJAI to DELDubai (Sharjah) to New DelhiSHJ to DELTiruchirappalli to Dubai (Sharjah)TRZ to SHJKozhikode to RiyadhCCJ to RUHDubai (Sharjah) to KochiSHJ to COKMadurai to SingaporeIXM to SINChennai to SingaporeMAA to SINKozhikode to MuscatCCJ to MCTNew Delhi to LucknowDEL to LKODubai to KochiDXB to COKHyderabad to KochiHYD to COKTiruchirappalli to DubaiTRZ to DXBNew Delhi to JaipurDEL to JAIDubai (Sharjah) to MumbaiSHJ to BOMNew Delhi to GoaDEL to GOIHyderabad to Amritsar, PunjabHYD to ATQLucknow to DubaiLKO to DXBDubai to Amritsar, PunjabDXB to ATQLucknow to New DelhiLKO to DELKozhikode to DohaCCJ to DOHBengaluru to KannurBLR to CNNKozhikode to Abu DhabiCCJ to AUHKannur to BengaluruCNN to BLRDoha to KozhikodeDOH to CCJMuscat to KozhikodeMCT to CCJAbu Dhabi to KozhikodeAUH to CCJKozhikode to DammamCCJ to DMMDammam to KozhikodeDMM to CCJAbu Dhabi to ThiruvananthapuramAUH to TRVThiruvananthapuram to Abu DhabiTRV to AUHKozhikode to JeddahCCJ to JEDThiruvananthapuram to MuscatTRV to MCTMuscat to ThiruvananthapuramMCT to TRVJeddah to KozhikodeJED to CCJBengaluru to KochiBLR to COKKozhikode to Bahrain IslandCCJ to BAHDubai (Sharjah) to VaranasiSHJ to VNSBahrain Island to KozhikodeBAH to CCJKochi to BengaluruCOK to BLRNew Delhi to Dubai (Sharjah)DEL to SHJKannur to Abu DhabiCNN to AUHAbu Dhabi to KannurAUH to CNNAbu Dhabi to KochiAUH to COKGoa to HyderabadGOI to HYDPune to BengaluruPNQ to BLRDubai to JaipurDXB to JAIJaipur to DubaiJAI to DXBKochi to Abu DhabiCOK to AUHHyderabad to GoaHYD to GOIBengaluru to PuneBLR to PNQChennai to BengaluruMAA to BLRBengaluru to ChennaiBLR to MAAKannur to DohaCNN to DOHDoha to KannurDOH to CNNDubai (Sharjah) to SuratSHJ to STVMuscat to KannurMCT to CNNSurat to Dubai (Sharjah)STV to SHJKannur to MuscatCNN to MCTDubai (Sharjah) to Amritsar, PunjabSHJ to ATQKuwait City to KozhikodeKWI to CCJKozhikode to Kuwait CityCCJ to KWIRas Al Khaimah to KozhikodeRKT to CCJKozhikode to Ras Al KhaimahCCJ to RKTDubai to GoaDXB to GOIAmritsar, Punjab to Dubai (Sharjah)ATQ to SHJGoa to DubaiGOI to DXBMangalore to Abu DhabiIXE to AUHHyderabad to LucknowHYD to LKOAbu Dhabi to MangaloreAUH to IXELucknow to HyderabadLKO to HYDBengaluru to MumbaiBLR to BOMDoha to ThiruvananthapuramDOH to TRVThiruvananthapuram to DohaTRV to DOHMumbai to BengaluruBOM to BLRMangalore to DammamIXE to DMMThiruvananthapuram to DammamTRV to DMMBahrain Island to KochiBAH to COKDammam to ThiruvananthapuramDMM to TRVMuscat to MangaloreMCT to IXEDammam to MangaloreDMM to IXEJaipur to HyderabadJAI to HYDKochi to Bahrain IslandCOK to BAHHyderabad to JaipurHYD to JAIHyderabad to GwaliorHYD to GWLMangalore to MuscatIXE to MCTGwalior to HyderabadGWL to HYDKannur to JeddahCNN to JEDKannur to MangaloreCNN to IXEDoha to MangaloreDOH to IXEThiruvananthapuram to ChennaiTRV to MAAKuwait City to KannurKWI to CNNBahrain Island to ThiruvananthapuramBAH to TRVDubai (Sharjah) to VijayawadaSHJ to VGAJeddah to KannurJED to CNNIndore to Dubai (Sharjah)IDR to SHJThiruvananthapuram to KannurTRV to CNNVijayawada to Dubai (Sharjah)VGA to SHJDubai (Sharjah) to IndoreSHJ to IDRChennai to ThiruvananthapuramMAA to TRVThiruvananthapuram to Bahrain IslandTRV to BAHKannur to ThiruvananthapuramCNN to TRVMangalore to DohaIXE to DOHMangalore to KannurIXE to CNNAl Ain to KozhikodeAAN to CCJTiruchirappalli to BengaluruTRZ to BLRKannur to Kuwait CityCNN to KWIKozhikode to Al AinCCJ to AANBengaluru to TiruchirappalliBLR to TRZKozhikode to ThiruvananthapuramCCJ to TRVThiruvananthapuram to KozhikodeTRV to CCJTiruchirappalli to Abu DhabiTRZ to AUHKochi to SalalahCOK to SLLDoha to TiruchirappalliDOH to TRZRiyadh to KannurRUH to CNNKochi to RiyadhCOK to RUHKuwait City to MangaloreKWI to IXEMangalore to Bahrain IslandIXE to BAHBahrain Island to MangaloreBAH to IXEIndore to DubaiIDR to DXBAbu Dhabi to TiruchirappalliAUH to TRZTiruchirappalli to Kuwait CityTRZ to KWIKannur to RiyadhCNN to RUHMangalore to Kuwait CityIXE to KWITiruchirappalli to DohaTRZ to DOHSalalah to KochiSLL to COKRiyadh to KochiRUH to COKKuwait City to TiruchirappalliKWI to TRZMuscat to TiruchirappalliMCT to TRZKannur to Bahrain IslandCNN to BAHBahrain Island to KannurBAH to CNNKochi to DammamCOK to DMMKozhikode to SalalahCCJ to SLLDammam to KochiDMM to COKDubai to IndoreDXB to IDRTiruchirappalli to MuscatTRZ to MCTSalalah to KozhikodeSLL to CCJNew Delhi to ThiruvananthapuramDEL to TRVKozhikode to KochiCCJ to COKThiruvananthapuram to New DelhiTRV to DELKochi to KozhikodeCOK to CCJ

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