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Pakistan Flights

Home AirlinesPakistan (PK)

Pakistan routes and airport map

Find all Pakistan flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Pakistan fly to?

Pakistan serves 13 domestic destinations and 17 international destinations in 11 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Pakistan destinations

The following is an overview of all Pakistan flights and destinations:

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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Where does Pakistan fly from?

Pakistan departs from 30 airports in 11 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Pakistan departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Pakistan departs from:

Pakistan most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Pakistan, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Karachi to IslamabadKHI to ISBIslamabad to KarachiISB to KHIKarachi to LahoreKHI to LHELahore to KarachiLHE to KHIDubai to IslamabadDXB to ISBIslamabad to DubaiISB to DXBLahore to DubaiLHE to DXBDubai to LahoreDXB to LHEJeddah to LahoreJED to LHEIslamabad to GilgitISB to GILGilgit to IslamabadGIL to ISBJeddah to KarachiJED to KHIJeddah to IslamabadJED to ISBDubai to PeshawarDXB to PEWPeshawar to DubaiPEW to DXBSkardu to IslamabadKDU to ISBLahore to JeddahLHE to JEDKarachi to JeddahKHI to JEDIslamabad to JeddahISB to JEDAbu Dhabi to IslamabadAUH to ISBAbu Dhabi to PeshawarAUH to PEWIslamabad to SkarduISB to KDUKarachi to DubaiKHI to DXBJeddah to MultanJED to MUXIslamabad to Abu DhabiISB to AUHDubai to KarachiDXB to KHIMultan to JeddahMUX to JEDKarachi to SukkurKHI to SKZPeshawar to Abu DhabiPEW to AUHSukkur to KarachiSKZ to KHIMultan to KarachiMUX to KHIKarachi to MultanKHI to MUXDammam to IslamabadDMM to ISBDubai (Sharjah) to PeshawarSHJ to PEWIslamabad to DammamISB to DMMRiyadh to LahoreRUH to LHERiyadh to IslamabadRUH to ISBSialkot to DubaiSKT to DXBDubai to SialkotDXB to SKTPeshawar to Dubai (Sharjah)PEW to SHJLahore to RiyadhLHE to RUHQuetta to KarachiUET to KHIMultan to DubaiMUX to DXBIslamabad to RiyadhISB to RUHKarachi to QuettaKHI to UETDubai to MultanDXB to MUXLahore to DammamLHE to DMMIslamabad to Dubai (Sharjah)ISB to SHJDammam to LahoreDMM to LHEMedina to LahoreMED to LHEJeddah to PeshawarJED to PEWMultan to MedinaMUX to MEDIslamabad to DohaISB to DOHDubai (Sharjah) to IslamabadSHJ to ISBDoha to IslamabadDOH to ISBSukkur to IslamabadSKZ to ISBMedina to MultanMED to MUXPeshawar to DohaPEW to DOHDubai (Sharjah) to LahoreSHJ to LHEKarachi to GwadarKHI to GWDDoha to PeshawarDOH to PEWIslamabad to SukkurISB to SKZLahore to Dubai (Sharjah)LHE to SHJGwadar to KarachiGWD to KHILahore to MedinaLHE to MEDSialkot to JeddahSKT to JEDJeddah to SialkotJED to SKTIslamabad to IstanbulISB to ISTMuscat to LahoreMCT to LHEQuetta to LahoreUET to LHEDubai (Sharjah) to SialkotSHJ to SKTIstanbul to IslamabadIST to ISBDubai (Sharjah) to MultanSHJ to MUXLahore to QuettaLHE to UETSialkot to Dubai (Sharjah)SKT to SHJPeshawar to JeddahPEW to JEDMedina to KarachiMED to KHIAbu Dhabi to LahoreAUH to LHEKuwait City to SialkotKWI to SKTIslamabad to Al AinISB to AANIslamabad to MedinaISB to MEDSialkot to Kuwait CitySKT to KWIMedina to IslamabadMED to ISBToronto to LahoreYYZ to LHEKarachi to MedinaKHI to MEDAbu Dhabi to SialkotAUH to SKTDubai to FaisalabadDXB to LYPQuetta to IslamabadUET to ISBFaisalabad to DubaiLYP to DXBIslamabad to QuettaISB to UETLahore to Abu DhabiLHE to AUHLahore to TorontoLHE to YYZLahore to SkarduLHE to KDUSialkot to Abu DhabiSKT to AUHMultan to Dubai (Sharjah)MUX to SHJMuscat to KarachiMCT to KHIKarachi to SkarduKHI to KDUSkardu to LahoreKDU to LHEKuala Lumpur to IslamabadKUL to ISBSkardu to KarachiKDU to KHIIslamabad to Kuala LumpurISB to KULSialkot to DammamSKT to DMMKarachi to MuscatKHI to MCTMuscat to IslamabadMCT to ISBKarachi to DammamKHI to DMMDammam to SialkotDMM to SKTIslamabad to MuscatISB to MCTLahore to MuscatLHE to MCTLahore to DohaLHE to DOHDoha to LahoreDOH to LHETurbat to KarachiTUK to KHIDammam to KarachiDMM to KHIKarachi to TurbatKHI to TUKLahore to Kuala LumpurLHE to KULAl Ain to IslamabadAAN to ISBKuala Lumpur to LahoreKUL to LHEDubai (Sharjah) to TurbatSHJ to TUKTurbat to Dubai (Sharjah)TUK to SHJBahrain Island to LahoreBAH to LHEToronto to KarachiYYZ to KHIMuscat to MultanMCT to MUXToronto to IslamabadYYZ to ISBMultan to MuscatMUX to MCTIslamabad to TorontoISB to YYZMultan to GassimMUX to ELQKarachi to TorontoKHI to YYZMuscat to PeshawarMCT to PEWPeshawar to MuscatPEW to MCTGassim to MultanELQ to MUXGassim to IslamabadELQ to ISBBahrain Island to IslamabadBAH to ISBBeijing to IslamabadPEK to ISBIslamabad to GassimISB to ELQLahore to Bahrain IslandLHE to BAHIslamabad to Bahrain IslandISB to BAHIslamabad to BeijingISB to PEKMultan to RiyadhMUX to RUHRiyadh to MultanRUH to MUXLahore to GilgitLHE to GILDubai to SkarduDXB to KDUGilgit to LahoreGIL to LHEJeddah to QuettaJED to UETQuetta to MedinaUET to MEDKarachi to FaisalabadKHI to LYPQuetta to JeddahUET to JEDAl Ain to TurbatAAN to TUKFaisalabad to KarachiLYP to KHITurbat to Al AinTUK to AANMedina to QuettaMED to UETMedina to SialkotMED to SKTSialkot to MedinaSKT to MEDSkardu to DubaiKDU to DXB

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