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Sky Express

Sky Express Flights

Home AirlinesSky Express (GQ)

Sky Express routes and airport map

Find all Sky Express flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Sky Express fly to?

Sky Express serves 33 domestic destinations and 15 international destinations in 9 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Sky Express destinations

The following is an overview of all Sky Express flights and destinations:

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Where does Sky Express fly from?

Sky Express departs from 48 airports in 9 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Sky Express departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Sky Express departs from:

Sky Express most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Sky Express, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Santorini to AthensJTR to ATHAthens to SantoriniATH to JTRThessaloniki to AthensSKG to ATHAthens to ThessalonikiATH to SKGHeraklion (Crete) to AthensHER to ATHAthens to Heraklion (Crete)ATH to HERAthens to Chania (Crete)ATH to CHQChania (Crete) to AthensCHQ to ATHAthens to ChiosATH to JKHChios to AthensJKH to ATHAthens to Mytilene (Lesbos)ATH to MJTMytilene (Lesbos) to AthensMJT to ATHAthens to KosATH to KGSKos to AthensKGS to ATHLarnaca to AthensLCA to ATHAthens to LarnacaATH to LCAAthens to ParosATH to PASParos to AthensPAS to ATHAthens to Corfu (Kerkyra)ATH to CFUCorfu (Kerkyra) to AthensCFU to ATHNaxos to AthensJNX to ATHMykonos to AthensJMK to ATHAthens to NaxosATH to JNXAthens to MykonosATH to JMKAthens to MilosATH to MLOMilos to AthensMLO to ATHAlexandroupolis to AthensAXD to ATHAthens to AlexandroupolisATH to AXDRhodes to AthensRHO to ATHAthens to RhodesATH to RHOThessaloniki to Heraklion (Crete)SKG to HERHeraklion (Crete) to ThessalonikiHER to SKGMunich to AthensMUC to ATHAthens to LimnosATH to LXSParis to AthensCDG to ATHAthens to Rome (Fiumicino)ATH to FCORhodes to Heraklion (Crete)RHO to HERRome (Fiumicino) to AthensFCO to ATHAthens to ParisATH to CDGLimnos to AthensLXS to ATHHeraklion (Crete) to RhodesHER to RHOAthens to MunichATH to MUCMilan (Malpensa) to AthensMXP to ATHSamos to AthensSMI to ATHAthens to Milan (Malpensa)ATH to MXPAthens to SamosATH to SMIZakynthos Island to AthensZTH to ATHAthens to Zakynthos IslandATH to ZTHAthens to BrusselsATH to BRUAthens to London GatwickATH to LGWBrussels to AthensBRU to ATHWarsaw to AthensWAW to ATHAthens to KefaloniaATH to EFLAthens to WarsawATH to WAWKefalonia to AthensEFL to ATHLondon Gatwick to AthensLGW to ATHSofia to AthensSOF to ATHAthens to SofiaATH to SOFAthens to FrankfurtATH to FRAMytilene (Lesbos) to ThessalonikiMJT to SKGKalymnos to AthensJKL to ATHAthens to DüsseldorfATH to DUSFrankfurt to AthensFRA to ATHAthens to Astypalaia IslandATH to JTYAthens to Syros IslandATH to JSYAstypalaia Island to AthensJTY to ATHAthens to SkiathosATH to JSIDüsseldorf to AthensDUS to ATHAthens to KarpathosATH to AOKSyros Island to AthensJSY to ATHKarpathos to AthensAOK to ATHSkiathos to AthensJSI to ATHThessaloniki to Mytilene (Lesbos)SKG to MJTAthens to KalymnosATH to JKLLarnaca to ThessalonikiLCA to SKGThessaloniki to LarnacaSKG to LCAHeraklion (Crete) to ParisHER to CDGAthens to Ikria Island (Icaria)ATH to JIKIkria Island (Icaria) to AthensJIK to ATHParis to Heraklion (Crete)CDG to HERKythira to AthensKIT to ATHAthens to KythiraATH to KITSitia to AlexandroupolisJSH to AXDThessaloniki to ChiosSKG to JKHZakynthos Island to KefaloniaZTH to EFLKozani to KastoriaKZI to KSOKalymnos to LerosJKL to LRSRhodes to SamosRHO to SMIAthens to KozaniATH to KZIAlexandroupolis to SitiaAXD to JSHKalymnos to KosJKL to KGSKastoria to AthensKSO to ATHMytilene (Lesbos) to LimnosMJT to LXSRhodes to KosRHO to KGSMytilene (Lesbos) to ChiosMJT to JKHSamos to ThessalonikiSMI to SKGChios to SamosJKH to SMIKos to RhodesKGS to RHOSamos to RhodesSMI to RHOChios to ThessalonikiJKH to SKGKos to KalymnosKGS to JKLSamos to ChiosSMI to JKHKefalonia to Zakynthos IslandEFL to ZTHChios to Mytilene (Lesbos)JKH to MJTLimnos to Mytilene (Lesbos)LXS to MJTPreveza / Lefkada to SitiaPVK to JSHKefalonia to Preveza / LefkadaEFL to PVKAstypalaia Island to LerosJTY to LRSPreveza / Lefkada to KefaloniaPVK to EFLSkyros to ThessalonikiSKU to SKGLeros to Astypalaia IslandLRS to JTYPreveza / Lefkada to Corfu (Kerkyra)PVK to CFUThessaloniki to SamosSKG to SMILeros to KalymnosLRS to JKLThessaloniki to SkyrosSKG to SKUCorfu (Kerkyra) to Preveza / LefkadaCFU to PVKSitia to Preveza / LefkadaJSH to PVKBrussels to Heraklion (Crete)BRU to HERHeraklion (Crete) to BrusselsHER to BRUHeraklion (Crete) to LyonHER to LYSLyon to Heraklion (Crete)LYS to HERNantes to Heraklion (Crete)NTE to HERHeraklion (Crete) to NantesHER to NTEHeraklion (Crete) to MarseilleHER to MRSMarseille to Heraklion (Crete)MRS to HERKozani to AthensKZI to ATHKastoria to KozaniKSO to KZIAthens to KastoriaATH to KSOParis to RhodesCDG to RHOHeraklion (Crete) to LilleHER to LILRhodes to ParisRHO to CDGLille to Heraklion (Crete)LIL to HERLarnaca to Heraklion (Crete)LCA to HERThessaloniki to MykonosSKG to JMKAthens to NantesATH to NTEMykonos to ThessalonikiJMK to SKGHeraklion (Crete) to LarnacaHER to LCAVolos to Heraklion (Crete)VOL to HERHeraklion (Crete) to VolosHER to VOLParos to ThessalonikiPAS to SKGThessaloniki to ParosSKG to PASNantes to AthensNTE to ATH

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