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Wings Air

Wings Air Flights

Home AirlinesWings Air (IW)

Wings Air routes and airport map

Find all Wings Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Wings Air fly to?

Wings Air serves 78 domestic destinations and 0 international destinations in 1 country, as of April 2024.

List of Wings Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Wings Air flights and destinations:

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Where does Wings Air fly from?

Wings Air departs from 78 airports in 1 country, as of April 2024.

List of Wings Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Wings Air departs from:

Wings Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Wings Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Balikpapan to Tanjung RedebBPN to BEJTanjung Redeb to BalikpapanBEJ to BPNMakassar to MorowaliUPG to MOHMorowali to MakassarMOH to UPGMedan to GunungsitoliKNO to GNSGunungsitoli to MedanGNS to KNODenpasar to Praya, LombokDPS to LOPPraya, Lombok to DenpasarLOP to DPSKetapang to PontianakKTG to PNKPontianak to KetapangPNK to KTGPekanbaru to MedanPKU to KNOMedan to PekanbaruKNO to PKUTernate to ManadoTTE to MDCManado to TernateMDC to TTEBalikpapan to BanjarmasinBPN to BDJBanjarmasin to BalikpapanBDJ to BPNNabire to TimikaNBX to TIMTimika to NabireTIM to NBXSemarang to Pangkalan BunSRG to PKNPangkalan Bun to SemarangPKN to SRGDenpasar to TambolakaDPS to TMCMakassar to KolakaUPG to KXBMakassar to Bau-BauUPG to BUWPraya, Lombok to BimaLOP to BMUBima to Praya, LombokBMU to LOPJayapura to NabireDJJ to NBXKupang to MaumereKOE to MOFMaumere to KupangMOF to KOESamarinda to Tanjung RedebAAP to BEJBau-Bau to MakassarBUW to UPGKupang to EndeKOE to ENETanjung Redeb to SamarindaBEJ to AAPTambolaka to DenpasarTMC to DPSEnde to KupangENE to KOENabire to JayapuraNBX to DJJKolaka to MakassarKXB to UPGFakfak to SorongFKQ to SOQSorong to FakfakSOQ to FKQJayapura to WamenaDJJ to WMXWamena to JayapuraWMX to DJJPraya, Lombok to Sumbawa BesarLOP to SWQSumbawa Besar to Praya, LombokSWQ to LOPLarantuka to KupangLKA to KOEKupang to LarantukaKOE to LKAMuara Teweh to BanjarmasinHMS to BDJWaingapu to KupangWGP to KOEBanjarmasin to Muara TewehBDJ to HMSKupang to WaingapuKOE to WGPWaingapu to DenpasarWGP to DPSDenpasar to WaingapuDPS to WGPLhokseumawe to MedanLSW to KNOMakassar to PalopoUPG to LLOAmbon, Maluku to SaumlakiAMQ to SXKMedan to SibolgaKNO to FLZAmbon, Maluku to SorongAMQ to SOQDenpasar to BimaDPS to BMUKaimana to SorongKNG to SOQMorowali to PaluMOH to PLWSaumlaki to Ambon, MalukuSXK to AMQKotabaru to BanjarmasinKBU to BDJKupang to TambolakaKOE to TMCPalu to MorowaliPLW to MOHPalu to BalikpapanPLW to BPNBima to DenpasarBMU to DPSPalopo to MakassarLLO to UPGBajawa to Labuan BajoBJW to LBJManokwari to NabireMKW to NBXTernate to LabuhaTTE to LAHBajawa to KupangBJW to KOESibolga to MedanFLZ to KNOKupang to BajawaKOE to BJWSorong to KaimanaSOQ to KNGBatulicin to BanjarmasinBTW to BDJKupang to Alor IslandKOE to ARDNatuna to BatamNTX to BTHBanjarmasin to KotabaruBDJ to KBUBatam to NatunaBTH to NTXLabuan Bajo to EndeLBJ to ENETambolaka to KupangTMC to KOEEnde to Labuan BajoENE to LBJLabuan Bajo to BajawaLBJ to BJWNabire to ManokwariNBX to MKWSorong to Ambon, MalukuSOQ to AMQBanjarmasin to BatulicinBDJ to BTWLabuha to TernateLAH to TTEBalikpapan to PaluBPN to PLWMedan to LhokseumaweKNO to LSWAlor Island to KupangARD to KOEAmbon, Maluku to TernateAMQ to TTEBabo to SorongBXB to SOQTernate to Ambon, MalukuTTE to AMQTana Toraja to MakassarTRT to UPGSorong to BaboSOQ to BXBMakassar to Tana TorajaUPG to TRTAtambua to KupangABU to KOEKupang to AtambuaKOE to ABUBalikpapan to Tanjung SelorBPN to TJSTanjung Selor to BalikpapanTJS to BPNSampit to SurabayaSMQ to SUBSurabaya to SampitSUB to SMQAnambas to BatamLMU to BTHBatam to AnambasBTH to LMUTimika to WamenaTIM to WMXKau to ManadoKAZ to MDCWamena to TimikaWMX to TIMBima to MakassarBMU to UPGMakassar to BimaUPG to BMULanggur to Ambon, MalukuLUV to AMQTimika to EwerTIM to EWEDobo to LanggurDOB to LUVAmbon, Maluku to DoboAMQ to DOBPalangkaraya to BalikpapanPKY to BPNMeulaboh to MedanMEQ to KNOEwer to TimikaEWE to TIMMedan to MeulabohKNO to MEQManado to KauMDC to KAZBalikpapan to PalangkarayaBPN to PKYMaumere to Labuan BajoMOF to LBJBalikpapan to MalinauBPN to LNUAmbon, Maluku to Namlea, Buru IslandAMQ to NAMMalinau to BalikpapanLNU to BPNKupang to LewolebaKOE to LWESinabang to MedanLKI to KNOLewoleba to KupangLWE to KOENamlea, Buru Island to Ambon, MalukuNAM to AMQMedan to SinabangKNO to LKIPutussibau to PontianakPSU to PNKPontianak to SintangPNK to SQGPontianak to PutussibauPNK to PSUKupang to RutengKOE to RTGSurabaya to BanyuwangiSUB to BWXBanyuwangi to SurabayaBWX to SUBSintang to PontianakSQG to PNKLabuan Bajo to MaumereLBJ to MOFRuteng to KupangRTG to KOEKetapang to SemarangKTG to SRGBalikpapan to MelakBPN to GHSSemarang to KetapangSRG to KTGMelak to BalikpapanGHS to BPNTomia to DenpasarTQQ to DPSDenpasar to TomiaDPS to TQQManado to Weda BayMDC to WDBWeda Bay to ManadoWDB to MDCTahuna to MelangguaneNAH to MNATahuna to ManadoNAH to MDCPalu to TolitoliPLW to TLITernate to MorotaiTTE to OTIMelangguane to TahunaMNA to NAHMorotai to TernateOTI to TTEManado to TahunaMDC to NAHTolitoli to PaluTLI to PLWManado to LabuhaMDC to LAHLabuha to ManadoLAH to MDCMakassar to MaumereUPG to MOFMaumere to MakassarMOF to UPGMakassar to BatulicinUPG to BTWSamarinda to MelakAAP to GHSLanggur to DoboLUV to DOBDobo to Ambon, MalukuDOB to AMQAmbon, Maluku to LanggurAMQ to LUVMelak to SamarindaGHS to AAPBatulicin to MakassarBTW to UPG

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You are looking at a separate leg for this route.

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