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Airlink Flights

Home AirlinesAirlink (4Z)

Airlink routes and airport map

Find all Airlink flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Airlink fly to?

Airlink serves 17 domestic destinations and 34 international destinations in 16 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Airlink destinations

The following is an overview of all Airlink flights and destinations:

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
South Africa
South Africa
St. Helena
St. Helena
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Where does Airlink fly from?

Airlink departs from 51 airports in 16 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Airlink departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Airlink departs from:

Airlink most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Airlink, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Port Elizabeth to JohannesburgPLZ to JNBJohannesburg to Port ElizabethJNB to PLZJohannesburg to Cape TownJNB to CPTJohannesburg to NelspruitJNB to MQPCape Town to JohannesburgCPT to JNBNelspruit to JohannesburgMQP to JNBJohannesburg to HarareJNB to HREHarare to JohannesburgHRE to JNBJohannesburg to PietermaritzburgJNB to PZBPietermaritzburg to JohannesburgPZB to JNBGaborone to JohannesburgGBE to JNBJohannesburg to WindhoekJNB to WDHJohannesburg to GaboroneJNB to GBEWindhoek to JohannesburgWDH to JNBJohannesburg to ManziniJNB to SHOManzini to JohannesburgSHO to JNBJohannesburg to Polokwane, LimpopoJNB to PTGPolokwane, Limpopo to JohannesburgPTG to JNBBloemfontein to JohannesburgBFN to JNBJohannesburg to BloemfonteinJNB to BFNJohannesburg to MaputoJNB to MPMJohannesburg to LusakaJNB to LUNJohannesburg to MaseruJNB to MSUJohannesburg to UpingtonJNB to UTNUpington to JohannesburgUTN to JNBMaseru to JohannesburgMSU to JNBJohannesburg to MthathaJNB to UTTBloemfontein to Cape TownBFN to CPTMaputo to JohannesburgMPM to JNBMthatha to JohannesburgUTT to JNBJohannesburg to Kimberley, Northern CapeJNB to KIMCape Town to BloemfonteinCPT to BFNEast London to JohannesburgELS to JNBKimberley, Northern Cape to JohannesburgKIM to JNBJohannesburg to East LondonJNB to ELSJohannesburg to SishenJNB to SISLusaka to JohannesburgLUN to JNBCape Town to WindhoekCPT to WDHJohannesburg to Richards BayJNB to RCBRichards Bay to JohannesburgRCB to JNBGeorge to Cape TownGRJ to CPTSishen to JohannesburgSIS to JNBCape Town to GeorgeCPT to GRJWindhoek to Cape TownWDH to CPTJohannesburg to HoedspruitJNB to HDSHoedspruit to JohannesburgHDS to JNBNelspruit to Cape TownMQP to CPTPort Elizabeth to Cape TownPLZ to CPTJohannesburg to BulawayoJNB to BUQCape Town to Port ElizabethCPT to PLZCape Town to NelspruitCPT to MQPDurban to JohannesburgDUR to JNBBulawayo to JohannesburgBUQ to JNBPort Elizabeth to DurbanPLZ to DURDurban to Port ElizabethDUR to PLZJohannesburg to DurbanJNB to DURCape Town to Kimberley, Northern CapeCPT to KIMKimberley, Northern Cape to Cape TownKIM to CPTGeorge to JohannesburgGRJ to JNBJohannesburg to GeorgeJNB to GRJJohannesburg to Dar es SalaamJNB to DARJohannesburg to Skukuza, Kruger National ParkJNB to SZKSkukuza, Kruger National Park to JohannesburgSZK to JNBDar es Salaam to JohannesburgDAR to JNBJohannesburg to MaunJNB to MUBNelspruit to DurbanMQP to DURLubumbashi to JohannesburgFBM to JNBOndangwa to WindhoekOND to ERSWindhoek to OndangwaERS to ONDJohannesburg to LivingstoneJNB to LVILivingstone to JohannesburgLVI to JNBNairobi to JohannesburgNBO to JNBWalvis Bay to Cape TownWVB to CPTMaun to JohannesburgMUB to JNBDurban to NelspruitDUR to MQPCape Town to HoedspruitCPT to HDSJohannesburg to LubumbashiJNB to FBMCape Town to Walvis BayCPT to WVBHoedspruit to Cape TownHDS to CPTJohannesburg to NairobiJNB to NBOCape Town to MaunCPT to MUBMaun to Cape TownMUB to CPTVilankulos to JohannesburgVNX to JNBJohannesburg to VilankulosJNB to VNXCape Town to Victoria FallsCPT to VFAVictoria Falls to Cape TownVFA to CPTHarare to DurbanHRE to DURDurban to HarareDUR to HREJohannesburg to AntananarivoJNB to TNRAntananarivo to JohannesburgTNR to JNBCape Town to UpingtonCPT to UTNBeira to JohannesburgBEW to JNBKasane to JohannesburgBBK to JNBJohannesburg to BlantyreJNB to BLZOranjemund to WindhoekOMD to ERSWindhoek to OranjemundERS to OMDUpington to Cape TownUTN to CPTJohannesburg to BeiraJNB to BEWWindhoek to LüderitzERS to LUDJohannesburg to KasaneJNB to BBKLüderitz to WindhoekLUD to ERSJohannesburg to Walvis BayJNB to WVBBlantyre to JohannesburgBLZ to JNBJohannesburg to Victoria FallsJNB to VFAVictoria Falls to JohannesburgVFA to JNBMaputo to Cape TownMPM to CPTJohannesburg to TeteJNB to TETNdola to JohannesburgNLA to JNBJohannesburg to LuandaJNB to LADTete to JohannesburgTET to JNBLuanda to JohannesburgLAD to JNBCape Town to HarareCPT to HREHarare to Cape TownHRE to CPTJohannesburg to NdolaJNB to NLALivingstone to NelspruitLVI to MQPJohannesburg to LilongweJNB to LLWCape Town to MaputoCPT to MPMLilongwe to JohannesburgLLW to JNBJohannesburg to PembaJNB to POLNelspruit to LivingstoneMQP to LVIPemba to JohannesburgPOL to JNBCape Town to Skukuza, Kruger National ParkCPT to SZKWalvis Bay to JohannesburgWVB to JNBSkukuza, Kruger National Park to Cape TownSZK to CPTNampula to JohannesburgAPL to JNBJohannesburg to NampulaJNB to APLKatima Mulilo to WindhoekMPA to ERSWindhoek to Katima MuliloERS to MPAWalvis Bay to JamestownWVB to HLEJamestown to JohannesburgHLE to JNBVictoria Falls to NelspruitVFA to MQPNelspruit to Victoria FallsMQP to VFAJamestown to Walvis BayHLE to WVBVilankulos to NelspruitVNX to MQPJohannesburg to JamestownJNB to HLECape Town to JamestownCPT to HLENosy Be to JohannesburgNOS to JNBWalvis Bay to WindhoekWVB to WDHMaun to WindhoekMUB to WDHEntebbe to JohannesburgEBB to JNBWindhoek to Walvis BayWDH to WVBWindhoek to Victoria FallsWDH to VFAWindhoek to MaunWDH to MUBNelspruit to VilankulosMQP to VNXJamestown to Cape TownHLE to CPTJohannesburg to Nosy BeJNB to NOSJohannesburg to EntebbeJNB to EBBVictoria Falls to WindhoekVFA to WDH

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