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Jiangxi Air

Jiangxi Air Flights

Home AirlinesJiangxi Air (RY)

Jiangxi Air routes and airport map

Find all Jiangxi Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Jiangxi Air fly to?

Jiangxi Air serves 36 domestic destinations and 1 international destination in 2 countries, as of February 2024.

List of Jiangxi Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Jiangxi Air flights and destinations:

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Where does Jiangxi Air fly from?

Jiangxi Air departs from 37 airports in 2 countries, as of February 2024.

List of Jiangxi Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Jiangxi Air departs from:

Jiangxi Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Jiangxi Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Hangzhou to ShenyangHGH to SHEShenyang to HangzhouSHE to HGHNanchang to ChengduKHN to TFUChengdu to NanchangTFU to KHNXi'an to NanchangXIY to KHNHarbin to NanchangHRB to KHNNanchang to LuzhouKHN to LZOGuiyang to NanchangKWE to KHNShenyang to JinanSHE to TNAZhengzhou to HarbinCGO to HRBHarbin to ZhengzhouHRB to CGOUrumqi to Xi'anURC to XIYZhengzhou to HangzhouCGO to HGHShenyang to ShenzhenSHE to SZXNanchang to GuiyangKHN to KWETaiyuan to NanchangTYN to KHNNanchang to XuzhouKHN to XUZHangzhou to ZhengzhouHGH to CGONanchang to XiamenKHN to XMNNanchang to Xi'anKHN to XIYBeijing Daxing to NanchangPKX to KHNQionghai to TaiyuanBAR to TYNHaikou to NanchangHAK to KHNNanchang to HaikouKHN to HAKNanchang to ChongqingKHN to CKGJinan to ShenyangTNA to SHEChongqing to NanchangCKG to KHNNanchang to JinanKHN to TNAJinan to NanchangTNA to KHNZhengzhou to XiamenCGO to XMNLuzhou to NanchangLZO to KHNNanchang to QionghaiKHN to BARXuzhou to NanchangXUZ to KHNChengdu to ZhengzhouTFU to CGOXiamen to NanchangXMN to KHNXiamen to ZhengzhouXMN to CGONanchang to Beijing DaxingKHN to PKXShenzhen to ShenyangSZX to SHETianjin to ChengduTSN to TFUChengdu to TianjinTFU to TSNXi'an to UrumqiXIY to URCZhengzhou to ChengduCGO to TFUNanchang to ZhengzhouKHN to CGOZhengzhou to NanchangCGO to KHNZhengzhou to Jiayuguan and JiuquanCGO to JGNKorla to ZhengzhouKRL to CGOHuai'an to NanchangHIA to KHNRizhao to NanchangRIZ to KHNNanchang to Huai'anKHN to HIANanyang to NanjingNNY to NKGTianjin to NanchangTSN to KHNNanchang to TianjinKHN to TSNNanyang to NanchangNNY to KHNNanjing to NanyangNKG to NNYJiayuguan and Jiuquan to ZhengzhouJGN to CGONanchang to RizhaoKHN to RIZZhengzhou to KorlaCGO to KRLNanchang to NanyangKHN to NNYNanchang to LuoyangKHN to LYANanchang to LinfenKHN to LFQKunming to NanchangKMG to KHNUrumqi to ZhengzhouURC to CGOZhengzhou to BeihaiCGO to BHYNanchang to KunmingKHN to KMGTaiyuan to HarbinTYN to HRBBeihai to ZhengzhouBHY to CGOHohhot to LinfenHET to LFQNanchang to TaiyuanKHN to TYNZhengzhou to UrumqiCGO to URCNanchang to QingdaoKHN to TAOLuoyang to HarbinLYA to HRBLinfen to NanchangLFQ to KHNQingdao to NanchangTAO to KHNLinfen to HohhotLFQ to HETXi'an to KashgarXIY to KHGKashgar to UrumqiKHG to URCShenyang to QingdaoSHE to TAOHong Kong to NanchangHKG to KHNZhengzhou to FuzhouCGO to FOCNanchang to ZunyiKHN to ZYIShenyang to NanchangSHE to KHNBeihai to NanchangBHY to KHNNanchang to Hong KongKHN to HKGUrumqi to KashgarURC to KHGTaiyuan to QionghaiTYN to BARQionghai to NanchangBAR to KHNFuzhou to ZhengzhouFOC to CGONanchang to HarbinKHN to HRBKashgar to Xi'anKHG to XIYNanchang to BeihaiKHN to BHYZunyi to NanchangZYI to KHNLiuzhou to ZhengzhouLZH to CGONanchang to ShenyangKHN to SHELuoyang to NanchangLYA to KHNZhengzhou to LiuzhouCGO to LZHQingdao to ShenyangTAO to SHEHarbin to TaiyuanHRB to TYNHarbin to LuoyangHRB to LYA

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