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Nordwind Flights

Home AirlinesNordwind (N4)

Nordwind routes and airport map

Find all Nordwind flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Nordwind fly to?

Nordwind serves 40 domestic destinations and 8 international destinations in 5 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Nordwind destinations

The following is an overview of all Nordwind flights and destinations:

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Where does Nordwind fly from?

Nordwind departs from 48 airports in 5 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Nordwind departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Nordwind departs from:

Nordwind most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Nordwind, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Saint Petersburg to KazanLED to KZNKazan to Saint PetersburgKZN to LEDMoscow Sheremetyevo to OrenburgSVO to RENOrenburg to Moscow SheremetyevoREN to SVOMoscow Sheremetyevo to QurghonteppaSVO to KQTQurghonteppa to OrskKQT to OSWOrsk to Moscow SheremetyevoOSW to SVOMoscow Sheremetyevo to KazanSVO to KZNKazan to Moscow SheremetyevoKZN to SVOOmsk to Saint PetersburgOMS to LEDSaint Petersburg to OmskLED to OMSVaradero to Moscow SheremetyevoVRA to SVOMoscow Sheremetyevo to VaraderoSVO to VRASochi to KazanAER to KZNKaliningrad to KazanKGD to KZNKazan to SochiKZN to AERKazan to KaliningradKZN to KGDSaint Petersburg to NovokuznetskLED to NOZNovokuznetsk to Saint PetersburgNOZ to LEDMineralnye Vody to KazanMRV to KZNKazan to Mineralnye VodyKZN to MRVBishkek to KazanFRU to KZNKazan to BishkekKZN to FRUSaint Petersburg to BarnaulLED to BAXSaint Petersburg to UfaLED to UFAUfa to Saint PetersburgUFA to LEDBarnaul to Saint PetersburgBAX to LEDSaint Petersburg to KemerovoLED to KEJMoscow Sheremetyevo to Cayo CocoSVO to CCCSochi to ChelyabinskAER to CEKChelyabinsk to SochiCEK to AERKemerovo to Saint PetersburgKEJ to LEDSochi to MagnitogorskAER to MQFTomsk to Saint PetersburgTOF to LEDMagnitogorsk to SochiMQF to AERNizhny Novgorod to KaliningradGOJ to KGDSochi to TyumenAER to TJMKrasnoyarsk to SochiKJA to AERKazan to IrkutskKZN to IKTTyumen to SochiTJM to AERSaint Petersburg to TomskLED to TOFMakhachkala to Moscow SheremetyevoMCX to SVOKaliningrad to Nizhny NovgorodKGD to GOJMoscow Sheremetyevo to MakhachkalaSVO to MCXIrkutsk to KazanIKT to KZNKazan to KrasnoyarskKZN to KJAMakhachkala to UfaMCX to UFAKrasnoyarsk to KazanKJA to KZNSochi to CheboksaryAER to CSYCheboksary to SochiCSY to AERUfa to MakhachkalaUFA to MCXUfa to SochiUFA to AERSamara to KaliningradKUF to KGDSochi to UlyanovskAER to ULVGrozny to KazanGRV to KZNSochi to UfaAER to UFATomsk to SochiTOF to AERSochi to TomskAER to TOFNizhny Novgorod to SochiGOJ to AERSochi to KrasnoyarskAER to KJAOmsk to KazanOMS to KZNSochi to Nizhny NovgorodAER to GOJKazan to GroznyKZN to GRVDushanbe to KazanDYU to KZNKazan to TomskKZN to TOFKaliningrad to SamaraKGD to KUFKazan to DushanbeKZN to DYUSaint Petersburg to Moscow SheremetyevoLED to SVOOrenburg to Saint PetersburgREN to LEDUlyanovsk to SochiULV to AERKazan to OmskKZN to OMSSaint Petersburg to OrenburgLED to RENCayo Coco to Moscow SheremetyevoCCC to SVOMoscow Sheremetyevo to Saint PetersburgSVO to LEDPerm to SochiPEE to AERTomsk to KazanTOF to KZNKazan to KhujandKZN to LBDKhujand to KazanLBD to KZNSochi to PermAER to PEENovokuznetsk to KazanNOZ to KZNKazan to NovokuznetskKZN to NOZMakhachkala to KazanMCX to KZNKazan to MakhachkalaKZN to MCXKhujand to UfaLBD to UFAUfa to KhujandUFA to LBDVladikavkaz to KazanOGZ to KZNKazan to VladikavkazKZN to OGZNovokuznetsk to SochiNOZ to AERSochi to NovokuznetskAER to NOZBarnaul to SochiBAX to AERKazan to KemerovoKZN to KEJOmsk to SochiOMS to AERSochi to OmskAER to OMSKemerovo to KazanKEJ to KZNSochi to KemerovoAER to KEJSochi to BarnaulAER to BAXMoscow Sheremetyevo to SochiSVO to AEROsh to TyumenOSS to TJMTyumen to OshTJM to OSSTyumen to Saint PetersburgTJM to LEDSochi to Moscow SheremetyevoAER to SVOSaint Petersburg to TyumenLED to TJMKemerovo to SochiKEJ to AERKhujand to OrenburgLBD to RENOrenburg to KhujandREN to LBDDushanbe to UfaDYU to UFAUfa to DushanbeUFA to DYUDushanbe to OrenburgDYU to RENOrenburg to DushanbeREN to DYUSaint Petersburg to MakhachkalaLED to MCXMakhachkala to Saint PetersburgMCX to LEDMoscow Sheremetyevo to KaliningradSVO to KGDSochi to YekaterinburgAER to SVXKaliningrad to Moscow SheremetyevoKGD to SVOGorno-Altaysk to KazanRGK to KZNYekaterinburg to SochiSVX to AERSaint Petersburg to Gorno-AltayskLED to RGKPerm to MakhachkalaPEE to MCXMakhachkala to SamaraMCX to KUFKazan to YakutskKZN to YKSGorno-Altaysk to Saint PetersburgRGK to LEDYakutsk to KazanYKS to KZNMakhachkala to PermMCX to PEEKazan to Gorno-AltayskKZN to RGKSamara to MakhachkalaKUF to MCXTomsk to MakhachkalaTOF to MCXArkhangelsk to Saint PetersburgARH to LEDMakhachkala to KirovMCX to KVXNizhny Novgorod to MakhachkalaGOJ to MCXMakhachkala to KrasnoyarskMCX to KJAKrasnoyarsk to MakhachkalaKJA to MCXMakhachkala to Nizhny NovgorodMCX to GOJMakhachkala to TomskMCX to TOFOmsk to MakhachkalaOMS to MCXSyktyvkar to MakhachkalaSCW to MCXTyumen to MakhachkalaTJM to MCXMakhachkala to ChelyabinskMCX to CEKMakhachkala to TyumenMCX to TJMMakhachkala to YekaterinburgMCX to SVXYekaterinburg to MakhachkalaSVX to MCXMakhachkala to SyktyvkarMCX to SCWChelyabinsk to MakhachkalaCEK to MCXMakhachkala to OmskMCX to OMSKirov to MakhachkalaKVX to MCXMakhachkala to NizhnevartovskMCX to NJCNizhnevartovsk to MakhachkalaNJC to MCXNizhnevartovsk to SochiNJC to AERSochi to NizhnekamskAER to NBCTehran to Moscow SheremetyevoIKA to SVOKazan to MurmanskKZN to MMKNizhnekamsk to SochiNBC to AERTehran to Saint PetersburgIKA to LEDSamara to SochiKUF to AERNovosibirsk to MakhachkalaOVB to MCXMoscow Sheremetyevo to TehranSVO to IKAKurgan to SochiKRO to AERSaint Petersburg to TehranLED to IKANovosibirsk to SochiOVB to AERSochi to KirovAER to KVXMurmansk to KazanMMK to KZNQurghonteppa to Moscow SheremetyevoKQT to SVOSochi to SamaraAER to KUFSurgut to SochiSGC to AEROrsk to QurghonteppaOSW to KQTSochi to KurganAER to KROSaint Petersburg to ArkhangelskLED to ARHSyktyvkar to SochiSCW to AERMoscow Sheremetyevo to OrskSVO to OSWSochi to SurgutAER to SGCKaliningrad to OrenburgKGD to RENKazan to Ulan-UdeKZN to UUDSochi to SyktyvkarAER to SCWUlan-Ude to KazanUUD to KZNSochi to OrenburgAER to RENNovokuznetsk to MakhachkalaNOZ to MCXKazan to BarnaulKZN to BAXMakhachkala to NovosibirskMCX to OVBSochi to NovosibirskAER to OVBOrenburg to KaliningradREN to KGDMakhachkala to NovokuznetskMCX to NOZKirov to SochiKVX to AEROrenburg to SochiREN to AERSochi to NizhnevartovskAER to NJCBarnaul to KazanBAX to KZN

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