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Lion Air

Lion Air Flights

Home AirlinesLion Air (JT)

Lion Air routes and airport map

Find all Lion Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Lion Air fly to?

Lion Air serves 39 domestic destinations and 10 international destinations in 4 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Lion Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Lion Air flights and destinations:

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Where does Lion Air fly from?

Lion Air departs from 49 airports in 4 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Lion Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Lion Air departs from:

Lion Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Lion Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Jakarta to MakassarCGK to UPGSurabaya to MakassarSUB to UPGMakassar to JakartaUPG to CGKMakassar to SurabayaUPG to SUBJakarta to MedanCGK to KNOMedan to JakartaKNO to CGKJakarta to PontianakCGK to PNKPontianak to JakartaPNK to CGKPalu to MakassarPLW to UPGMakassar to ManadoUPG to MDCSorong to MakassarSOQ to UPGBalikpapan to JakartaBPN to CGKJakarta to BalikpapanCGK to BPNMakassar to DenpasarUPG to DPSMakassar to KendariUPG to KDIMakassar to TernateUPG to TTEMakassar to SorongUPG to SOQSurabaya to DenpasarSUB to DPSManado to MakassarMDC to UPGMakassar to YogyakartaUPG to YIAMakassar to PaluUPG to PLWDenpasar to SurabayaDPS to SUBMakassar to Ambon, MalukuUPG to AMQSurabaya to JakartaSUB to CGKMedan to BatamKNO to BTHJakarta to Pangkal PinangCGK to PGKTernate to MakassarTTE to UPGPangkal Pinang to JakartaPGK to CGKBatam to JakartaBTH to CGKJakarta to BatamCGK to BTHYogyakarta to DenpasarYIA to DPSSurabaya to BalikpapanSUB to BPNBalikpapan to SurabayaBPN to SUBBandar Lampung to JakartaTKG to CGKJakarta to Bandar LampungCGK to TKGJakarta to SurabayaCGK to SUBDenpasar to YogyakartaDPS to YIADenpasar to MakassarDPS to UPGKendari to MakassarKDI to UPGBatam to MedanBTH to KNOBanjarmasin to SurabayaBDJ to SUBSurabaya to BanjarmasinSUB to BDJTanjung Pandan to JakartaTJQ to CGKJakarta to Tanjung PandanCGK to TJQBanjarmasin to JakartaBDJ to CGKAmbon, Maluku to MakassarAMQ to UPGJakarta to BanjarmasinCGK to BDJYogyakarta to MakassarYIA to UPGSurabaya to Praya, LombokSUB to LOPPraya, Lombok to SurabayaLOP to SUBSurabaya to KupangSUB to KOEMakassar to BiakUPG to BIKKupang to SurabayaKOE to SUBJambi City to JakartaDJB to CGKJakarta to Jambi CityCGK to DJBJakarta to BengkuluCGK to BKSBengkulu to JakartaBKS to CGKPalangkaraya to JakartaPKY to CGKBatam to PadangBTH to PDGPadang to BatamPDG to BTHJakarta to PalangkarayaCGK to PKYGorontalo to MakassarGTO to UPGJayapura to MeraukeDJJ to MKQSorong to ManokwariSOQ to MKWManokwari to SorongMKW to SOQMakassar to GorontaloUPG to GTOPekanbaru to YogyakartaPKU to YIASurakarta (Solo) to DenpasarSOC to DPSBalikpapan to MakassarBPN to UPGSurabaya to BatamSUB to BTHPontianak to SurabayaPNK to SUBYogyakarta to PekanbaruYIA to PKUDenpasar to Surakarta (Solo)DPS to SOCSurabaya to PontianakSUB to PNKMakassar to JayapuraUPG to DJJManokwari to MakassarMKW to UPGYogyakarta to BanjarmasinYIA to BDJBiak to MakassarBIK to UPGMakassar to BalikpapanUPG to BPNBatam to SurabayaBTH to SUBBanjarmasin to YogyakartaBDJ to YIAPalangkaraya to SurabayaPKY to SUBTanjung Pandan to Pangkal PinangTJQ to PGKSurabaya to PalangkarayaSUB to PKYBatam to PekanbaruBTH to PKUBanjarmasin to SemarangBDJ to SRGJakarta to Praya, LombokCGK to LOPPekanbaru to JakartaPKU to CGKPekanbaru to BatamPKU to BTHSemarang to BanjarmasinSRG to BDJJakarta to PekanbaruCGK to PKUMedan to PenangKNO to PENPenang to MedanPEN to KNOPraya, Lombok to JakartaLOP to CGKKupang to DenpasarKOE to DPSJeddah to SurabayaJED to SUBDenpasar to KupangDPS to KOESurabaya to ManadoSUB to MDCManado to SurabayaMDC to SUBPalembang to BatamPLM to BTHBatam to PalembangBTH to PLMTimika to MakassarTIM to UPGMakassar to TimikaUPG to TIMMerauke to JayapuraMKQ to DJJJakarta to PalembangCGK to PLMPalembang to JakartaPLM to CGKPontianak to BatamPNK to BTHBatam to PontianakBTH to PNKMedan to Banda AcehKNO to BTJBanda Aceh to MedanBTJ to KNOSurabaya to JeddahSUB to JEDTarakan to SurabayaTRK to SUBMakassar to SemarangUPG to SRGBanjarmasin to DenpasarBDJ to DPSJayapura to BiakDJJ to BIKMakassar to ManokwariUPG to MKWMakassar to MeraukeUPG to MKQPangkal Pinang to Tanjung PandanPGK to TJQTimika to JayapuraTIM to DJJPangkal Pinang to PalembangPGK to PLMBalikpapan to SemarangBPN to SRGDenpasar to SemarangDPS to SRGBalikpapan to DenpasarBPN to DPSLanggur to Ambon, MalukuLUV to AMQSemarang to MakassarSRG to UPGSurabaya to TarakanSUB to TRKPalembang to SurabayaPLM to SUBDenpasar to BalikpapanDPS to BPNPalembang to Pangkal PinangPLM to PGKSemarang to DenpasarSRG to DPSSurabaya to PalembangSUB to PLMDenpasar to BanjarmasinDPS to BDJSemarang to BalikpapanSRG to BPNBiak to JayapuraBIK to DJJJayapura to MakassarDJJ to UPGJayapura to TimikaDJJ to TIMMerauke to MakassarMKQ to UPGAmbon, Maluku to LanggurAMQ to LUVBalikpapan to YogyakartaBPN to YIAYogyakarta to BalikpapanYIA to BPNSurabaya to Kuala LumpurSUB to KULKuala Lumpur to SurabayaKUL to SUBJayapura to JakartaDJJ to CGKJakarta to JayapuraCGK to DJJJayapura to SorongDJJ to SOQSorong to JayapuraSOQ to DJJManado to SorongMDC to SOQSorong to ManadoSOQ to MDCJayapura to ManokwariDJJ to MKWManokwari to JayapuraMKW to DJJJeddah to JakartaJED to CGKMedan to YogyakartaKNO to YIAYogyakarta to MedanYIA to KNOMedina to JeddahMED to JEDSurabaya to MedinaSUB to MEDJakarta to JeddahCGK to JEDMakassar to JeddahUPG to JEDSamarinda to SurabayaAAP to SUBJeddah to MakassarJED to UPGSurabaya to SamarindaSUB to AAPJeddah to MedanJED to KNOMedan to MedinaKNO to MEDJakarta to MedinaCGK to MEDSanya to JakartaSYX to CGKJakarta to SanyaCGK to SYXSurakarta (Solo) to JeddahSOC to JEDSurakarta (Solo) to JakartaSOC to CGKManado to GuangzhouMDC to CANGuangzhou to ManadoCAN to MDCJeddah to Surakarta (Solo)JED to SOCMedina to JakartaMED to CGKJakarta to Surakarta (Solo)CGK to SOCJeddah to SemarangJED to SRGJeddah to PalembangJED to PLMPalembang to MedinaPLM to MEDFuzhou to ManadoFOC to MDCManado to NanjingMDC to NKGManado to FuzhouMDC to FOCNanjing to ManadoNKG to MDCPraya, Lombok to Bintulu DivisionLOP to BTUMedina to Banda AcehMED to BTJJeddah to Banda AcehJED to BTJMedina to SurabayaMED to SUBMedina to BalikpapanMED to BPNJeddah to BalikpapanJED to BPNJeddah to MedinaJED to MEDPekanbaru to MedinaPKU to MEDSurakarta (Solo) to MedinaSOC to MEDBintulu Division to Praya, LombokBTU to LOPBanda Aceh to JeddahBTJ to JEDBalikpapan to JeddahBPN to JEDYogyakarta to JeddahYIA to JEDMedan to JeddahKNO to JEDDenpasar to ShenzhenDPS to SZXShenzhen to DenpasarSZX to DPSSemarang to JeddahSRG to JEDJeddah to YogyakartaJED to YIAYogyakarta to MedinaYIA to MEDPalembang to JeddahPLM to JEDBalikpapan to MedinaBPN to MED

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