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Myanmar Airways

Myanmar Airways Flights

Home AirlinesMyanmar Airways (8M)

Myanmar Airways routes and airport map

Find all Myanmar Airways flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Myanmar Airways fly to?

Myanmar Airways serves 17 domestic destinations and 23 international destinations in 11 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Myanmar Airways destinations

The following is an overview of all Myanmar Airways flights and destinations:

Myanmar (Burma)
Myanmar (Burma)
South Korea
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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Where does Myanmar Airways fly from?

Myanmar Airways departs from 40 airports in 11 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Myanmar Airways departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Myanmar Airways departs from:

Myanmar Airways most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Myanmar Airways, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Bangkok to YangonBKK to RGNYangon to BangkokRGN to BKKYangon to MandalayRGN to MDLMandalay to YangonMDL to RGNSingapore to YangonSIN to RGNYangon to SingaporeRGN to SINSittwe to YangonAKY to RGNYangon to SittweRGN to AKYKuala Lumpur to YangonKUL to RGNYangon to Kuala LumpurRGN to KULHeho to YangonHEH to RGNYangon to HehoRGN to HEHYangon to Bangkok (Don Muang)RGN to DMKYangon to MyeikRGN to MGZThandwe to YangonSNW to RGNKuala Lumpur to PenangKUL to PENMandalay to Bangkok (Don Muang)MDL to DMKPenang to Kuala LumpurPEN to KULYangon to ThandweRGN to SNWBangkok (Don Muang) to YangonDMK to RGNBangkok (Don Muang) to MandalayDMK to MDLMyeik to YangonMGZ to RGNBangkok to MandalayBKK to MDLMandalay to BangkokMDL to BKKMandalay to MyitkyinaMDL to MYTMyitkyina to MandalayMYT to MDLYangon to DaweiRGN to TVYDawei to KawthaungTVY to KAWDawei to YangonTVY to RGNKawthaung to DaweiKAW to TVYMyitkyina to YangonMYT to RGNYangon to MyitkyinaRGN to MYTGaya to YangonGAY to RGNYangon to GayaRGN to GAYHanoi to YangonHAN to RGNBagan to HehoNYU to HEHYangon to HanoiRGN to HANSeoul to YangonICN to RGNYangon to SeoulRGN to ICNKuala Lumpur to LangkawiKUL to LGKYangon to TachilekRGN to THLDubai to YangonDXB to RGNLangkawi to Kuala LumpurLGK to KULTachilek to YangonTHL to RGNYangon to DubaiRGN to DXBGuangzhou to YangonCAN to RGNYangon to GuangzhouRGN to CANPhnom Penh to YangonPNH to RGNYangon to Phnom PenhRGN to PNHHo Chi Minh City to YangonSGN to RGNYangon to Ho Chi Minh CityRGN to SGNYangon to New DelhiRGN to DELNew Delhi to YangonDEL to RGNMandalay to NovosibirskMDL to OVBYangon to KolkataRGN to CCUPhuket to YangonHKT to RGNHeho to BaganHEH to NYUYangon to PhuketRGN to HKTKolkata to YangonCCU to RGNHeho to KengtungHEH to KETNovosibirsk to MandalayOVB to MDLKengtung to HehoKET to HEHYangon to BaganRGN to NYUYangon to KengtungRGN to KETKengtung to YangonKET to RGNYangon to LashioRGN to LSHLashio to YangonLSH to RGNBagan to YangonNYU to RGNMandalay to TachilekMDL to THLYangon to ChennaiRGN to MAAYangon to KyaukpyuRGN to KYPHeho to LashioHEH to LSHChennai to YangonMAA to RGNPutao to MyitkyinaPBU to MYTLashio to HehoLSH to HEHMyitkyina to PutaoMYT to PBUKyaukpyu to YangonKYP to RGNTachilek to MandalayTHL to MDLKawthaung to YangonKAW to RGNMandalay to KengtungMDL to KETKengtung to MandalayKET to MDLYangon to KawthaungRGN to KAWTachilek to LashioTHL to LSHTachilek to HehoTHL to HEHHeho to TachilekHEH to THLMandalay to LashioMDL to LSHYangon to LoikawRGN to LIWYangon to KalemyoRGN to KMVLashio to TachilekLSH to THLKalemyo to YangonKMV to RGNLashio to MandalayLSH to MDLLoikaw to YangonLIW to RGNKuala Lumpur to Kuala TerengganuKUL to TGGJohor Bahru to Kuala LumpurJHB to KULKuala Lumpur to SingaporeKUL to SINKuala Lumpur to SandakanKUL to SDKKuala Terengganu to Kuala LumpurTGG to KULBangkok to Kuala LumpurBKK to KULKota Kinabalu to Kuala LumpurBKI to KULSingapore to Kuala LumpurSIN to KULKuala Lumpur to KuchingKUL to KCHKuala Lumpur to Johor BahruKUL to JHBSandakan to Kuala LumpurSDK to KULKuala Lumpur to BangkokKUL to BKKKuala Lumpur to Kota KinabaluKUL to BKIKuching to Kuala LumpurKCH to KUL

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