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Tway Air

Tway Air Flights

Home AirlinesTway Air (TW)

Tway Air routes and airport map

Find all Tway Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Tway Air fly to?

Tway Air serves 6 domestic destinations and 32 international destinations in 16 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Tway Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Tway Air flights and destinations:

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Northern Mariana Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
South Korea
South Korea
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Where does Tway Air fly from?

Tway Air departs from 38 airports in 16 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Tway Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Tway Air departs from:

Tway Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Tway Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Fukuoka to SeoulFUK to ICNSeoul to FukuokaICN to FUKSeoul to Da NangICN to DADTokyo to SeoulNRT to ICNDa Nang to SeoulDAD to ICNSeoul to TokyoICN to NRTOsaka to SeoulKIX to ICNSeoul to OsakaICN to KIXSeoul to Hong KongICN to HKGHong Kong to SeoulHKG to ICNDaegu to OsakaTAE to KIXOsaka to DaeguKIX to TAECheongju & Daejeon to OsakaCJJ to KIXHo Chi Minh City to SeoulSGN to ICNTaipei to DaeguTPE to TAESeoul to GuamICN to GUMBusan to OsakaPUS to KIXCheongju & Daejeon to Da NangCJJ to DADCheongju & Daejeon to Nha TrangCJJ to CXRSeoul to Saipan IslandICN to SPNOkinawa to SeoulOKA to ICNCebu to SeoulCEB to ICNSeoul to Nha TrangICN to CXRSeoul to SingaporeICN to SINTokyo to DaeguNRT to TAEDaegu to TaipeiTAE to TPEBangkok to DaeguBKK to TAEDa Nang to DaeguDAD to TAESeoul to SapporoICN to CTSDaegu to TokyoTAE to NRTBangkok to SeoulBKK to ICNSeoul to CebuICN to CEBSeoul to Ho Chi Minh CityICN to SGNKumamoto to SeoulKMJ to ICNKota Kinabalu to SeoulBKI to ICNDa Nang to Cheongju & DaejeonDAD to CJJSeoul to BangkokICN to BKKKalibo to SeoulKLO to ICNDaegu to FukuokaTAE to FUKSeoul to Kota KinabaluICN to BKISeoul to OkinawaICN to OKANha Trang to SeoulCXR to ICNOsaka to BusanKIX to PUSDaegu to Da NangTAE to DADNha Trang to Cheongju & DaejeonCXR to CJJSeoul to KumamotoICN to KMJDaegu to BangkokTAE to BKKSapporo to SeoulCTS to ICNGuam to SeoulGUM to ICNSeoul to KaliboICN to KLOOsaka to Jeju CityKIX to CJUOsaka to Cheongju & DaejeonKIX to CJJSaipan Island to SeoulSPN to ICNJeju City to OsakaCJU to KIXSeoul to KaohsiungICN to KHHKaohsiung to SeoulKHH to ICNSingapore to SeoulSIN to ICNFukuoka to DaeguFUK to TAECheongju & Daejeon to FukuokaCJJ to FUKFukuoka to Cheongju & DaejeonFUK to CJJTaipei to Jeju CityTPE to CJUJeju City to TaipeiCJU to TPETaichung to SeoulRMQ to ICNBangkok (Don Muang) to Cheongju & DaejeonDMK to CJJSeoul to TaichungICN to RMQSeoul to TaipeiGMP to TSATaipei to SeoulTSA to GMPCheongju & Daejeon to Bangkok (Don Muang)CJJ to DMKSaga to SeoulHSG to ICNSeoul to SagaICN to HSGSeoul to SydneyICN to SYDSydney to SeoulSYD to ICNZhangjiajie to DaeguDYG to TAEDaegu to ZhangjiajieTAE to DYGYanji to Cheongju & DaejeonYNJ to CJJCheongju & Daejeon to YanjiCJJ to YNJSeoul to JinanICN to TNAJinan to SeoulTNA to ICNBishkek to SeoulFRU to ICNSeoul to BishkekICN to FRUSeoul to ShenyangICN to SHEShenyang to SeoulSHE to ICNSeoul to ToyamaICN to TOYToyama to SeoulTOY to ICNSeoul to UlaanbaatarICN to UBNBishkek to ZagrebFRU to ZAGBusan to Nha TrangPUS to CXRDaegu to UlaanbaatarTAE to UBNNha Trang to BusanCXR to PUSSeoul to ZagrebICN to ZAGZagreb to BishkekZAG to FRUZagreb to SeoulZAG to ICNUlaanbaatar to DaeguUBN to TAESeoul to KaohsiungGMP to KHHUlaanbaatar to SeoulUBN to ICNKaohsiung to SeoulKHH to GMP

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