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Urumqi Air

Urumqi Air Flights

Home AirlinesUrumqi Air (UQ)

Urumqi Air routes and airport map

Find all Urumqi Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Urumqi Air fly to?

Urumqi Air serves 41 domestic destinations and 3 international destinations in 3 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Urumqi Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Urumqi Air flights and destinations:

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Where does Urumqi Air fly from?

Urumqi Air departs from 44 airports in 3 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Urumqi Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Urumqi Air departs from:

Urumqi Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Urumqi Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Urumqi to LanzhouURC to LHWLanzhou to UrumqiLHW to URCYutian to UrumqiYTW to URCUrumqi to YutianURC to YTWShanghai to UrumqiPVG to URCZhanjiang to Xi'anZHA to XIYHaikou to MianyangHAK to MIGLanzhou to ZhanjiangLHW to ZHANanning to GanzhouNNG to KOWXi'an to ZhanjiangXIY to ZHANanjing to ZhanjiangNKG to ZHAQuanzhou to LanzhouJJN to LHWZhanjiang to JinanZHA to TNAChangsha to ZhanjiangCSX to ZHAQuanzhou to ZhengzhouJJN to CGOUrumqi to ZhengzhouURC to CGOZhanjiang to ChengduZHA to TFULanzhou to QuanzhouLHW to JJNUrumqi to GuangzhouURC to CANZhanjiang to NanjingZHA to NKGChongqing to ZhanjiangCKG to ZHATianjin to GanzhouTSN to KOWYinchuan to ZhanjiangINC to ZHAJinan to ZhanjiangTNA to ZHAZhengzhou to ZhanjiangCGO to ZHAMianyang to UrumqiMIG to URCZhanjiang to LanzhouZHA to LHWZhengzhou to UrumqiCGO to URCMianyang to HaikouMIG to HAKUrumqi to ChengduURC to TFUZhanjiang to GuiyangZHA to KWEGuiyang to ZhanjiangKWE to ZHAUrumqi to ShenzhenURC to SZXZhanjiang to GanzhouZHA to KOWZhengzhou to GanzhouCGO to KOWGanzhou to ZhanjiangKOW to ZHAChengdu to ZhanjiangTFU to ZHAUrumqi to ShanghaiURC to PVGZhengzhou to QuanzhouCGO to JJNGanzhou to TianjinKOW to TSNChengdu to UrumqiTFU to URCZhanjiang to YinchuanZHA to INCGanzhou to NanningKOW to NNGUrumqi to MianyangURC to MIGZhanjiang to ChangshaZHA to CSXHarbin to JinanHRB to TNAGanzhou to ZhengzhouKOW to CGOShenzhen to UrumqiSZX to URCZhanjiang to ChongqingZHA to CKGGuangzhou to UrumqiCAN to URCZhanjiang to ZhengzhouZHA to CGOLuoyang to UrumqiLYA to URCUrumqi to LuoyangURC to LYAJinan to HarbinTNA to HRBZhanjiang to WenzhouZHA to WNZNingbo to ZhanjiangNGB to ZHAWenzhou to ZhanjiangWNZ to ZHAWenzhou to NanchongWNZ to NAOLanzhou to HotanLHW to HTNNanchong to WenzhouNAO to WNZZhanjiang to NingboZHA to NGBNanchong to UrumqiNAO to URCLanzhou to ZhengzhouLHW to CGOZhengzhou to LanzhouCGO to LHWUrumqi to NanchongURC to NAOHotan to LanzhouHTN to LHWZhanjiang to WuhanZHA to WUHFuzhou to LuoyangFOC to LYAWuhan to ZhanjiangWUH to ZHALanzhou to LuzhouLHW to LZOZhanjiang to LuzhouZHA to LZOYinchuan to ShiheziINC to SHFYinchuan to ZhengzhouINC to CGOLuzhou to ZhanjiangLZO to ZHALuzhou to LanzhouLZO to LHWZhengzhou to YinchuanCGO to INCLuoyang to FuzhouLYA to FOCShihezi to YinchuanSHF to INCBangkok to LuoyangBKK to LYALuoyang to BangkokLYA to BKKLanzhou to U-Tapao, Rayong / PattayaLHW to UTPNha Trang to LanzhouCXR to LHWU-Tapao, Rayong / Pattaya to LanzhouUTP to LHWLanzhou to Nha TrangLHW to CXRAksu to ZhengzhouAKU to CGOKashgar to ChengduKHG to TFUUrumqi to KashgarURC to KHGQuanzhou to JinanJJN to TNAUrumqi to QingyangURC to IQNNanjing to HanzhongNKG to HZGUrumqi to HanzhongURC to HZGWuhan to UrumqiWUH to URCChangsha to LanzhouCSX to LHWQingyang to UrumqiIQN to URCQingyang to HangzhouIQN to HGHZhengzhou to ZhuhaiCGO to ZUHLanzhou to ChangshaLHW to CSXJinan to QuanzhouTNA to JJNUrumqi to WuhanURC to WUHJinan to HuizhouTNA to HUZHanzhong to UrumqiHZG to URCHanzhong to NanjingHZG to NKGZhanjiang to KunmingZHA to KMGHuizhou to JinanHUZ to TNAChengdu to KashgarTFU to KHGZhengzhou to AksuCGO to AKUHangzhou to LongnanHGH to LNLKunming to ZhanjiangKMG to ZHALongnan to UrumqiLNL to URCUrumqi to LongnanURC to LNLZhuhai to ZhengzhouZUH to CGOHangzhou to QingyangHGH to IQNKashgar to UrumqiKHG to URCLongnan to HangzhouLNL to HGH

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