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Kunming Airlines

Kunming Airlines Flights

Home AirlinesKunming Airlines (KY)

Kunming Airlines routes and airport map

Find all Kunming Airlines flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Kunming Airlines fly to?

Kunming Airlines serves 41 domestic destinations and 2 international destinations in 2 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Kunming Airlines destinations

The following is an overview of all Kunming Airlines flights and destinations:

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Where does Kunming Airlines fly from?

Kunming Airlines departs from 43 airports in 2 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Kunming Airlines departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Kunming Airlines departs from:

Kunming Airlines most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Kunming Airlines, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Xi'an to KunmingXIY to KMGKunming to Xi'anKMG to XIYXiamen to KunmingXMN to KMGKunming to XiamenKMG to XMNKunming to ChengduKMG to TFUChengdu to KunmingTFU to KMGMang City to KunmingLUM to KMGKunming to Mang CityKMG to LUMQuanzhou to KunmingJJN to KMGKunming to QuanzhouKMG to JJNKunming to NantongKMG to NTGNantong to KunmingNTG to KMGYangzhou to KunmingYTY to KMGKunming to YangzhouKMG to YTYKunming to ShanghaiKMG to PVGShanghai to KunmingPVG to KMGJinghong to ChangshaJHG to CSXChangsha to KunmingCSX to KMGChangsha to JinghongCSX to JHGKunming to ChangshaKMG to CSXKunming to TengchongKMG to TCZTengchong to KunmingTCZ to KMGTaiyuan to ChongqingTYN to CKGWuhan to KunmingWUH to KMGKunming to WuhanKMG to WUHChongqing to TaiyuanCKG to TYNShijiazhuang to KunmingSJW to KMGKunming to ShijiazhuangKMG to SJWKunming to JinanKMG to TNAJinan to KunmingTNA to KMGBangkok to KunmingBKK to KMGKunming to BangkokKMG to BKKKunming to HangzhouKMG to HGHHangzhou to KunmingHGH to KMGKunming to ShenzhenKMG to SZXJingzhou to JinanSHS to TNAKunming to JingzhouKMG to SHSJingzhou to KunmingSHS to KMGLijiang to JinghongLJG to JHGShenyang to ChangshaSHE to CSXJinan to JingzhouTNA to SHSJinghong to LijiangJHG to LJGXiangyang to NanjingXFN to NKGChangsha to ShenyangCSX to SHEXiangyang to KunmingXFN to KMGChengdu to HarbinTFU to HRBHuizhou to KunmingHUZ to KMGKunming to HuizhouKMG to HUZKunming to XiangyangKMG to XFNNanjing to XiangyangNKG to XFNHarbin to ChengduHRB to TFUKunming to TaiyuanKMG to TYNZunyi to ChangshaWMT to CSXLinyi to ChangshaLYI to CSXGuangzhou to KunmingCAN to KMGShenzhen to KunmingSZX to KMGKunming to GuangzhouKMG to CANTaiyuan to KunmingTYN to KMGYangzhou to ChangshaYTY to CSXChangsha to YangzhouCSX to YTYJinghong to ZunyiJHG to WMTChangsha to ZunyiCSX to WMTJinghong to ShanghaiJHG to PVGKunming to BeijingKMG to PEKShanghai to JinghongPVG to JHGBeijing to KunmingPEK to KMGChangsha to LinyiCSX to LYIZunyi to JinghongWMT to JHGGuiyang to TaiyuanKWE to TYNTaiyuan to NanningTYN to NNGTaiyuan to GuiyangTYN to KWEGuiyang to NanjingKWE to NKGNanning to TaiyuanNNG to TYNZhengzhou to Mang CityCGO to LUMMang City to ZhengzhouLUM to CGONanjing to GuiyangNKG to KWEQingdao to ChengduTAO to TFUChengdu to QingdaoTFU to TAOYuncheng to ChangshaYCU to CSXChangsha to YunchengCSX to YCUDalian to TaiyuanDLC to TYNTaiyuan to DalianTYN to DLCChongqing to TengchongCKG to TCZTengchong to ChongqingTCZ to CKGHaikou to KunmingHAK to KMGXi'an to TengchongXIY to TCZTengchong to Xi'anTCZ to XIYQinhuangdao to ShijiazhuangBPE to SJWShijiazhuang to QinhuangdaoSJW to BPEZunyi to NanjingWMT to NKGKunming to PhuketKMG to HKTNanjing to ZunyiNKG to WMTZunyi to KunmingWMT to KMGPhuket to KunmingHKT to KMGKunming to ZunyiKMG to WMTKunming to HaikouKMG to HAKMang City to QuanzhouLUM to JJNQuanzhou to Mang CityJJN to LUMHuaihua to NanjingHJJ to NKGNanjing to HuaihuaNKG to HJJHuaihua to KunmingHJJ to KMGMang City to Xi'anLUM to XIYTaiyuan to ChangshaTYN to CSXXi'an to Mang CityXIY to LUMChangsha to TaiyuanCSX to TYNChangsha to TengchongCSX to TCZKunming to HuaihuaKMG to HJJTengchong to ChangshaTCZ to CSXYulin to HanzhongUYN to HZGHangzhou to Mang CityHGH to LUMMang City to HangzhouLUM to HGHHanzhong to YulinHZG to UYNHanzhong to KunmingHZG to KMGKunming to HanzhongKMG to HZG

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