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Citilink Flights

Home AirlinesCitilink (QG)

Citilink routes and airport map

Find all Citilink flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Citilink fly to?

Citilink serves 45 domestic destinations and 6 international destinations in 6 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Citilink destinations

The following is an overview of all Citilink flights and destinations:

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Where does Citilink fly from?

Citilink departs from 51 airports in 6 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Citilink departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Citilink departs from:

Citilink most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Citilink, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Denpasar to JakartaDPS to CGKJakarta to DenpasarCGK to DPSMedan to JakartaKNO to CGKJakarta to MedanCGK to KNOSurabaya to JakartaSUB to CGKJakarta to SurabayaCGK to SUBMakassar to JakartaUPG to CGKJakarta to MakassarCGK to UPGDenpasar to SurabayaDPS to SUBSurabaya to DenpasarSUB to DPSJakarta to BalikpapanCGK to BPNBalikpapan to JakartaBPN to CGKPontianak to JakartaPNK to CGKJakarta to PontianakCGK to PNKPalembang to JakartaPLM to CGKJakarta to PalembangCGK to PLMBatam to JakartaBTH to CGKJakarta to BatamCGK to BTHSurabaya to BanjarmasinSUB to BDJJakarta to SurabayaHLP to SUBSurabaya to JakartaSUB to HLPBanjarmasin to SurabayaBDJ to SUBJakarta to YogyakartaHLP to JOGBanjarmasin to JakartaBDJ to CGKJakarta to BanjarmasinCGK to BDJJakarta to PadangCGK to PDGYogyakarta to JakartaJOG to HLPSurabaya to MakassarSUB to UPGPadang to JakartaPDG to CGKMakassar to SurabayaUPG to SUBPraya, Lombok to DenpasarLOP to DPSDenpasar to Praya, LombokDPS to LOPSurabaya to BalikpapanSUB to BPNJakarta to PekanbaruCGK to PKUBalikpapan to SurabayaBPN to SUBJakarta to Pangkal PinangCGK to PGKPekanbaru to JakartaPKU to CGKPangkal Pinang to JakartaPGK to CGKPekanbaru to MedanPKU to KNOBalikpapan to Tanjung RedebBPN to BEJMedan to PekanbaruKNO to PKUTanjung Redeb to BalikpapanBEJ to BPNSingapore to JakartaSIN to CGKJakarta to SingaporeCGK to SINSemarang to JakartaSRG to CGKJakarta to PalembangHLP to PLMJakarta to SemarangCGK to SRGPalembang to JakartaPLM to HLPJakarta to YogyakartaCGK to YIAYogyakarta to JakartaYIA to CGKMakassar to ManadoUPG to MDCBanjarmasin to SemarangBDJ to SRGJakarta to Jambi CityCGK to DJBJakarta to PaluCGK to PLWMalang to JakartaMLG to CGKPalembang to BatamPLM to BTHSurabaya to BatamSUB to BTHMakassar to KendariUPG to KDIBalikpapan to YogyakartaBPN to YIADenpasar to DiliDPS to DILMedan to Banda AcehKNO to BTJManado to MakassarMDC to UPGPalangkaraya to JakartaPKY to CGKMakassar to DenpasarUPG to DPSBanjarmasin to BalikpapanBDJ to BPNBalikpapan to MakassarBPN to UPGJakarta to PalangkarayaCGK to PKYMedan to BatamKNO to BTHManado to JakartaMDC to CGKPekanbaru to YogyakartaPKU to YIAAmbon, Maluku to JakartaAMQ to CGKMajalengka to DenpasarKJT to DPSSurabaya to SamarindaSUB to AAPSamarinda to SurabayaAAP to SUBBalikpapan to TarakanBPN to TRKJakarta to BengkuluCGK to BKSGunungsitoli to MedanGNS to KNOMakassar to BalikpapanUPG to BPNSamarinda to JakartaAAP to CGKJambi City to JakartaDJB to CGKKendari to MakassarKDI to UPGJakarta to Ambon, MalukuCGK to AMQDili to DenpasarDIL to DPSKendari to JakartaKDI to CGKPraya, Lombok to BimaLOP to BMUSemarang to BanjarmasinSRG to BDJTarakan to BalikpapanTRK to BPNJakarta to SamarindaCGK to AAPJakarta to MalangCGK to MLGTanjung Pinang to JakartaTNJ to CGKJakarta to ManadoCGK to MDCDenpasar to MakassarDPS to UPGSurakarta (Solo) to JakartaSOC to CGKTambolaka to DenpasarTMC to DPSBanda Aceh to MedanBTJ to KNOJakarta to Tanjung PinangCGK to TNJDenpasar to TambolakaDPS to TMCKuala Lumpur to JakartaKUL to CGKPerth to DenpasarPER to DPSBatam to SurabayaBTH to SUBKupang to JakartaKOE to CGKPenang to MedanPEN to KNOBalikpapan to BanjarmasinBPN to BDJBatam to PalembangBTH to PLMJakarta to Kuala LumpurCGK to KULPadang to JakartaPDG to HLPPontianak to SurabayaPNK to SUBSurabaya to PontianakSUB to PNKYogyakarta to PekanbaruYIA to PKUBima to Praya, LombokBMU to LOPJakarta to KupangCGK to KOEDenpasar to PerthDPS to PERMedan to PenangKNO to PENBengkulu to JakartaBKS to CGKJakarta to Surakarta (Solo)CGK to SOCJakarta to PadangHLP to PDGPalu to JakartaPLW to CGKYogyakarta to BalikpapanYIA to BPNBatam to MedanBTH to KNOJakarta to KendariCGK to KDIJakarta to MalangHLP to MLGMedan to GunungsitoliKNO to GNSDenpasar to MajalengkaDPS to KJTMalang to JakartaMLG to HLPMedan to JakartaKNO to HLPJakarta to MedanHLP to KNODenpasar to JakartaDPS to HLPJakarta to DenpasarHLP to DPSPekanbaru to BatamPKU to BTHBatam to PekanbaruBTH to PKUBatam to PadangBTH to PDGPadang to BatamPDG to BTHMajalengka to BalikpapanKJT to BPNBalikpapan to MajalengkaBPN to KJTLabuan Bajo to JakartaLBJ to CGKJakarta to Labuan BajoCGK to LBJJakarta to Siborong-BorongHLP to DTBJakarta to BalikpapanHLP to BPNSemarang to JakartaSRG to HLPSiborong-Borong to JakartaDTB to HLPBalikpapan to JakartaBPN to HLPJakarta to SemarangHLP to SRGJakarta to BanyuwangiCGK to BWXPekanbaru to JakartaPKU to HLPBanyuwangi to JakartaBWX to CGKJakarta to PekanbaruHLP to PKUMakassar to JayapuraUPG to DJJDenpasar to BalikpapanDPS to BPNPraya, Lombok to SurabayaLOP to SUBJakarta to Pangkalan BunCGK to PKNJayapura to MakassarDJJ to UPGPraya, Lombok to JakartaLOP to CGKPangkalan Bun to JakartaPKN to CGKSurakarta (Solo) to JakartaSOC to HLPBalikpapan to DenpasarBPN to DPSJakarta to Praya, LombokCGK to LOPTanjung Pandan to JakartaTJQ to CGKJakarta to Tanjung PandanCGK to TJQJakarta to Surakarta (Solo)HLP to SOCSurabaya to Praya, LombokSUB to LOPBalikpapan to Tana TorajaBPN to TRTSibolga to MedanFLZ to KNOTana Toraja to BalikpapanTRT to BPNSiborong-Borong to BatamDTB to BTHBatam to Siborong-BorongBTH to DTBMedan to SibolgaKNO to FLZLabuan Bajo to DenpasarLBJ to DPSPort Moresby to DenpasarPOM to DPSDenpasar to Port MoresbyDPS to POMDenpasar to Labuan BajoDPS to LBJ

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