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Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Flights

Home AirlinesGaruda Indonesia (GA)

Garuda Indonesia routes and airport map

Find all Garuda Indonesia flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Garuda Indonesia fly to?

Garuda Indonesia (SkyTeam) serves 37 domestic destinations and 14 international destinations in 11 countries, as of September 2023.

List of Garuda Indonesia destinations

The following is an overview of all Garuda Indonesia flights and destinations:

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
South Korea
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Where does Garuda Indonesia fly from?

Garuda Indonesia (SkyTeam) departs from 51 airports in 11 countries, as of September 2023.

List of Garuda Indonesia departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Garuda Indonesia departs from:

Garuda Indonesia most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Garuda Indonesia, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Denpasar to JakartaDPS to CGKJakarta to DenpasarCGK to DPSSurabaya to JakartaSUB to CGKJakarta to SurabayaCGK to SUBMakassar to JakartaUPG to CGKJakarta to MedanCGK to KNOMedan to JakartaKNO to CGKJakarta to MakassarCGK to UPGJakarta to YogyakartaCGK to YIAYogyakarta to JakartaYIA to CGKSingapore to JakartaSIN to CGKJakarta to SingaporeCGK to SINJakarta to PalembangCGK to PLMPalembang to JakartaPLM to CGKSemarang to JakartaSRG to CGKJakarta to SemarangCGK to SRGBanjarmasin to JakartaBDJ to CGKJakarta to BanjarmasinCGK to BDJBalikpapan to JakartaBPN to CGKJakarta to PekanbaruCGK to PKUPekanbaru to JakartaPKU to CGKJakarta to BalikpapanCGK to BPNJakarta to Banda AcehCGK to BTJJakarta to BatamCGK to BTHBanda Aceh to JakartaBTJ to CGKBatam to JakartaBTH to CGKBandar Lampung to JakartaTKG to CGKJakarta to Bandar LampungCGK to TKGManado to JakartaMDC to CGKPraya, Lombok to JakartaLOP to CGKJakarta to ManadoCGK to MDCJakarta to JeddahCGK to JEDJeddah to JakartaJED to CGKJakarta to PadangCGK to PDGPadang to JakartaPDG to CGKSurakarta (Solo) to JakartaSOC to CGKJakarta to JayapuraCGK to DJJJakarta to Praya, LombokCGK to LOPJakarta to Surakarta (Solo)CGK to SOCJambi City to JakartaDJB to CGKJakarta to PontianakCGK to PNKJakarta to Jambi CityCGK to DJBPontianak to JakartaPNK to CGKBangkok to JakartaBKK to CGKMakassar to KendariUPG to KDIKuala Lumpur to JakartaKUL to CGKKendari to MakassarKDI to UPGAmbon, Maluku to JakartaAMQ to CGKJakarta to Ambon, MalukuCGK to AMQJakarta to Kuala LumpurCGK to KULHong Kong to JakartaHKG to CGKJayapura to JakartaDJJ to CGKJakarta to Hong KongCGK to HKGTernate to JakartaTTE to CGKJakarta to TernateCGK to TTEJakarta to BangkokCGK to BKKJakarta to SorongCGK to SOQSorong to JakartaSOQ to CGKDenpasar to SingaporeDPS to SINJakarta to MalangCGK to MLGMalang to JakartaMLG to CGKSingapore to SurabayaSIN to SUBSingapore to DenpasarSIN to DPSSurabaya to SingaporeSUB to SINDenpasar to YogyakartaDPS to YIASurabaya to DenpasarSUB to DPSPalangkaraya to JakartaPKY to CGKJakarta to PalangkarayaCGK to PKYDenpasar to SydneyDPS to SYDSeoul to JakartaICN to CGKSydney to DenpasarSYD to DPSDenpasar to SurabayaDPS to SUBDenpasar to TokyoDPS to NRTJakarta to Pangkal PinangCGK to PGKTokyo to DenpasarNRT to DPSSydney to JakartaSYD to CGKJakarta to TokyoCGK to HNDPangkal Pinang to JakartaPGK to CGKYogyakarta to DenpasarYIA to DPSJakarta to MelbourneCGK to MELTanjung Pinang to JakartaTNJ to CGKJakarta to Tanjung PinangCGK to TNJTokyo to JakartaHND to CGKJakarta to SydneyCGK to SYDMakassar to PaluUPG to PLWDenpasar to MakassarDPS to UPGMakassar to GorontaloUPG to GTOTimika to MakassarTIM to UPGMakassar to DenpasarUPG to DPSKupang to SurabayaKOE to SUBTimika to JayapuraTIM to DJJJakarta to MedinaCGK to MEDJakarta to PaluCGK to PLWMerauke to JayapuraMKQ to DJJJayapura to TimikaDJJ to TIMJayapura to MakassarDJJ to UPGGorontalo to MakassarGTO to UPGMelbourne to JakartaMEL to CGKPalu to MakassarPLW to UPGJayapura to MeraukeDJJ to MKQMedina to JakartaMED to CGKSurabaya to KupangSUB to KOEPalu to JakartaPLW to CGKMakassar to TimikaUPG to TIMLabuan Bajo to JakartaLBJ to CGKJakarta to GuangzhouCGK to CANJakarta to Labuan BajoCGK to LBJGuangzhou to JakartaCAN to CGKJakarta to SeoulCGK to ICNDenpasar to MelbourneDPS to MELDenpasar to SeoulDPS to ICNMelbourne to DenpasarMEL to DPSJakarta to GorontaloCGK to GTOJakarta to ShanghaiCGK to PVGBengkulu to JakartaBKS to CGKShanghai to JakartaPVG to CGKJakarta to BengkuluCGK to BKSSeoul to DenpasarICN to DPSJakarta to AmsterdamCGK to AMSGorontalo to JakartaGTO to CGKAmsterdam to JakartaAMS to CGKLabuan Bajo to DenpasarLBJ to DPSBiak to MakassarBIK to UPGBiak to JayapuraBIK to DJJDenpasar to ManadoDPS to MDCTokyo to ManadoNRT to MDCMakassar to BiakUPG to BIKDenpasar to Labuan BajoDPS to LBJManado to TokyoMDC to NRTJayapura to BiakDJJ to BIKManado to DenpasarMDC to DPSDenpasar to SorongDPS to SOQMakassar to SorongUPG to SOQTimika to DenpasarTIM to DPSMakassar to JayapuraUPG to DJJSorong to MakassarSOQ to UPGSorong to DenpasarSOQ to DPSDenpasar to TimikaDPS to TIM

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