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IrAero Flights

Home AirlinesIrAero (IO)

IrAero routes and airport map

Find all IrAero flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does IrAero fly to?

IrAero serves 39 domestic destinations and 12 international destinations in 8 countries, as of February 2024.

List of IrAero destinations

The following is an overview of all IrAero flights and destinations:

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Where does IrAero fly from?

IrAero departs from 51 airports in 8 countries, as of February 2024.

List of IrAero departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries IrAero departs from:

IrAero most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by IrAero, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Ust-Kut to IrkutskUKX to IKTIrkutsk to Ust-KutIKT to UKXIrkutsk to BodayboIKT to ODOBodaybo to IrkutskODO to IKTIrkutsk to ChitaIKT to HTAIstanbul to SochiIST to AERChita to IrkutskHTA to IKTSochi to IstanbulAER to ISTAntalya to SochiAYT to AERSochi to AntalyaAER to AYTMirny to IrkutskMJZ to IKTIrkutsk to MirnyIKT to MJZIrkutsk to TalakanIKT to TLKTalakan to IrkutskTLK to IKTUlaanbaatar to IrkutskUBN to IKTVladivostok to BlagoveshchenskVVO to BQSBlagoveshchensk to VladivostokBQS to VVOIrkutsk to UlaanbaatarIKT to UBNMoscow Domodedovo to KyzylDME to KYZIrkutsk to LenskIKT to ULKNeryungri to IrkutskNER to IKTLensk to IrkutskULK to IKTIrkutsk to NeryungriIKT to NERKeperveyem to MagadanKPW to GDXBlagoveshchensk to ChitaBQS to HTAYakutsk to LenskYKS to ULKLensk to YakutskULK to YKSChita to BlagoveshchenskHTA to BQSMagadan to KeperveyemGDX to KPWHanoi to IrkutskHAN to IKTKyzyl to Moscow DomodedovoKYZ to DMEIrkutsk to HanoiIKT to HANEvensk to MagadanSWV to GDXMagadan to EvenskGDX to SWVVladivostok to NeryungriVVO to NEROlyokminsk to YakutskOLZ to YKSOlyokminsk to IrkutskOLZ to IKTIrkutsk to HarbinIKT to HRBYakutsk to Ust-NeraYKS to USRUst-Nera to YakutskUSR to YKSNeryungri to VladivostokNER to VVOYakutsk to OlyokminskYKS to OLZHarbin to IrkutskHRB to IKTIrkutsk to OlyokminskIKT to OLZBaku to NovosibirskGYD to OVBNovosibirsk to BakuOVB to GYDIrkutsk to ManzhouliIKT to NZHBaku to KazanGYD to KZNUlaanbaatar to Ulan-UdeUBN to UUDBaku to KrasnoyarskGYD to KJAMoscow Domodedovo to BakuDME to GYDKrasnoyarsk to BakuKJA to GYDMoscow Domodedovo to GanjaDME to GNJBaku to Moscow DomodedovoGYD to DMEYuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Ulan-UdeUUS to UUDMoscow Domodedovo to AntalyaDME to AYTSaratov to BakuGSV to GYDManzhouli to IrkutskNZH to IKTTalakan to NovosibirskTLK to OVBIrkutsk to BlagoveshchenskIKT to BQSUlan-Ude to Yuzhno-SakhalinskUUD to UUSGanja to Moscow DomodedovoGNJ to DMEIrkutsk to Ulan-UdeIKT to UUDUlan-Ude to UlaanbaatarUUD to UBNBlagoveshchensk to IrkutskBQS to IKTMagadan to YakutskGDX to YKSYekaterinburg to BakuSVX to GYDUlan-Ude to IrkutskUUD to IKTBatagay to YakutskBQJ to YKSYakutsk to KhonuuYKS to MQJKhonuu to YakutskMQJ to YKSAntalya to Moscow DomodedovoAYT to DMEYakutsk to MagadanYKS to GDXKazan to BakuKZN to GYDNovosibirsk to TalakanOVB to TLKYakutsk to BatagayYKS to BQJBaku to SaratovGYD to GSVOkhotsk to MagadanOHO to GDXTermez to Moscow DomodedovoTMJ to DMEYuzhno-Sakhalinsk to ChitaUUS to HTAChita to Yuzhno-SakhalinskHTA to UUSMagadan to OkhotskGDX to OHOIrkutsk to ShijiazhuangIKT to SJWPenza to Moscow DomodedovoPEZ to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to TermezDME to TMJBaku to YekaterinburgGYD to SVXMoscow Domodedovo to PenzaDME to PEZMoscow Domodedovo to Novy UrengoyDME to NUXSamara to Novy UrengoyKUF to NUXVladivostok to KhabarovskVVO to KHVKhabarovsk to VladivostokKHV to VVOTalakan to LenskTLK to ULKIrkutsk to MagadanIKT to GDXKhabarovsk to ChitaKHV to HTANha Trang to ShijiazhuangCXR to SJWSaratov to AntalyaGSV to AYTNovy Urengoy to UfaNUX to UFAUdachny to Ust-KutPYJ to UKXTiksi to YakutskIKS to YKSNovy Urengoy to SamaraNUX to KUFIrkutsk to UdachnyIKT to PYJNovy Urengoy to Moscow DomodedovoNUX to DMEChita to KhabarovskHTA to KHVNizhnevartovsk to UfaNJC to UFAShijiazhuang to ManilaSJW to MNLBlagoveshchensk to HarbinBQS to HRBMagadan to PevekGDX to PWEShijiazhuang to IrkutskSJW to IKTShijiazhuang to Nha TrangSJW to CXRLensk to TalakanULK to TLKAntalya to SaratovAYT to GSVUdachny to IrkutskPYJ to IKTYakutsk to TiksiYKS to IKSMagadan to IrkutskGDX to IKTHarbin to BlagoveshchenskHRB to BQSManila to ShijiazhuangMNL to SJWPevek to MagadanPWE to GDXUst-Kut to UdachnyUKX to PYJDeputatsky to YakutskDPT to YKSYakutsk to DeputatskyYKS to DPTUfa to Novy UrengoyUFA to NUXUfa to NizhnevartovskUFA to NJC

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