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Iran Air

Iran Air Flights

Home AirlinesIran Air (IR)

Iran Air routes and airport map

Find all Iran Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Iran Air fly to?

Iran Air serves 36 domestic destinations and 18 international destinations in 15 countries, as of October 2023.

List of Iran Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Iran Air flights and destinations:

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Where does Iran Air fly from?

Iran Air departs from 54 airports in 15 countries, as of October 2023.

List of Iran Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Iran Air departs from:

Iran Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Iran Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Istanbul to TehranIST to IKATehran to IstanbulIKA to ISTShiraz to TehranSYZ to THRTehran to ShirazTHR to SYZAl Najaf to TehranNJF to IKAIsfahan to TehranIFN to THRTehran to Al NajafIKA to NJFTehran to IsfahanTHR to IFNTehran to MashhadTHR to MHDMashhad to TehranMHD to THRTehran to KermanshahTHR to KSHKermanshah to TehranKSH to THRTehran to AhwazTHR to AWZAhwaz to TehranAWZ to THRTehran to YazdTHR to AZDYazd to TehranAZD to THRUrmieh to TehranOMH to THRTehran to UrmiehTHR to OMHTehran to London HeathrowIKA to LHRLondon Heathrow to TehranLHR to IKADezful to TehranDEF to THRTehran to DezfulTHR to DEFSari to TehranSRY to THRTehran to SariTHR to SRYAbadan to TehranABD to THRBushehr to TehranBUZ to THRTehran to RashtTHR to RASRasht to TehranRAS to THRBandar Abbas to TehranBND to THRTehran to BushehrTHR to BUZTehran to GorganTHR to GBTTehran to Bandar AbbasTHR to BNDGorgan to TehranGBT to THRTehran to TabrizTHR to TBZTehran to ArdabilTHR to ADUTehran to AbadanTHR to ABDTabriz to TehranTBZ to THRArdabil to TehranADU to THRTehran to JahromTHR to JARTehran to ParisIKA to CDGTehran to RamsarTHR to RZRRamsar to TehranRZR to THRParis to TehranCDG to IKATehran to IzmirIKA to ADBIzmir to TehranADB to IKATehran to FrankfurtIKA to FRABojnord to TehranBJB to THRTehran to Cologne-BonnIKA to CGNTehran to BonabTHR to ACPTehran to BojnordTHR to BJBBonab to TehranACP to THRFrankfurt to TehranFRA to IKACologne-Bonn to TehranCGN to IKAJahrom to TehranJAR to THRTehran to Kish IslandTHR to KIHTehran to Milan (Malpensa)IKA to MXPTehran to ParsabadTHR to PFQParsabad to TehranPFQ to THRMilan (Malpensa) to TehranMXP to IKAShiraz to Bandar LengehSYZ to BDHTehran to QeshmTHR to GSMTehran to KhoyTHR to KHYTehran to HamburgIKA to HAMKish Island to TehranKIH to THRTehran to IlamTHR to IILKhoy to TehranKHY to THRIlam to TehranIIL to THRBandar Lengeh to ShirazBDH to SYZHamburg to TehranHAM to IKAQeshm to TehranGSM to THRDoha to ShirazDOH to SYZVienna to TehranVIE to IKAShiraz to DubaiSYZ to DXBTehran to KhorramabadTHR to KHDShiraz to DohaSYZ to DOHTehran to KermanTHR to KERKuwait City to IsfahanKWI to IFNKhorramabad to TehranKHD to THRKerman to TehranKER to THRTehran to ZahedanTHR to ZAHTehran to BirjandTHR to XBJMashhad to BirjandMHD to XBJChabahar to ZahedanZBR to ZAHZahedan to ChabaharZAH to ZBRMashhad to Kuwait CityMHD to KWIZahedan to TehranZAH to THRAhwaz to DubaiAWZ to DXBDubai to ShirazDXB to SYZLar to TehranLRR to THRBirjand to TehranXBJ to THRDubai to AhwazDXB to AWZTehran to ViennaIKA to VIETehran to LarTHR to LRRBirjand to MashhadXBJ to MHDTehran to Rome (Fiumicino)IKA to FCOKuwait City to ShirazKWI to SYZShiraz to Kuwait CitySYZ to KWIUrmieh to MashhadOMH to MHDKuwait City to MashhadKWI to MHDRome (Fiumicino) to TehranFCO to IKAShiraz to Bandar AbbasSYZ to BNDBandar Abbas to Abu MusaBND to AEULamerd to ShirazLFM to SYZBandar Abbas to ShirazBND to SYZKarachi to TehranKHI to IKAIstanbul to IsfahanIST to IFNAl Najaf to IsfahanNJF to IFNAbu Musa to Bandar AbbasAEU to BNDBaku to TehranGYD to IKAIsfahan to Al NajafIFN to NJFMashhad to UrmiehMHD to OMHIsfahan to Kuwait CityIFN to KWITehran to KarachiIKA to KHIIsfahan to IstanbulIFN to ISTTehran to BakuIKA to GYDShiraz to LamerdSYZ to LFMLar to DohaLRR to DOHBeirut to TehranBEY to IKADoha to LarDOH to LRRKuwait City to LarKWI to LRRMumbai to TehranBOM to IKAShiraz to AhwazSYZ to AWZTehran to MumbaiIKA to BOMAhwaz to ShirazAWZ to SYZTehran to BeirutIKA to BEYLar to Kuwait CityLRR to KWI

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