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UTair Flights

Home AirlinesUTair (UT)

UTair routes and airport map

Find all UTair flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does UTair fly to?

UTair serves 40 domestic destinations and 14 international destinations in 8 countries, as of April 2024.

List of UTair destinations

The following is an overview of all UTair flights and destinations:

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Where does UTair fly from?

UTair departs from 54 airports in 8 countries, as of April 2024.

List of UTair departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries UTair departs from:

UTair most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by UTair, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Moscow Vnukovo to GroznyVKO to GRVGrozny to Moscow VnukovoGRV to VKOMoscow Vnukovo to TyumenVKO to TJMMoscow Vnukovo to SurgutVKO to SGCMoscow Vnukovo to DushanbeVKO to DYUSurgut to Moscow VnukovoSGC to VKOTyumen to Moscow VnukovoTJM to VKODushanbe to Moscow VnukovoDYU to VKOTyumen to SurgutTJM to SGCSurgut to TyumenSGC to TJMMoscow Vnukovo to SochiVKO to AERSochi to Moscow VnukovoAER to VKOUfa to YekaterinburgUFA to SVXYekaterinburg to UfaSVX to UFAKhanty-Mansiysk to TyumenHMA to TJMTyumen to Khanty-MansiyskTJM to HMAMineralnye Vody to Moscow VnukovoMRV to VKOMoscow Vnukovo to Mineralnye VodyVKO to MRVUfa to SurgutUFA to SGCSurgut to UfaSGC to UFABaku to Moscow VnukovoGYD to VKOSyktyvkar to Moscow VnukovoSCW to VKOMoscow Vnukovo to BakuVKO to GYDMoscow Vnukovo to TashkentVKO to TASSurgut to Saint PetersburgSGC to LEDMoscow Vnukovo to SyktyvkarVKO to SCWMoscow Vnukovo to YerevanVKO to EVNKrasnoyarsk to Moscow VnukovoKJA to VKOTashkent to Moscow VnukovoTAS to VKOSaint Petersburg to Moscow VnukovoLED to VKOGrozny to IstanbulGRV to ISTTyumen to NizhnevartovskTJM to NJCSaint Petersburg to SurgutLED to SGCYerevan to Moscow VnukovoEVN to VKOIstanbul to GroznyIST to GRVNizhnevartovsk to TyumenNJC to TJMMoscow Vnukovo to Saint PetersburgVKO to LEDMoscow Vnukovo to SamaraVKO to KUFUst-Kut to IrkutskUKX to IKTMoscow Vnukovo to KrasnoyarskVKO to KJAIrkutsk to Ust-KutIKT to UKXSamara to Moscow VnukovoKUF to VKOMoscow Vnukovo to UfaVKO to UFAMoscow Vnukovo to GanjaVKO to GNJUfa to Novy UrengoyUFA to NUXNovy Urengoy to UfaNUX to UFANovosibirsk to SurgutOVB to SGCGanja to Moscow VnukovoGNJ to VKONovy Urengoy to TyumenNUX to TJMTyumen to Novy UrengoyTJM to NUXUfa to Moscow VnukovoUFA to VKOSamara to YekaterinburgKUF to SVXYekaterinburg to SamaraSVX to KUFKhanty-Mansiysk to SurgutHMA to SGCSurgut to Khanty-MansiyskSGC to HMASurgut to YekaterinburgSGC to SVXUfa to KazanUFA to KZNKazan to UfaKZN to UFAMoscow Vnukovo to Ukhta / SosnogorskVKO to UCTMoscow Vnukovo to Khanty-MansiyskVKO to HMAKhanty-Mansiysk to Moscow VnukovoHMA to VKOUkhta / Sosnogorsk to Moscow VnukovoUCT to VKOSurgut to SochiSGC to AERYekaterinburg to Khanty-MansiyskSVX to HMABeryozovo to Khanty-MansiyskEZV to HMAKhanty-Mansiysk to YekaterinburgHMA to SVXUsinsk to Moscow VnukovoUSK to VKOKhanty-Mansiysk to BeryozovoHMA to EZVSochi to SurgutAER to SGCMoscow Vnukovo to UsinskVKO to USKYekaterinburg to SurgutSVX to SGCSurgut to NovosibirskSGC to OVBIrkutsk to KrasnoyarskIKT to KJAKrasnoyarsk to NovosibirskKJA to OVBKrasnoyarsk to IrkutskKJA to IKTNovosibirsk to KrasnoyarskOVB to KJAMoscow Vnukovo to VladikavkazVKO to OGZMoscow Vnukovo to NizhnevartovskVKO to NJCVladikavkaz to Moscow VnukovoOGZ to VKOTyumen to UfaTJM to UFAUfa to TyumenUFA to TJMSamara to SurgutKUF to SGCMoscow Vnukovo to SamarkandVKO to SKDSamarkand to Moscow VnukovoSKD to VKOSurgut to SamaraSGC to KUFBaku to GroznyGYD to GRVGrozny to BakuGRV to GYDNizhnevartovsk to Moscow VnukovoNJC to VKOBaku to Saint PetersburgGYD to LEDMoscow Vnukovo to NoyabrskVKO to NOJNoyabrsk to Moscow VnukovoNOJ to VKOSaint Petersburg to BakuLED to GYDUfa to NizhnevartovskUFA to NJCNizhnevartovsk to UfaNJC to UFATyumen to SochiTJM to AERSochi to TyumenAER to TJMMoscow Vnukovo to KogalymVKO to KGPNizhnevartovsk to Khanty-MansiyskNJC to HMAKhanty-Mansiysk to UfaHMA to UFASamara to BakuKUF to GYDBukhara to Moscow VnukovoBHK to VKOBaku to SamaraGYD to KUFKrasnosel'Kup to TyumenKKQ to TJMSamarkand to Saint PetersburgSKD to LEDUfa to Khanty-MansiyskUFA to HMAMoscow Vnukovo to BukharaVKO to BHKMoscow Vnukovo to Naryan-MarVKO to NNMSaint Petersburg to SamarkandLED to SKDBeloyarsky to Khanty-MansiyskEYK to HMAKogalym to Moscow VnukovoKGP to VKONaryan-Mar to Moscow VnukovoNNM to VKOKhanty-Mansiysk to NizhnevartovskHMA to NJCTyumen to Krasnosel'KupTJM to KKQKhanty-Mansiysk to BeloyarskyHMA to EYKTyumen to YekaterinburgTJM to SVXTyumen to KazanTJM to KZNYekaterinburg to TyumenSVX to TJMKazan to TyumenKZN to TJMOmsk to Khanty-MansiyskOMS to HMASurgut to OmskSGC to OMSKhanty-Mansiysk to OmskHMA to OMSOmsk to SurgutOMS to SGCYekaterinburg to NyaganSVX to NYANyagan to TyumenNYA to TJMNyagan to YekaterinburgNYA to SVXSurgut to Mineralnye VodySGC to MRVTyumen to BeloyarskyTJM to EYKKhanty-Mansiysk to UrayHMA to URJChelyabinsk to Khanty-MansiyskCEK to HMATyumen to Dubai (Jebel Ali)TJM to DWCKurgan to SurgutKRO to SGCBeloyarsky to TyumenEYK to TJMMineralnye Vody to SurgutMRV to SGCPerm to SurgutPEE to SGCSurgut to KurganSGC to KROTyumen to NyaganTJM to NYAYekaterinburg to UraySVX to URJUray to YekaterinburgURJ to SVXOmsk to NizhnevartovskOMS to NJCUray to Khanty-MansiyskURJ to HMAKhanty-Mansiysk to ChelyabinskHMA to CEKNizhnevartovsk to OmskNJC to OMSSurgut to PermSGC to PEEDubai (Jebel Ali) to TyumenDWC to TJMBeryozovo to TyumenEZV to TJMYekaterinburg to NizhnevartovskSVX to NJCTyumen to BeryozovoTJM to EZVTyumen to TomskTJM to TOFDubai (Jebel Ali) to GroznyDWC to GRVNakhchivan to Moscow VnukovoNAJ to VKONyagan to BeloyarskyNYA to EYKSovetsky to YekaterinburgOVS to SVXBeloyarsky to NyaganEYK to NYAMoscow Vnukovo to NakhchivanVKO to NAJGrozny to Dubai (Jebel Ali)GRV to DWCTomsk to TyumenTOF to TJMNizhnevartovsk to YekaterinburgNJC to SVXYekaterinburg to SovetskySVX to OVSBeloyarsky to SurgutEYK to SGCSurgut to BeloyarskySGC to EYKChelyabinsk to SurgutCEK to SGCSurgut to KhujandSGC to LBDSurgut to TomskSGC to TOFKhujand to SurgutLBD to SGCTomsk to SurgutTOF to SGCSurgut to ChelyabinskSGC to CEKSamara to SamarkandKUF to SKDBeryozovo to BeloyarskyEZV to EYKSamarkand to SamaraSKD to KUFBeloyarsky to SovetskyEYK to OVSSovetsky to BeloyarskyOVS to EYKBeloyarsky to BeryozovoEYK to EZVTyumen to YerevanTJM to EVNYerevan to TyumenEVN to TJMTyumen to BakuTJM to GYDDubai (Jebel Ali) to SurgutDWC to SGCBeryozovo to NyaganEZV to NYATyumen to TashkentTJM to TASUfa to TashkentUFA to TASBeryozovo to IgrimEZV to IRMBaku to TyumenGYD to TJMNyagan to NizhnevartovskNYA to NJCBaku to SurgutGYD to SGCNyagan to BeryozovoNYA to EZVPerm to TyumenPEE to TJMMoscow Vnukovo to FerganaVKO to FEGBarnaul to SurgutBAX to SGCTyumen to PermTJM to PEEPerm to KogalymPEE to KGPSurgut to BakuSGC to GYDTashkent to UfaTAS to UFATashkent to TyumenTAS to TJMTashkent to SurgutTAS to SGCKogalym to PermKGP to PEETyumen to KhujandTJM to LBDKhanty-Mansiysk to IgrimHMA to IRMKhujand to TyumenLBD to TJMSurgut to TashkentSGC to TASUray to TyumenURJ to TJMIgrim to TyumenIRM to TJM

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