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Widerøe Flights

Home AirlinesWiderøe (WF)

Widerøe routes and airport map

Find all Widerøe flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Widerøe fly to?

Widerøe serves 42 domestic destinations and 14 international destinations in 11 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Widerøe destinations

The following is an overview of all Widerøe flights and destinations:

Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Where does Widerøe fly from?

Widerøe departs from 56 airports in 11 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Widerøe departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Widerøe departs from:

Widerøe most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Widerøe, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Bodø to LeknesBOO to LKNHammerfest to TromsøHFT to TOSBergen to StavangerBGO to SVGStavanger to BergenSVG to BGOSvolvær to BodøSVJ to BOOLeknes to BodøLKN to BOOOrsta / Volda to OsloHOV to OSLOslo to Orsta / VoldaOSL to HOVTromsø to HammerfestTOS to HFTFlorø to BergenFRO to BGOBergen to FlorøBGO to FROTrondheim to BergenTRD to BGOBergen to KristiansandBGO to KRSBergen to Oslo (Torp)BGO to TRFBergen to TrondheimBGO to TRDOslo (Torp) to BergenTRF to BGOKristiansand to BergenKRS to BGOBodø to StokmarknesBOO to SKNFørde to OsloFDE to OSLOslo to FørdeOSL to FDEBergen to ÅlesundBGO to AESBodø to SvolværBOO to SVJÅlesund to BergenAES to BGOStokmarknes to BodøSKN to BOOHaugesund to BergenHAU to BGOTromsø to AltaTOS to ALFBergen to HaugesundBGO to HAUOslo to SogndalOSL to SOGTromsø to BergenTOS to BGOBergen to TromsøBGO to TOSMo i Rana to TrondheimMQN to TRDTrondheim to BrønnøysundTRD to BNNBergen to KristiansundBGO to KSUKristiansund to BergenKSU to BGOBodø to TrondheimBOO to TRDTrondheim to Mo i RanaTRD to MQNBrønnøysund to TrondheimBNN to TRDTrondheim to BodøTRD to BOOSogndal to SandaneSOG to SDNAlta to TromsøALF to TOSMolde to BergenMOL to BGOBergen to MoldeBGO to MOLAndenes to Harstad-NarvikANX to EVEBodø to Mo i RanaBOO to MQNHarstad-Narvik to BodøEVE to BOOMo i Rana to BodøMQN to BOOHarstad-Narvik to AndenesEVE to ANXBodø to Harstad-NarvikBOO to EVETrondheim to MosjøenTRD to MJFMosjøen to TrondheimMJF to TRDVadsø to KirkenesVDS to KKNNamsos to TrondheimOSY to TRDTrondheim to SandnessjøenTRD to SSJTrondheim to RørvikTRD to RVKKirkenes to VadsøKKN to VDSSogndal to OsloSOG to OSLSandnessjøen to TrondheimSSJ to TRDHonningsvåg to HammerfestHVG to HFTSandane to OsloSDN to OSLTromsø to BodøTOS to BOOBodø to TromsøBOO to TOSBrønnøysund to BodøBNN to BOOOslo to RørosOSL to RRSRøros to OsloRRS to OSLAndenes to TromsøANX to TOSTromsø to AndenesTOS to ANXStokmarknes to TromsøSKN to TOSBodø to BrønnøysundBOO to BNNTromsø to StokmarknesTOS to SKNBergen to SogndalBGO to SOGSandnessjøen to BodøSSJ to BOOBodø to MosjøenBOO to MJFVadsø to TromsøVDS to TOSMosjøen to BodøMJF to BOORørvik to TrondheimRVK to TRDTrondheim to NamsosTRD to OSYBergen to AberdeenBGO to ABZSogndal to BergenSOG to BGOVadsø to VardøVDS to VAWTromsø to SørkjosenTOS to SOJSørkjosen to TromsøSOJ to TOSBodø to SandnessjøenBOO to SSJAberdeen to BergenABZ to BGOVardø to BåtsfjordVAW to BJFHammerfest to HonningsvågHFT to HVGHasvik to HammerfestHAA to HFTTromsø to HasvikTOS to HAASandane to SogndalSDN to SOGMehamn to HonningsvågMEH to HVGTrondheim to ÅlesundTRD to AESÅlesund to TrondheimAES to TRDOslo (Torp) to StavangerTRF to SVGStavanger to Oslo (Torp)SVG to TRFGothenburg to BergenGOT to BGOBergen to GothenburgBGO to GOTTromsø to VadsøTOS to VDSOslo to SandaneOSL to SDNStavanger to AberdeenSVG to ABZAberdeen to StavangerABZ to SVGTrondheim to Harstad-NarvikTRD to EVEHarstad-Narvik to TrondheimEVE to TRDBodø to RøstBOO to RETSogndal to Orsta / VoldaSOG to HOVTromsø to TrondheimTOS to TRDRøst to SvolværRET to SVJOslo (Torp) to TrondheimTRF to TRDHammerfest to HasvikHFT to HAAKirkenes to TromsøKKN to TOSTrondheim to Oslo (Torp)TRD to TRFHasvik to TromsøHAA to TOSTrondheim to TromsøTRD to TOSTrondheim to OsloTRD to OSLRøst to BodøRET to BOOVardø to KirkenesVAW to KKNBåtsfjord to MehamnBJF to MEHBergen to Orsta / VoldaBGO to HOVBåtsfjord to BerlevågBJF to BVGOslo to TrondheimOSL to TRDSvolvær to RøstSVJ to RETAlta to VadsøALF to VDSKirkenes to AltaKKN to ALFHonningsvåg to MehamnHVG to MEHBerlevåg to HammerfestBVG to HFTMehamn to VadsøMEH to VDSTromsø to KirkenesTOS to KKNVadsø to BåtsfjordVDS to BJFLeknes to SvolværLKN to SVJOrsta / Volda to SogndalHOV to SOGHammerfest to VadsøHFT to VDSOrsta / Volda to BergenHOV to BGOVardø to VadsøVAW to VDSBåtsfjord to VadsøBJF to VDSSørkjosen to HammerfestSOJ to HFTBåtsfjord to VardøBJF to VAWHammerfest to MehamnHFT to MEHHammerfest to BerlevågHFT to BVGKirkenes to VardøKKN to VAWBerlevåg to VadsøBVG to VDSBerlevåg to BåtsfjordBVG to BJFMehamn to BerlevågMEH to BVGAlta to SørkjosenALF to SOJAlta to KirkenesALF to KKNVadsø to MehamnVDS to MEHRørvik to NamsosRVK to OSYVadsø to AltaVDS to ALFBergen to HamburgBGO to HAMHamburg to BergenHAM to BGOBergen to London StanstedBGO to STNLondon Stansted to BergenSTN to BGOOslo to BergenOSL to BGOStokmarknes to SvolværSKN to SVJDublin to BergenDUB to BGOBergen to DublinBGO to DUBBergen to OsloBGO to OSLBergen to BillundBGO to BLLBillund to BergenBLL to BGOAlta to HammerfestALF to HFTOslo (Torp) to CopenhagenTRF to CPHCopenhagen to Oslo (Torp)CPH to TRFBodø to BergenBOO to BGOAlicante to BergenALC to BGOBergen to BodøBGO to BOOBergen to AlicanteBGO to ALCMosjøen to Mo i RanaMJF to MQNMo i Rana to MosjøenMQN to MJFLiverpool to BergenLPL to BGOBergen to LiverpoolBGO to LPLFørde to Orsta / VoldaFDE to HOVOslo to SandnessjøenOSL to SSJSandnessjøen to OsloSSJ to OSLOrsta / Volda to FørdeHOV to FDEBrønnøysund to OsloBNN to OSLOslo to BrønnøysundOSL to BNNBergen to LeknesBGO to LKNLeknes to OsloLKN to OSLNice to BergenNCE to BGOTrondheim to FlorøTRD to FRONamsos to RørvikOSY to RVKMunich to BergenMUC to BGONamsos to SandnessjøenOSY to SSJSvolvær to StokmarknesSVJ to SKNSørvágur to BergenFAE to BGOLeknes to BergenLKN to BGONamsos to Mo i RanaOSY to MQNSvolvær to LeknesSVJ to LKNAndenes to BodøANX to BOOLakselv to TromsøLKL to TOSMo i Rana to NamsosMQN to OSYSørkjosen to AltaSOJ to ALFBåtsfjord to AltaBJF to ALFHarstad-Narvik to TromsøEVE to TOSOslo to SvolværOSL to SVJSvolvær to OsloSVJ to OSLOslo (Torp) to NiceTRF to NCEMehamn to HammerfestMEH to HFTOslo (Torp) to FlorenceTRF to FLRMehamn to BåtsfjordMEH to BJFHammerfest to AltaHFT to ALFHammerfest to SørkjosenHFT to SOJBergen to FlorenceBGO to FLR

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