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9 Air

9 Air Flights

Home Airlines9 Air (AQ)

9 Air routes and airport map

Find all 9 Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does 9 Air fly to?

9 Air serves 64 domestic destinations and 4 international destinations in 3 countries, as of February 2024.

List of 9 Air destinations

The following is an overview of all 9 Air flights and destinations:

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Where does 9 Air fly from?

9 Air departs from 68 airports in 3 countries, as of February 2024.

List of 9 Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries 9 Air departs from:

9 Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by 9 Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Changchun and Jilin City to GuangzhouCGQ to CANGuangzhou to Changchun and Jilin CityCAN to CGQGuangzhou to HefeiCAN to HFEGuangzhou to ShanghaiCAN to PVGNanjing to GuangzhouNKG to CANGuangzhou to NanjingCAN to NKGHaikou to ChangshaHAK to CSXGuiyang to FuzhouKWE to FOCHefei to GuangzhouHFE to CANGuiyang to WenzhouKWE to WNZChangsha to HaikouCSX to HAKShanghai to GuangzhouPVG to CANGuiyang to JinanKWE to TNAFuzhou to GuiyangFOC to KWEJinan to GuiyangTNA to KWEWenzhou to GuiyangWNZ to KWEWuxi / Suzhou to GuiyangWUX to KWEGuangzhou to BangkokCAN to BKKGuiyang to Wuxi / SuzhouKWE to WUXBangkok to GuangzhouBKK to CANSanya to GuangzhouSYX to CANGuangzhou to SanyaCAN to SYXGuiyang to XiamenKWE to XMNXiamen to GuiyangXMN to KWEUrumqi to GuangzhouURC to CANGuangzhou to UrumqiCAN to URCHangzhou to GuiyangHGH to KWEJinan to GuangzhouTNA to CANWeihai to DalianWEH to DLCXi'an to GuangzhouXIY to CANGuangzhou to HaikouCAN to HAKDalian to WeihaiDLC to WEHHangzhou to GuangzhouHGH to CANNanjing to HarbinNKG to HRBGuangzhou to YichangCAN to YIHJinghong to GuangzhouJHG to CANGuiyang to HangzhouKWE to HGHLanzhou to ChangshaLHW to CSXNanjing to HaikouNKG to HAKShenyang to Wuxi / SuzhouSHE to WUXWuxi / Suzhou to ShenyangWUX to SHEYancheng to GuiyangYNZ to KWEGuangzhou to ChongqingCAN to CKGNanjing to Changchun and Jilin CityNKG to CGQChengdu to SanyaTFU to SYXGuangzhou to Beijing DaxingCAN to PKXGuangzhou to Xi'anCAN to XIYGuangzhou to ZhengzhouCAN to CGOGuangzhou to Wuxi / SuzhouCAN to WUXZhengzhou to ShenyangCGO to SHEGuiyang to YanchengKWE to YNZShenyang to ZhengzhouSHE to CGOGuangzhou to NingboCAN to NGBZhengzhou to GuiyangCGO to KWEHarbin to NanjingHRB to NKGGuiyang to ZhengzhouKWE to CGOChengdu to GuangzhouTFU to CANWuxi / Suzhou to GuangzhouWUX to CANYichang to HaikouYIH to HAKGuangzhou to QionghaiCAN to BARGuangzhou to LianyungangCAN to LYGGuangzhou to WuhanCAN to WUHHaikou to ZhengzhouHAK to CGOGuiyang to GuangzhouKWE to CANTongren to NanjingTEN to NKGYichang to GuangzhouYIH to CANChangsha to LanzhouCSX to LHWHaikou to GuangzhouHAK to CANNingbo to Beijing DaxingNGB to PKXGuangzhou to GuiyangCAN to KWEGuiyang to TianjinKWE to TSNZhengzhou to HaikouCGO to HAKNingbo to GuiyangNGB to KWEBeijing Daxing to NingboPKX to NGBQingdao to GuangzhouTAO to CANGuangzhou to NanchangCAN to KHNGuangzhou to JinanCAN to TNAChongqing to GuangzhouCKG to CANNanchang to GuangzhouKHN to CANGuiyang to ShantouKWE to SWABeijing Daxing to GuangzhouPKX to CANGuangzhou to JinghongCAN to JHGNingbo to GuangzhouNGB to CANTianjin to GuiyangTSN to KWEQionghai to GuangzhouBAR to CANGuangzhou to ChengduCAN to TFUZhengzhou to GuangzhouCGO to CANChangchun and Jilin City to JinanCGQ to TNAShantou to GuiyangSWA to KWEJinan to WenzhouTNA to WNZWenzhou to JinanWNZ to TNAGuangzhou to QingdaoCAN to TAOChangchun and Jilin City to NanjingCGQ to NKGLianyungang to GuangzhouLYG to CANGuangzhou to HangzhouCAN to HGHChangchun and Jilin City to NingboCGQ to NGBGuiyang to NingboKWE to NGBNanjing to TongrenNKG to TENJinan to Changchun and Jilin CityTNA to CGQNingbo to Changchun and Jilin CityNGB to CGQWuhan to GuangzhouWUH to CANChangchun and Jilin City to LianyungangCGQ to LYGJinghong to NanningJHG to NNGGuangzhou to YingkouCAN to YKHTurpan to Xi'anTLQ to XIYWuxi / Suzhou to YingkouWUX to YKHTurpan to GuangzhouTLQ to CANYingkou to Wuxi / SuzhouYKH to WUXYingkou to GuangzhouYKH to CANHarbin to XinzhouHRB to WUTGuangzhou to XinzhouCAN to WUTHaikou to ChongqingHAK to CKGUrumqi to TumxukURC to TWCChangsha to RizhaoCSX to RIZRizhao to HaikouRIZ to HAKXinzhou to HarbinWUT to HRBZhengzhou to HarbinCGO to HRBHarbin to ZhengzhouHRB to CGORizhao to ChangshaRIZ to CSXXinzhou to GuangzhouWUT to CANGuangzhou to KunmingCAN to KMGGuangzhou to TumxukCAN to TWCKunming to GuangzhouKMG to CANTumxuk to UrumqiTWC to URCFuzhou to NanningFOC to NNGSanya to ChengduSYX to TFUTumxuk to GuangzhouTWC to CANWuhan to ChengdeWUH to CDEGuangzhou to TurpanCAN to TLQChongqing to QionghaiCKG to BARLianyungang to Changchun and Jilin CityLYG to CGQNanning to JinghongNNG to JHGChengde to WuhanCDE to WUHHaikou to RizhaoHAK to RIZNanning to FuzhouNNG to FOCXi'an to TurpanXIY to TLQGuangzhou to ShangraoCAN to SQDGuiyang to QuanzhouKWE to JJNShihezi to Xi'anSHF to XIYGuangzhou to ShiheziCAN to SHFChangchun and Jilin City to ZhengzhouCGQ to CGOHaikou to GuiyangHAK to KWEJinghong to HengyangJHG to HNYLanzhou to JinchangLHW to JICShihezi to GuangzhouSHF to CANHangzhou to QionghaiHGH to BARGuangzhou to XiningCAN to XNNHaikou to HangzhouHAK to HGHJiayuguan and Jiuquan to UrumqiJGN to URCGuiyang to HefeiKWE to HFELanzhou to GuangzhouLHW to CANDalian to ZhengzhouDLC to CGOJiayuguan and Jiuquan to GuangzhouJGN to CANGuiyang to HaikouKWE to HAKUrumqi to YiningURC to YINWuxi / Suzhou to HengyangWUX to HNYHefei to GuiyangHFE to KWEUrumqi to XiningURC to XNNWuxi / Suzhou to DalianWUX to DLCYining to UrumqiYIN to URCHarbin to Huai'anHRB to HIAUrumqi to Jiayuguan and JiuquanURC to JGNGuangzhou to LanzhouCAN to LHWGuangzhou to WenzhouCAN to WNZXining to UrumqiXNN to URCHengyang to Wuxi / SuzhouHNY to WUXWuhan to ZhangyeWUH to YZYBangkok to GuiyangBKK to KWEChangsha to Xingyi, GuizhouCSX to ACXHaikou to Xingyi, GuizhouHAK to ACXHengyang to JinghongHNY to JHGZhengzhou to DalianCGO to DLCXining to GuangzhouXNN to CANZhengzhou to Changchun and Jilin CityCGO to CGQHuai'an to HarbinHIA to HRBQuanzhou to GuiyangJJN to KWEGuangzhou to Jiayuguan and JiuquanCAN to JGNGuangzhou to Huai'anCAN to HIAXingyi, Guizhou to HaikouACX to HAKDalian to Wuxi / SuzhouDLC to WUXHuai'an to GuangzhouHIA to CANJinchang to LanzhouJIC to LHWShangrao to GuangzhouSQD to CANWenzhou to GuangzhouWNZ to CANXi'an to ShiheziXIY to SHFXingyi, Guizhou to ChangshaACX to CSXGuiyang to PhuketKWE to HKTGuiyang to BangkokKWE to BKKPhuket to GuiyangHKT to KWEHaikou to BangkokHAK to BKKGuangzhou to SongyuanCAN to YSQSongyuan to HefeiYSQ to HFESongyuan to GuangzhouYSQ to CANGuangzhou to DalianCAN to DLCDalian to HefeiDLC to HFEHefei to SongyuanHFE to YSQDalian to GuangzhouDLC to CANHefei to DalianHFE to DLCNingbo to VientianeNGB to VTEGuiyang to Xingyi, GuizhouKWE to ACX

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