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Jin Air

Jin Air Flights

Home AirlinesJin Air (LJ)

Jin Air routes and airport map

Find all Jin Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Jin Air fly to?

Jin Air serves 14 domestic destinations and 21 international destinations in 10 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Jin Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Jin Air flights and destinations:

South Korea
South Korea
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Where does Jin Air fly from?

Jin Air departs from 35 airports in 10 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Jin Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Jin Air departs from:

Jin Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Jin Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Seoul to Jeju CityGMP to CJUJeju City to SeoulCJU to GMPJeju City to DaeguCJU to TAEJeju City to BusanCJU to PUSBusan to Jeju CityPUS to CJUDaegu to Jeju CityTAE to CJUJeju City to Cheongju & DaejeonCJU to CJJCheongju & Daejeon to Jeju CityCJJ to CJUSeoul to OsakaICN to KIXOsaka to SeoulKIX to ICNSeoul to TokyoICN to NRTTokyo to SeoulNRT to ICNGwangju to Jeju CityKWJ to CJUJeju City to GwangjuCJU to KWJSeoul to FukuokaICN to FUKFukuoka to SeoulFUK to ICNJeju City to WonjuCJU to WJUWonju to Jeju CityWJU to CJUSeoul to Sacheon / JinjuGMP to HINPohang to Jeju CityKPO to CJUJeju City to PohangCJU to KPOSacheon / Jinju to SeoulHIN to GMPBusan to SeoulPUS to GMPSeoul to BusanGMP to PUSSeoul to NagoyaICN to NGONagoya to SeoulNGO to ICNBangkok to BusanBKK to PUSSeoul to UlsanGMP to USNBangkok to SeoulBKK to ICNSeoul to YeosuGMP to RSUBusan to FukuokaPUS to FUKJeju City to UlsanCJU to USNSeoul to GuamICN to GUMGunsan to Jeju CityKUV to CJUBusan to Da NangPUS to DADUlsan to SeoulUSN to GMPSeoul to PohangGMP to KPOPohang to SeoulKPO to GMPBusan to Nha TrangPUS to CXRUlsan to Jeju CityUSN to CJUJeju City to YeosuCJU to RSUSeoul to Da NangICN to DADBusan to SapporoPUS to CTSTaipei to DaeguTPE to TAEJeju City to ShanghaiCJU to PVGSeoul to Nha TrangICN to CXRKitakyushu to SeoulKKJ to ICNTaipei to SeoulTPE to ICNFukuoka to BusanFUK to PUSOsaka to BusanKIX to PUSDaegu to TaipeiTAE to TPESeoul to Angeles CityICN to CRKBusan to CebuPUS to CEBDa Nang to BusanDAD to PUSSeoul to TaipeiICN to TPEBusan to BangkokPUS to BKKJeju City to GunsanCJU to KUVDa Nang to SeoulDAD to ICNSeoul to CebuICN to CEBYeosu to SeoulRSU to GMPNha Trang to BusanCXR to PUSSeoul to BangkokICN to BKKOkinawa to BusanOKA to PUSYeosu to Jeju CityRSU to CJUNha Trang to SeoulCXR to ICNSeoul to OkinawaICN to OKAOkinawa to SeoulOKA to ICNShanghai to Jeju CityPVG to CJUSapporo to BusanCTS to PUSTokyo to BusanNRT to PUSBusan to OkinawaPUS to OKABusan to TokyoPUS to NRTCebu to BusanCEB to PUSBusan to OsakaPUS to KIXCebu to SeoulCEB to ICNAngeles City to SeoulCRK to ICNGuam to SeoulGUM to ICNSeoul to KitakyushuICN to KKJSeoul to SapporoICN to CTSSapporo to SeoulCTS to ICNSeoul to MacauICN to MFMMacau to SeoulMFM to ICNKota Kinabalu to SeoulBKI to ICNSeoul to Kota KinabaluICN to BKIAngeles City to BusanCRK to PUSGuam to BusanGUM to PUSBusan to GuamPUS to GUMSeoul to PhuketICN to HKTBusan to Angeles CityPUS to CRKPhuket to SeoulHKT to ICNPhu Quoc to SeoulPQC to ICNSeoul to Phu QuocICN to PQCChiang Mai to SeoulCNX to ICNJeju City to MuanCJU to MWXSeoul to Chiang MaiICN to CNXShimojishima to SeoulSHI to ICNSeoul to ShimojishimaICN to SHIMuan to Jeju CityMWX to CJU

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