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Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines Flights

Home AirlinesUral Airlines (U6)

Ural Airlines routes and airport map

Find all Ural Airlines flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Ural Airlines fly to?

Ural Airlines serves 28 domestic destinations and 19 international destinations in 9 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Ural Airlines destinations

The following is an overview of all Ural Airlines flights and destinations:

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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Where does Ural Airlines fly from?

Ural Airlines departs from 47 airports in 9 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Ural Airlines departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Ural Airlines departs from:

Ural Airlines most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Ural Airlines, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Moscow Domodedovo to SochiDME to AERYekaterinburg to Moscow DomodedovoSVX to DMESochi to Moscow DomodedovoAER to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to YekaterinburgDME to SVXDushanbe to Moscow ZhukovskyDYU to ZIAMoscow Zhukovsky to DushanbeZIA to DYUSaint Petersburg to YekaterinburgLED to SVXYekaterinburg to Saint PetersburgSVX to LEDMoscow Zhukovsky to KhujandZIA to LBDKhujand to Moscow ZhukovskyLBD to ZIAMoscow Domodedovo to KulobDME to TJUKaliningrad to Moscow DomodedovoKGD to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to KaliningradDME to KGDKulob to Moscow DomodedovoTJU to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to KhujandDME to LBDKhujand to Moscow DomodedovoLBD to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to Mineralnye VodyDME to MRVOsh to Moscow DomodedovoOSS to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to OshDME to OSSMineralnye Vody to Moscow DomodedovoMRV to DMEBlagoveshchensk to YekaterinburgBQS to SVXMoscow Zhukovsky to TashkentZIA to TASMoscow Zhukovsky to OshZIA to OSSDushanbe to Saint PetersburgDYU to LEDSaint Petersburg to DushanbeLED to DYUMoscow Domodedovo to DushanbeDME to DYUDushanbe to Moscow DomodedovoDYU to DMETashkent to Moscow ZhukovskyTAS to ZIAOsh to Moscow ZhukovskyOSS to ZIAKhabarovsk to YekaterinburgKHV to SVXYekaterinburg to BlagoveshchenskSVX to BQSMoscow Domodedovo to Saint PetersburgDME to LEDYekaterinburg to KhabarovskSVX to KHVYekaterinburg to ChitaSVX to HTAKulob to Moscow ZhukovskyTJU to ZIAMoscow Domodedovo to Dubai (Jebel Ali)DME to DWCBishkek to Moscow DomodedovoFRU to DMEVladivostok to YekaterinburgVVO to SVXYekaterinburg to VladivostokSVX to VVOVladikavkaz to Moscow DomodedovoOGZ to DMEYekaterinburg to OshSVX to OSSSaint Petersburg to KaliningradLED to KGDMoscow Domodedovo to VladikavkazDME to OGZChita to YekaterinburgHTA to SVXKaliningrad to Saint PetersburgKGD to LEDGrozny to Moscow DomodedovoGRV to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to GroznyDME to GRVBishkek to Moscow ZhukovskyFRU to ZIASaint Petersburg to Moscow DomodedovoLED to DMESochi to YekaterinburgAER to SVXMineralnye Vody to YekaterinburgMRV to SVXYekaterinburg to SochiSVX to AERMoscow Zhukovsky to BishkekZIA to FRUDushanbe to YekaterinburgDYU to SVXYekaterinburg to DushanbeSVX to DYUMoscow Zhukovsky to IstanbulZIA to ISTYekaterinburg to KhujandSVX to LBDKhujand to YekaterinburgLBD to SVXIstanbul to Moscow ZhukovskyIST to ZIASaint Petersburg to OshLED to OSSMoscow Zhukovsky to KulobZIA to TJUYekaterinburg to Mineralnye VodySVX to MRVMoscow Domodedovo to BishkekDME to FRUYekaterinburg to Dubai (Jebel Ali)SVX to DWCIrkutsk to Moscow DomodedovoIKT to DMESaint Petersburg to SochiLED to AERMoscow Zhukovsky to BakuZIA to GYDSochi to Saint PetersburgAER to LEDBaku to Moscow ZhukovskyGYD to ZIAMoscow Domodedovo to IrkutskDME to IKTOsh to YekaterinburgOSS to SVXMoscow Domodedovo to YerevanDME to EVNOsh to Saint PetersburgOSS to LEDMoscow Domodedovo to MakhachkalaDME to MCXIstanbul to YekaterinburgIST to SVXDubai (Jebel Ali) to YekaterinburgDWC to SVXYekaterinburg to IstanbulSVX to ISTDubai (Jebel Ali) to Moscow DomodedovoDWC to DMEYerevan to Moscow DomodedovoEVN to DMEMakhachkala to Moscow DomodedovoMCX to DMEYekaterinburg to TashkentSVX to TASMoscow Zhukovsky to UrgenchZIA to UGCNamangan to Moscow ZhukovskyNMA to ZIASaint Petersburg to KhujandLED to LBDBarnaul to Moscow DomodedovoBAX to DMEDushanbe to Mineralnye VodyDYU to MRVKrasnoyarsk to DushanbeKJA to DYUSochi to DushanbeAER to DYUMoscow Zhukovsky to NamanganZIA to NMADushanbe to SamaraDYU to KUFDushanbe to KrasnoyarskDYU to KJASamara to DushanbeKUF to DYUDushanbe to SochiDYU to AERKhujand to Saint PetersburgLBD to LEDMineralnye Vody to DushanbeMRV to DYUMoscow Domodedovo to KarshiDME to KSQKhujand to KrasnoyarskLBD to KJAKrasnoyarsk to KhujandKJA to LBDYekaterinburg to BishkekSVX to FRUUrgench to Moscow ZhukovskyUGC to ZIABishkek to YekaterinburgFRU to SVXKazan to DushanbeKZN to DYUDushanbe to KazanDYU to KZNSamara to KhujandKUF to LBDYekaterinburg to KrasnoyarskSVX to KJAMoscow Domodedovo to BarnaulDME to BAXDushanbe to ChelyabinskDYU to CEKTashkent to YekaterinburgTAS to SVXKarshi to Moscow DomodedovoKSQ to DMEBaku to YekaterinburgGYD to SVXChelyabinsk to SochiCEK to AERYekaterinburg to BakuSVX to GYDMoscow Domodedovo to OmskDME to OMSKaliningrad to YekaterinburgKGD to SVXSochi to ChelyabinskAER to CEKOsh to KazanOSS to KZNMoscow Zhukovsky to FerganaZIA to FEGFergana to Moscow ZhukovskyFEG to ZIAKhujand to SamaraLBD to KUFChelyabinsk to DushanbeCEK to DYUOmsk to Moscow DomodedovoOMS to DMEKrasnoyarsk to OshKJA to OSSSaint Petersburg to KulobLED to TJUKazan to OshKZN to OSSNamangan to YekaterinburgNMA to SVXYekaterinburg to NamanganSVX to NMANamangan to Moscow DomodedovoNMA to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to NamanganDME to NMAKulob to Saint PetersburgTJU to LEDOsh to KrasnoyarskOSS to KJASamarkand to YekaterinburgSKD to SVXYekaterinburg to KaliningradSVX to KGDFergana to YekaterinburgFEG to SVXKrasnoyarsk to YekaterinburgKJA to SVXYekaterinburg to SamarkandSVX to SKDMoscow Domodedovo to ChitaDME to HTAYekaterinburg to FerganaSVX to FEGChita to Moscow DomodedovoHTA to DMEOsh to IrkutskOSS to IKTSamara to SochiKUF to AERTashkent to KrasnoyarskTAS to KJAChelyabinsk to KhujandCEK to LBDYerevan to YekaterinburgEVN to SVXKrasnoyarsk to TashkentKJA to TASSochi to SamaraAER to KUFIrkutsk to YekaterinburgIKT to SVXKhujand to ChelyabinskLBD to CEKDushanbe to UfaDYU to UFAKazan to YekaterinburgKZN to SVXIrkutsk to OshIKT to OSSYekaterinburg to YerevanSVX to EVNUfa to DushanbeUFA to DYUSaint Petersburg to BishkekLED to FRUOsh to NizhnevartovskOSS to NJCBishkek to Saint PetersburgFRU to LEDIrkutsk to DushanbeIKT to DYUKazan to SochiKZN to AEROsh to Mineralnye VodyOSS to MRVNizhnevartovsk to OshNJC to OSSMoscow Domodedovo to NukusDME to NCUNukus to Moscow DomodedovoNCU to DMEDushanbe to IrkutskDYU to IKTYekaterinburg to KazanSVX to KZNSochi to OshAER to OSSMineralnye Vody to OshMRV to OSSKhujand to Mineralnye VodyLBD to MRVMineralnye Vody to KhujandMRV to LBDChelyabinsk to OshCEK to OSSMoscow Domodedovo to KazanDME to KZNOsh to ChelyabinskOSS to CEKSochi to KazanAER to KZNOsh to SochiOSS to AERYekaterinburg to IrkutskSVX to IKTNovosibirsk to ChelyabinskOVB to CEKKhabarovsk to NovosibirskKHV to OVBChelyabinsk to Moscow DomodedovoCEK to DMEIrkutsk to TashkentIKT to TASOmsk to SochiOMS to AERNovosibirsk to HarbinOVB to HRBYekaterinburg to HarbinSVX to HRBVladivostok to IrkutskVVO to IKTMoscow Domodedovo to ChelyabinskDME to CEKSochi to IstanbulAER to ISTMoscow Domodedovo to IstanbulDME to ISTBaku to SochiGYD to AERNovosibirsk to Moscow DomodedovoOVB to DMEVladivostok to HarbinVVO to HRBSochi to BakuAER to GYDIrkutsk to Beijing DaxingIKT to PKXKrasnoyarsk to HarbinKJA to HRBYekaterinburg to Beijing DaxingSVX to PKXYuzhno-Sakhalinsk to VladivostokUUS to VVOSochi to BishkekAER to FRUBlagoveshchensk to Moscow DomodedovoBQS to DMEMoscow Domodedovo to NovosibirskDME to OVBGanja to Moscow DomodedovoGNJ to DMEKrasnoyarsk to BishkekKJA to FRUSochi to YerevanAER to EVNIrkutsk to NamanganIKT to NMAKazan to KhujandKZN to LBD

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