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Beijing Capital

Beijing Capital Flights

Home AirlinesBeijing Capital (JD)

Beijing Capital routes and airport map

Find all Beijing Capital flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Beijing Capital fly to?

Beijing Capital serves 66 domestic destinations and 9 international destinations in 9 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Beijing Capital destinations

The following is an overview of all Beijing Capital flights and destinations:

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Where does Beijing Capital fly from?

Beijing Capital departs from 75 airports in 9 countries, as of April 2024.

List of Beijing Capital departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Beijing Capital departs from:

Beijing Capital most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Beijing Capital, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Shijiazhuang to ZhangjiakouSJW to ZQZZhangjiakou to ShijiazhuangZQZ to SJWBeijing Daxing to UrumqiPKX to URCUrumqi to Beijing DaxingURC to PKXGuilin to Xi'anKWL to XIYHaikou to ZhengzhouHAK to CGOZhengzhou to HaikouCGO to HAKXi'an to GuilinXIY to KWLHangzhou to SanyaHGH to SYXSanya to HangzhouSYX to HGHHaikou to GuilinHAK to KWLHangzhou to YinchuanHGH to INCYinchuan to HangzhouINC to HGHHangzhou to Xi'anHGH to XIYXi'an to HangzhouXIY to HGHGuilin to HaikouKWL to HAKChangsha to SanyaCSX to SYXJinghong to Beijing DaxingJHG to PKXXi'an to SanyaXIY to SYXKunming to HangzhouKMG to HGHBeijing Daxing to JinghongPKX to JHGHangzhou to KunmingHGH to KMGSanya to Xi'anSYX to XIYSanya to ChangshaSYX to CSXShijiazhuang to SanyaSJW to SYXXining to Yushu City, QinghaiXNN to YUSYushu City, Qinghai to XiningYUS to XNNSanya to ShijiazhuangSYX to SJWShijiazhuang to HaikouSJW to HAKHaikou to ShijiazhuangHAK to SJWHangzhou to ChengduHGH to TFUChengdu to HangzhouTFU to HGHLijiang to JinghongLJG to JHGJinghong to LijiangJHG to LJGNanning to SanyaNNG to SYXSanya to Beijing DaxingSYX to PKXSanya to NanningSYX to NNGWuhan to LijiangWUH to LJGHohhot to HefeiHET to HFEBeijing Daxing to XiningPKX to XNNKunming to Beijing DaxingKMG to PKXLijiang to WuhanLJG to WUHXining to Beijing DaxingXNN to PKXBeijing Daxing to ChengduPKX to TFUHangzhou to GuangzhouHGH to CANBeijing Daxing to SanyaPKX to SYXGuilin to HangzhouKWL to HGHLijiang to ChengduLJG to TFUChengdu to Beijing DaxingTFU to PKXChangsha to Beijing DaxingCSX to PKXChengdu to LijiangTFU to LJGGuangzhou to ChengduCAN to TFUHefei to SanyaHFE to SYXSanya to HefeiSYX to HFEHangzhou to LijiangHGH to LJGBeijing Daxing to KunmingPKX to KMGGuangzhou to Beijing DaxingCAN to PKXChengdu to GuangzhouTFU to CANHefei to HohhotHFE to HETHangzhou to GuilinHGH to KWLHarbin to HangzhouHRB to HGHQingdao to WuhanTAO to WUHGuangzhou to HangzhouCAN to HGHLijiang to HangzhouLJG to HGHBeijing Daxing to ChangshaPKX to CSXWuhan to QingdaoWUH to TAOHangzhou to HarbinHGH to HRBBeijing Daxing to GuangzhouPKX to CANShenyang to WuhanSHE to WUHJinan to Xi'anTNA to XIYXi'an to JinanXIY to TNAHangzhou to UrumqiHGH to URCDalian to NingboDLC to NGBUrumqi to HangzhouURC to HGHNingbo to DalianNGB to DLCSanya to TaiyuanSYX to TYNHaikou to Beijing DaxingHAK to PKXHaikou to GuiyangHAK to KWEBeijing Daxing to GuiyangPKX to KWEGuiyang to Beijing DaxingKWE to PKXGuiyang to HaikouKWE to HAKHangzhou to ChongqingHGH to CKGNanchang to LijiangKHN to LJGChongqing to HangzhouCKG to HGHChifeng to ShijiazhuangCIF to SJWShijiazhuang to ChifengSJW to CIFWuhan to SanyaWUH to SYXHarbin to ShijiazhuangHRB to SJWWuhan to ShenyangWUH to SHENanning to HangzhouNNG to HGHHangzhou to Beijing DaxingHGH to PKXGuiyang to YichangKWE to YIHHaikou to ChenzhouHAK to HCZSanya to WuhanSYX to WUHYichang to GuiyangYIH to KWELinyi to GuilinLYI to KWLYichang to HangzhouYIH to HGHHangzhou to YichangHGH to YIHKorla to ZhengzhouKRL to CGOHangzhou to HaikouHGH to HAKZhengzhou to KorlaCGO to KRLHangzhou to ZhengzhouHGH to CGOZhengzhou to HangzhouCGO to HGHGuilin to LinyiKWL to LYIXi'an to GuiyangXIY to KWEHaikou to HangzhouHAK to HGHGuiyang to Xi'anKWE to XIYHefei to Changchun and Jilin CityHFE to CGQSanya to GuiyangSYX to KWEXi'an to LijiangXIY to LJGChengdu to SanyaTFU to SYXXiamen to NanjingXMN to NKGChengdu to KorlaTFU to KRLHaikou to HefeiHAK to HFEMianyang to NanjingMIG to NKGNanjing to XiamenNKG to XMNGuiyang to SanyaKWE to SYXMianyang to JinghongMIG to JHGShijiazhuang to HarbinSJW to HRBHefei to HaikouHFE to HAKJinghong to MianyangJHG to MIGNanjing to MianyangNKG to MIGSanya to ChengduSYX to TFUKorla to ChengduKRL to TFUChangchun and Jilin City to HefeiCGQ to HFEChangchun and Jilin City to ChangshaCGQ to CSXNanning to ShantouNNG to SWAShenyang to FuzhouSHE to FOCQingdao to HarbinTAO to HRBHaikou to NingboHAK to NGBYinchuan to GuangzhouINC to CANKunming to ShijiazhuangKMG to SJWLijiang to Xi'anLJG to XIYNanning to LijiangNNG to LJGQingdao to HefeiTAO to HFEWuhan to HaikouWUH to HAKHohhot to ZhengzhouHET to CGOQingdao to HaikouTAO to HAKJinan to HaikouTNA to HAKUrumqi to ShijiazhuangURC to SJWFuzhou to SanyaFOC to SYXHarbin to JinanHRB to TNAShijiazhuang to UrumqiSJW to URCZhengzhou to HohhotCGO to HETFuzhou to ShenyangFOC to SHEHarbin to QingdaoHRB to TAONingbo to HaikouNGB to HAKNanning to ChongqingNNG to CKGHefei to QingdaoHFE to TAOShijiazhuang to NanjingSJW to NKGChangsha to HaikouCSX to HAKGuangzhou to ShijiazhuangCAN to SJWTaiyuan to HaikouTYN to HAKChangsha to Changchun and Jilin CityCSX to CGQHefei to LijiangHFE to LJGLijiang to NanningLJG to NNGSanya to FuzhouSYX to FOCTaiyuan to ChongqingTYN to CKGChongqing to TaiyuanCKG to TYNHaikou to WuhanHAK to WUHHefei to GuiyangHFE to KWEShijiazhuang to KunmingSJW to KMGTaiyuan to Changchun and Jilin CityTYN to CGQChongqing to NanningCKG to NNGHaikou to TaiyuanHAK to TYNLijiang to NanchangLJG to KHNNanjing to ShijiazhuangNKG to SJWGuangzhou to YinchuanCAN to INCSanya to TianjinSYX to TSNChongqing to GuangzhouCKG to CANHaikou to QingdaoHAK to TAOGuiyang to HefeiKWE to HFETianjin to SanyaTSN to SYXLijiang to HefeiLJG to HFEShantou to NanningSWA to NNGGuangzhou to ChongqingCAN to CKGChangchun and Jilin City to TaiyuanCGQ to TYNShijiazhuang to GuangzhouSJW to CANHaikou to ChangshaHAK to CSXLijiang to GuangzhouLJG to CANLianyungang to ShijiazhuangLYG to SJWZhengzhou to SanyaCGO to SYXJinan to LijiangTNA to LJGHeze to YantaiHZA to YNTJinan to HarbinTNA to HRBWenzhou to LianyungangWNZ to LYGHeze to HaikouHZA to HAKLijiang to JinanLJG to TNANingbo to HarbinNGB to HRBHaikou to HezeHAK to HZAChenzhou to HaikouHCZ to HAKBeijing Daxing to LijiangPKX to LJGTaiyuan to SanyaTYN to SYXLijiang to Beijing DaxingLJG to PKXShijiazhuang to LianyungangSJW to LYGHarbin to NingboHRB to NGBGuangzhou to LijiangCAN to LJGBeijing Daxing to HangzhouPKX to HGHYantai to HezeYNT to HZAHaikou to JinanHAK to TNA

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