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China United

China United Flights

Home AirlinesChina United (KN)

China United routes and airport map

Find all China United flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does China United fly to?

China United serves 91 domestic destinations and 0 international destinations in 1 country, as of October 2023.

List of China United destinations

The following is an overview of all China United flights and destinations:

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Where does China United fly from?

China United departs from 91 airports in 1 country, as of October 2023.

List of China United departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries China United departs from:

China United most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by China United, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Chengdu to Beijing DaxingTFU to PKXBeijing Daxing to ChengduPKX to TFUYulin to Beijing DaxingUYN to PKXShanghai to Beijing DaxingSHA to PKXBeijing Daxing to YulinPKX to UYNShenzhen to Beijing DaxingSZX to PKXBeijing Daxing to ShanghaiPKX to SHABeijing Daxing to ShenzhenPKX to SZXShijiazhuang to WenzhouSJW to WNZGuangzhou to Beijing DaxingCAN to PKXWenzhou to ShijiazhuangWNZ to SJWBeijing Daxing to GuangzhouPKX to CANShanghai to ShijiazhuangPVG to SJWShijiazhuang to ShanghaiSJW to PVGBeijing Daxing to YiwuPKX to YIWYiwu to Beijing DaxingYIW to PKXShijiazhuang to HailarSJW to HLDBeijing Daxing to Ordos CityPKX to DSNHailar to ShijiazhuangHLD to SJWFoshan to Beijing DaxingFUO to PKXBeijing Daxing to FoshanPKX to FUOBeijing Daxing to HarbinPKX to HRBHarbin to Beijing DaxingHRB to PKXWenzhou to Beijing DaxingWNZ to PKXBeijing Daxing to Yichun (Heilongjiang)PKX to LDSBeijing Daxing to HailarPKX to HLDHailar to Beijing DaxingHLD to PKXYichun (Heilongjiang) to Beijing DaxingLDS to PKXBeijing Daxing to QuanzhouPKX to JJNQuanzhou to Beijing DaxingJJN to PKXWenzhou to WuhanWNZ to WUHBeijing Daxing to HuizhouPKX to HUZBeijing Daxing to WenzhouPKX to WNZTianjin to ShanghaiTSN to PVGFoshan to ShiyanFUO to WDSBeijing Daxing to ZhoushanPKX to HSNShijiazhuang to ShiyanSJW to WDSBeijing Daxing to Wuhu XuanzhouPKX to WHAChongqing to Beijing DaxingCKG to PKXWenzhou to MianyangWNZ to MIGFoshan to WenzhouFUO to WNZShiyan to ShijiazhuangWDS to SJWNingbo to Beijing DaxingNGB to PKXShiyan to FoshanWDS to FUOTaizhou to FoshanHYN to FUOWuhan to WenzhouWUH to WNZXingyi, Guizhou to HuizhouACX to HUZHuizhou to Beijing DaxingHUZ to PKXWuhu Xuanzhou to Beijing DaxingWHA to PKXHuizhou to Xingyi, GuizhouHUZ to ACXMianyang to WenzhouMIG to WNZFoshan to ShanghaiFUO to SHAShijiazhuang to HarbinSJW to HRBLüliang to Beijing DaxingLLV to PKXWuhu Xuanzhou to FoshanWHA to FUOWenzhou to ChengduWNZ to TFUFoshan to ShanghaiFUO to PVGBeijing Daxing to NingboPKX to NGBBaotou to ShijiazhuangBAV to SJWZhoushan to WenzhouHSN to WNZChizhou to Beijing DaxingJUH to PKXFuyang to FoshanFUG to FUOShanghai to FoshanSHA to FUOWenzhou to FoshanWNZ to FUOFoshan to TaizhouFUO to HYNShijiazhuang to BaotouSJW to BAVBeijing Daxing to ChongqingPKX to CKGFuzhou to ChengduFOC to TFUHarbin to ShijiazhuangHRB to SJWKunming to LüliangKMG to LLVBeijing Daxing to ChizhouPKX to JUHChengdu to WenzhouTFU to WNZFuzhou to FoshanFOC to FUOShanghai to FoshanPVG to FUOFoshan to FuyangFUO to FUGShanghai to TianjinPVG to TSNFoshan to FuzhouFUO to FOCFoshan to Wuhu XuanzhouFUO to WHAChengdu to FuzhouTFU to FOCBeijing Daxing to QiqiharPKX to NDGOrdos City to Beijing DaxingDSN to PKXWenzhou to GuangzhouWNZ to CANQiqihar to Beijing DaxingNDG to PKXJingzhou to Beijing DaxingSHS to PKXChangsha to Beijing DaxingCSX to PKXNanjing to Ordos CityNKG to DSNBeijing Daxing to UlanhotPKX to HLHBeijing Daxing to JingzhouPKX to SHSWenzhou to KunmingWNZ to KMGOrdos City to NanjingDSN to NKGLüliang to KunmingLLV to KMGHaikou to Ordos CityHAK to DSNBeijing Daxing to ChangshaPKX to CSXOrdos City to HaikouDSN to HAKWenzhou to ShenzhenWNZ to SZXZhoushan to Beijing DaxingHSN to PKXShenzhen to WenzhouSZX to WNZLanzhou to YulinLHW to UYNShanghai to Beijing DaxingPVG to PKXYulin to LanzhouUYN to LHWHuaihua to Beijing DaxingHJJ to PKXXiamen to Beijing DaxingXMN to PKXOrdos City to ShijiazhuangDSN to SJWShijiazhuang to ZhuhaiSJW to ZUHBeijing Daxing to HuaihuaPKX to HJJZunyi to WenzhouZYI to WNZBeijing Daxing to ZhangyePKX to YZYZhuhai to ShijiazhuangZUH to SJWBeijing Daxing to ErenhotPKX to ERLZhangye to Beijing DaxingYZY to PKXShijiazhuang to Ordos CitySJW to DSNHarbin to WudalianchiHRB to DTULongyan to Beijing DaxingLCX to PKXFuzhou to Beijing DaxingFOC to PKXBeijing Daxing to LongyanPKX to LCXWenzhou to ZunyiWNZ to ZYIErenhot to Beijing DaxingERL to PKXWudalianchi to HarbinDTU to HRBBeijing Daxing to ChenzhouPKX to HCZXingyi, Guizhou to Beijing DaxingACX to PKXBeijing Daxing to Xingyi, GuizhouPKX to ACXChenzhou to Beijing DaxingHCZ to PKXBeijing Daxing to ShanghaiPKX to PVGBeijing Daxing to ZhuhaiPKX to ZUHBeijing Daxing to YichangPKX to YIHUlanhot to Beijing DaxingHLH to PKXManzhouli to Beijing DaxingNZH to PKXBeijing Daxing to ManzhouliPKX to NZHYichang to Beijing DaxingYIH to PKXTianjin to FoshanTSN to FUODongying to Beijing DaxingDOY to PKXSongyuan to Beijing DaxingYSQ to PKXNanyang to FoshanNNY to FUOWenzhou to TekirdagWNZ to TENShijiazhuang to BaichengSJW to DBCBaicheng to Beijing DaxingDBC to PKXBaicheng to ShijiazhuangDBC to SJWBeijing Daxing to UrumqiPKX to URCHanzhong to Beijing DaxingHZG to PKXXilinhot to Beijing DaxingXIL to PKXTekirdag to WenzhouTEN to WNZWuzhou to Beijing DaxingWUZ to PKXXingyi, Guizhou to WenzhouACX to WNZHangzhou to FoshanHGH to FUOQingdao to ChengduTAO to TFUFoshan to TianjinFUO to TSNBeijing Daxing to SongyuanPKX to YSQOrdos City to JiningDSN to JNGBeijing Daxing to NanyangPKX to NNYBeijing Daxing to BaichengPKX to DBCFoshan to NanyangFUO to NNYBijie to Beijing DaxingBFJ to PKXAnkang to Beijing DaxingAKA to PKXBeijing Daxing to BijiePKX to BFJWenzhou to DongyingWNZ to DOYYanji to Beijing DaxingYNJ to PKXOrdos City to DalianDSN to DLCUrumqi to Beijing DaxingURC to PKXWenzhou to Xingyi, GuizhouWNZ to ACXFoshan to HangzhouFUO to HGHBeijing Daxing to AnkangPKX to AKAJining to XiamenJNG to XMNBeijing Daxing to XilinhotPKX to XILChengdu to QingdaoTFU to TAOBeijing Daxing to HanzhongPKX to HZGBeijing Daxing to WuzhouPKX to WUZDalian to Ordos CityDLC to DSNNanyang to Beijing DaxingNNY to PKXArxan to Beijing DaxingYIE to PKXDongying to WenzhouDOY to WNZXiamen to JiningXMN to JNGBeijing Daxing to DongyingPKX to DOYBaishan to Beijing DaxingNBS to PKXChangchun and Jilin City to Ordos CityCGQ to DSNWenzhou to ZhoushanWNZ to HSNZhuhai to Beijing DaxingZUH to PKXBeijing Daxing to FuzhouPKX to FOCGuangzhou to WenzhouCAN to WNZBeijing Daxing to BaishanPKX to NBSBeijing Daxing to YanjiPKX to YNJBeijing Daxing to LüliangPKX to LLVBayannur to Beijing DaxingRLK to PKXBeijing Daxing to ArxanPKX to YIEKunming to WenzhouKMG to WNZBeijing Daxing to XiamenPKX to XMNOrdos City to Changchun and Jilin CityDSN to CGQJining to Ordos CityJNG to DSNBeijing Daxing to BayannurPKX to RLKShijiazhuang to ChengduSJW to TFUBeijing Daxing to WeihaiPKX to WEHHuai'an to FoshanHIA to FUOTianjin to Huai'anTSN to HIAFoshan to LanzhouFUO to LHWHuai'an to TianjinHIA to TSNWenzhou to LuzhouWNZ to LZOFoshan to TaiyuanFUO to TYNDazhou to WenzhouDZH to WNZFoshan to TangshanFUO to TVSWenzhou to DazhouWNZ to DZHTurpan to Beijing DaxingTLQ to PKX

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