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Lucky Air

Lucky Air Flights

Home AirlinesLucky Air (8L)

Lucky Air routes and airport map

Find all Lucky Air flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Lucky Air fly to?

Lucky Air serves 64 domestic destinations and 4 international destinations in 3 countries, as of May 2024.

List of Lucky Air destinations

The following is an overview of all Lucky Air flights and destinations:

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Where does Lucky Air fly from?

Lucky Air departs from 68 airports in 3 countries, as of May 2024.

List of Lucky Air departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Lucky Air departs from:

Lucky Air most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Lucky Air, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Zhengzhou to KunmingCGO to KMGKunming to ZhengzhouKMG to CGOChengdu to KunmingTFU to KMGKunming to ChengduKMG to TFUJinghong to DaliJHG to DLUDali to JinghongDLU to JHGWuhan to KunmingWUH to KMGKunming to GanzhouKMG to KOWChengdu to SanyaTFU to SYXGanzhou to HangzhouKOW to HGHLhasa to ChengduLXA to TFUChengdu to LhasaTFU to LXASanya to ChengduSYX to TFUChengdu to JinghongTFU to JHGJinghong to ChengduJHG to TFUTengchong to KunmingTCZ to KMGGanzhou to KunmingKOW to KMGKunming to TengchongKMG to TCZLijiang to ZhengzhouLJG to CGOZhengzhou to LijiangCGO to LJGKunming to WuhanKMG to WUHKunming to HefeiKMG to HFEMang City to KunmingLUM to KMGKunming to Mang CityKMG to LUMHefei to KunmingHFE to KMGHangzhou to GanzhouHGH to KOWHaikou to KunmingHAK to KMGKunming to HaikouKMG to HAKShenzhen to KunmingSZX to KMGKunming to ShenzhenKMG to SZXKunming to TaiyuanKMG to TYNTaiyuan to KunmingTYN to KMGJinghong to ZhengzhouJHG to CGOZhengzhou to JinghongCGO to JHGZhengzhou to ChengduCGO to TFUChengdu to ZhengzhouTFU to CGOZhengzhou to GuiyangCGO to KWEGuiyang to ZhengzhouKWE to CGOFuzhou to KunmingFOC to KMGKunming to FuzhouKMG to FOCBangkok to KunmingBKK to KMGLanzhou to KunmingLHW to KMGKunming to LanzhouKMG to LHWChengdu to TianjinTFU to TSNYichang to KunmingYIH to KMGKunming to BangkokKMG to BKKLuzhou to DaliLZO to DLUXuzhou to GuiyangXUZ to KWEChongqing to JinghongCKG to JHGJinghong to LijiangJHG to LJGKunming to JinanKMG to TNALijiang to GuiyangLJG to KWEXuzhou to KunmingXUZ to KMGNanjing to LijiangNKG to LJGUrumqi to ChengduURC to TFUHaikou to GanzhouHAK to KOWJinghong to ChongqingJHG to CKGLijiang to JinghongLJG to JHGNanjing to GanzhouNKG to KOWNanchang to DaliKHN to DLUChengdu to LijiangTFU to LJGKunming to HangzhouKMG to HGHNingbo to YichangNGB to YIHChengdu to GanzhouTFU to KOWXi'an to LijiangXIY to LJGKunming to SanyaKMG to SYXTianjin to ChengduTSN to TFUXi'an to KunmingXIY to KMGZhengzhou to LuzhouCGO to LZOHarbin to ShijiazhuangHRB to SJWKunming to YichangKMG to YIHGuiyang to XuzhouKWE to XUZNingbo to GuiyangNGB to KWETianjin to MianyangTSN to MIGXi'an to JinghongXIY to JHGKunming to ShijiazhuangKMG to SJWGuiyang to NingboKWE to NGBDali to MianyangDLU to MIGGuiyang to LijiangKWE to LJGLijiang to Xi'anLJG to XIYKunming to BeijingKMG to PEKMianyang to TianjinMIG to TSNDali to NanchangDLU to KHNJinghong to Xi'anJHG to XIYKunming to CangyuanKMG to CWJKunming to Xi'anKMG to XIYShijiazhuang to KunmingSJW to KMGJinan to GanzhouTNA to KOWLijiang to ChengduLJG to TFUShijiazhuang to HarbinSJW to HRBJinan to KunmingTNA to KMGHangzhou to KunmingHGH to KMGGanzhou to JinanKOW to TNAMianyang to DaliMIG to DLUChengdu to DaliTFU to DLUGanzhou to ChengduKOW to TFUShanghai to LijiangPVG to LJGChengdu to UrumqiTFU to URCYichang to NingboYIH to NGBGanzhou to NanjingKOW to NKGBeijing to KunmingPEK to KMGGuangzhou to KunmingCAN to KMGLijiang to NanjingLJG to NKGHohhot to KunmingHET to KMGLuzhou to ZhengzhouLZO to CGOChongqing to Huai'anCKG to HIAQingdao to KunmingTAO to KMGKunming to YinchuanKMG to INCLijiang to ChongqingLJG to CKGYinchuan to KunmingINC to KMGSanya to KunmingSYX to KMGLhasa to ZhengzhouLXA to CGOKunming to HohhotKMG to HETZhengzhou to LhasaCGO to LXADali to ChengduDLU to TFUWuxi / Suzhou to KunmingWUX to KMGKunming to ShanghaiKMG to SHADali to LuzhouDLU to LZOWuhan to LijiangWUH to LJGHuai'an to ChongqingHIA to CKGKunming to Wuxi / SuzhouKMG to WUXShanghai to KunmingSHA to KMGWenzhou to KunmingWNZ to KMGCangyuan to KunmingCWJ to KMGKunming to GuangzhouKMG to CANKunming to WenzhouKMG to WNZLijiang to ShanghaiLJG to PVGChongqing to LijiangCKG to LJGKunming to QingdaoKMG to TAOLhasa to KunmingLXA to KMGKunming to XuzhouKMG to XUZQuanzhou to GuiyangJJN to KWEGuiyang to QuanzhouKWE to JJNLijiang to WuhanLJG to WUHKunming to LhasaKMG to LXAGanzhou to HaikouKOW to HAKUrumqi to KashgarURC to KHGShiquanhe, Ngari to KashgarNGQ to KHGKashgar to UrumqiKHG to URCKashgar to Shiquanhe, NgariKHG to NGQLhasa to MianyangLXA to MIGMianyang to KunmingMIG to KMGZhuhai to KunmingZUH to KMGKunming to Huai'anKMG to HIAKunming to ZhuhaiKMG to ZUHHuai'an to KunmingHIA to KMGKunming to MianyangKMG to MIGMianyang to LhasaMIG to LXAChengdu to BangkokTFU to BKKZunyi to DaliWMT to DLUChongqing to KunmingCKG to KMGJinghong to LuzhouJHG to LZOKunming to NanchangKMG to KHNNanjing to ChengduNKG to TFUTengchong to JinghongTCZ to JHGBangkok to ChengduBKK to TFUChengdu to NanjingTFU to NKGNanchang to KunmingKHN to KMGUrumqi to ZhengzhouURC to CGONingbo to ZunyiNGB to WMTDali to ZunyiDLU to WMTSimao to LijiangSYM to LJGHuai'an to ChengduHIA to TFUQuanzhou to SimaoJJN to SYMSimao to QuanzhouSYM to JJNJinan to LuzhouTNA to LZOChengdu to Huai'anTFU to HIAKunming to ChongqingKMG to CKGLijiang to SimaoLJG to SYMJinghong to TengchongJHG to TCZLuzhou to JinanLZO to TNAZunyi to NingboWMT to NGBLuzhou to JinghongLZO to JHGBaoshan, Yunnan to KunmingBSD to KMGZhengzhou to UrumqiCGO to URCKunming to Baoshan, YunnanKMG to BSDKunming to YanchengKMG to YNZYancheng to KunmingYNZ to KMGKunming to LancangKMG to JMJGanzhou to LijiangKOW to LJGNanning to LijiangNNG to LJGNanchang to ChengduKHN to TFULijiang to GanzhouLJG to KOWGanzhou to HefeiKOW to HFELancang to KunmingJMJ to KMGChengdu to NanchangTFU to KHNNingbo to JinghongNGB to JHGHefei to GanzhouHFE to KOWJinghong to NingboJHG to NGBLijiang to NanningLJG to NNGKunming to AnqingKMG to AQGAnqing to NingboAQG to NGBAnqing to KunmingAQG to KMGNingbo to AnqingNGB to AQGDali to WuhanDLU to WUHWuhan to DaliWUH to DLUXining to KunmingXNN to KMGKunming to XiningKMG to XNNChangchun and Jilin City to ZhengzhouCGQ to CGOZhengzhou to Changchun and Jilin CityCGO to CGQ

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