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China Express

China Express Flights

Home AirlinesChina Express (G5)

China Express routes and airport map

Find all China Express flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does China Express fly to?

China Express serves 112 domestic destinations and 1 international destination in 2 countries, as of September 2023.

List of China Express destinations

The following is an overview of all China Express flights and destinations:

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Where does China Express fly from?

China Express departs from 113 airports in 2 countries, as of September 2023.

List of China Express departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries China Express departs from:

China Express most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by China Express, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Guiyang to Xingyi, GuizhouKWE to ACXXingyi, Guizhou to GuiyangACX to KWEAksu to YiningAKU to YINYining to AksuYIN to AKUUlanhot to HohhotHLH to HETChifeng to HohhotCIF to HETErenhot to HohhotERL to HETHohhot to ErenhotHET to ERLHohhot to Alxa Left Banner, BayanhotHET to AXFAlxa Left Banner, Bayanhot to HohhotAXF to HETHohhot to ChifengHET to CIFBaotou to ChongqingBAV to CKGChongqing to BaotouCKG to BAVHohhot to UlanhotHET to HLHChifeng to BaotouCIF to BAVBaotou to ChifengBAV to CIFOrdos City to ChongqingDSN to CKGChongqing to Ordos CityCKG to DSNQuzhou to ChongqingJUZ to CKGChongqing to QuzhouCKG to JUZAksu to ChengduAKU to TFUHohhot to HailarHET to HLDChongqing to JinghongCKG to JHGKashgar to KuqaKHG to KCAHohhot to Yan'anHET to ENYChengdu to JinghongTFU to JHGKuqa to ShiheziKCA to SHFChongqing to HohhotCKG to HETHohhot to ChongqingHET to CKGKuqa to YiningKCA to YINHailar to HohhotHLD to HETChongqing to Yan'anCKG to ENYShihezi to KuqaSHF to KCAChengdu to AksuTFU to AKUTianjin to BaichengTSN to DBCAksu to KuqaAKU to KCAAksu to ChongqingAKU to CKGKorla to BoleKRL to BPLHohhot to TongliaoHET to TGOTongliao to HohhotTGO to HETBaicheng to TianjinDBC to TSNChangde to ChongqingCGD to CKGShijiazhuang to ChengdeSJW to CDEBole to AksuBPL to AKUXinzhou to TianjinWUT to TSNEzhou to ChongqingEHU to CKGQuzhou to GuiyangJUZ to KWEChongqing to EzhouCKG to EHUKorla to KuqaKRL to KCALiuzhou to ChongqingLZH to CKGTianjin to XinzhouTSN to WUTChongqing to LiuzhouCKG to LZHKaramay to YiningKRY to YINHohhot to ManzhouliHET to NZHChongqing to ChangdeCKG to CGDChengde to ShijiazhuangCDE to SJWTrat to YiningTCG to YINYan'an to HohhotENY to HETYan'an to ChongqingENY to CKGQiemo to KorlaIQM to KRLKashgar to TumxukKHG to TWCTianjin to Yan'anTSN to ENYAksu to TumxukAKU to TWCBole to KorlaBPL to KRLChongqing to LanzhouCKG to LHWQiemo to HotanIQM to HTNKashgar to Yarkant (Shache)KHG to QSZKorla to Yarkant (Shache)KRL to QSZErenhot to ChifengERL to CIFKashgar to AksuKHG to AKUChangsha to BaotouCSX to BAVYarkant (Shache) to KorlaQSZ to KRLYarkant (Shache) to KashgarQSZ to KHGUlanhot to ChifengHLH to CIFKorla to KaramayKRL to KRYGuiyang to QuzhouKWE to JUZBaotou to TaiyuanBAV to TYNChongqing to HandanCKG to HDGKuqa to KorlaKCA to KRLChifeng to UlanhotCIF to HLHHotan to KuqaHTN to KCAQuzhou to ZhengzhouJUZ to CGOKuqa to KashgarKCA to KHGKorla to QiemoKRL to IQMTaiyuan to BaotouTYN to BAVAksu to KashgarAKU to KHGYan'an to TianjinENY to TSNHotan to QiemoHTN to IQMKuqa to HotanKCA to HTNYining to KaramayYIN to KRYChifeng to ErenhotCIF to ERLHotan to AksuHTN to AKUKuqa to AksuKCA to AKUAksu to HotanAKU to HTNYining to KuqaYIN to KCALanzhou to ChongqingLHW to CKGKorla to ChongqingKRL to CKGManzhouli to HohhotNZH to HETHandan to ChongqingHDG to CKGJinghong to ChengduJHG to TFUAksu to BoleAKU to BPLBaotou to ChangshaBAV to CSXZhengzhou to QuzhouCGO to JUZJinghong to ChongqingJHG to CKGTianjin to QiqiharTSN to NDGChongqing to KorlaCKG to KRLTumxuk to KashgarTWC to KHGZhengzhou to BaotouCGO to BAVTumxuk to AksuTWC to AKUBaotou to ZhengzhouBAV to CGOChongqing to AksuCKG to AKUAksu to Yarkant (Shache)AKU to QSZXingyi, Guizhou to ZunyiACX to ZYIHotan to Yarkant (Shache)HTN to QSZYining to TratYIN to TCGZunyi to Xingyi, GuizhouZYI to ACXKaramay to KorlaKRY to KRLZhanjiang to GuiyangZHA to KWEChongqing to QianjiangCKG to JIQGuiyang to ZhanjiangKWE to ZHATianjin to Chaoyang, LiaoningTSN to CHGAksu to XiningAKU to XNNQuzhou to ZhoushanJUZ to HSNChongqing to Xingyi, GuizhouCKG to ACXYarkant (Shache) to HotanQSZ to HTNAksu to KorlaAKU to KRLChongqing to XiningCKG to XNNYarkant (Shache) to AksuQSZ to AKUXingyi, Guizhou to ChongqingACX to CKGQianjiang to ChongqingJIQ to CKGZhoushan to QuzhouHSN to JUZXining to ChongqingXNN to CKGKorla to AksuKRL to AKUXining to AksuXNN to AKUYiwu to ChongqingYIW to CKGChongqing to YiwuCKG to YIWYining to TumxukYIN to TWCChaoyang, Liaoning to TianjinCHG to TSNTumxuk to KorlaTWC to KRLTumxuk to YiningTWC to YINKorla to TumxukKRL to TWCXi'an to ChengdeXIY to CDEYutian to HotanYTW to HTNHengyang to ChongqingHNY to CKGWenshan to KunmingWNH to KMGEzhou to WenzhouEHU to WNZGuiyang to BijieKWE to BFJWenshan to ChongqingWNH to CKGShijiazhuang to QuzhouSJW to JUZYinchuan to Yan'anINC to ENYKorla to ShiheziKRL to SHFChongqing to ShaoguanCKG to HSCChangsha to ShaoyangCSX to WGNNanjing to HengyangNKG to HNYYantai to ChengdeYNT to CDEChangzhi to DalianCIH to DLCChongqing to HengyangCKG to HNYShiyan to HangzhouWDS to HGHHohhot to Ordos CityHET to DSNTianjin to BaotouTSN to BAVShiyan to ChongqingWDS to CKGOrdos City to HohhotDSN to HETChengdu to Yan'anTFU to ENYHotan to YutianHTN to YTWQuzhou to HaikouJUZ to HAKShihezi to KorlaSHF to KRLChengdu to ChangzhiTFU to CIHBaotou to TianjinBAV to TSNChongqing to Wuhu XuanzhouCKG to WHAYan'an to TaiyuanENY to TYNHangzhou to ShiyanHGH to WDSChongqing to WenshanCKG to WNHShihezi to AltaySHF to AATShenyang to Wuhu XuanzhouSHE to WHAXiangyang to TianjinXFN to TSNShenyang to UlanhotSHE to HLHWuhan to Yan'anWUH to ENYChongqing to ShaoyangCKG to WGNShaoyang to ChangshaWGN to CSXYongzhou to HaikouLLF to HAKTianjin to LüliangTSN to LLVChongqing to SanmingCKG to SQJShaoyang to ChongqingWGN to CKGQuzhou to ShijiazhuangJUZ to SJWChongqing to YongzhouCKG to LLFYongzhou to ChongqingLLF to CKGWenzhou to EzhouWNZ to EHUChongqing to ShiyanCKG to WDSChengde to YantaiCDE to YNTYan'an to YinchuanENY to INCWuhu Xuanzhou to ChongqingWHA to CKGHaikou to YongzhouHAK to LLFKunming to WenshanKMG to WNHTianjin to XiangyangTSN to XFNLüliang to TianjinLLV to TSNChongqing to LüliangCKG to LLVChengde to Xi'anCDE to XIYQuzhou to Xi'anJUZ to XIYKorla to YutianKRL to YTWAltay to ShiheziAAT to SHF

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