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Shandong Airlines

Shandong Airlines Flights

Home AirlinesShandong Airlines (SC)

Shandong Airlines routes and airport map

Find all Shandong Airlines flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Shandong Airlines fly to?

Shandong Airlines serves 77 domestic destinations and 7 international destinations in 7 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Shandong Airlines destinations

The following is an overview of all Shandong Airlines flights and destinations:

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Where does Shandong Airlines fly from?

Shandong Airlines departs from 84 airports in 7 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Shandong Airlines departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Shandong Airlines departs from:

Shandong Airlines most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Shandong Airlines, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Qingdao to DalianTAO to DLCDalian to QingdaoDLC to TAOChongqing to JinanCKG to TNAJinan to ChongqingTNA to CKGChongqing to QingdaoCKG to TAOQingdao to ChongqingTAO to CKGQingdao to SeoulTAO to ICNSeoul to QingdaoICN to TAOBeijing to XiamenPEK to XMNShenyang to QingdaoSHE to TAOQingdao to ShenyangTAO to SHEXiamen to BeijingXMN to PEKYantai to BeijingYNT to PEKBeijing to YantaiPEK to YNTXiamen to JinanXMN to TNAJinan to XiamenTNA to XMNWuhan to JinanWUH to TNAJinan to WuhanTNA to WUHShanghai to QingdaoSHA to TAOQingdao to ShanghaiTAO to SHAHarbin to QingdaoHRB to TAOQingdao to HarbinTAO to HRBHangzhou to QingdaoHGH to TAOQingdao to HangzhouTAO to HGHJinan to ChengduTNA to TFUChengdu to JinanTFU to TNAJinan to Xi'anTNA to XIYXi'an to JinanXIY to TNAJinan to DalianTNA to DLCFuzhou to BeijingFOC to PEKBeijing to FuzhouPEK to FOCGuiyang to JinanKWE to TNADalian to JinanDLC to TNAQingdao to ChengduTAO to TFUQingdao to Changchun and Jilin CityTAO to CGQChengdu to QingdaoTFU to TAOChangchun and Jilin City to QingdaoCGQ to TAOZhuhai to BeijingZUH to PEKBeijing to ZhuhaiPEK to ZUHJinan to GuiyangTNA to KWEQingdao to ShanghaiTAO to PVGShanghai to QingdaoPVG to TAOShenzhen to JinanSZX to TNAHangzhou to XiamenHGH to XMNJinan to ShenzhenTNA to SZXXiamen to HangzhouXMN to HGHJinan to Changchun and Jilin CityTNA to CGQHarbin to JinanHRB to TNAChangchun and Jilin City to JinanCGQ to TNAJinan to HarbinTNA to HRBQingdao to Xi'anTAO to XIYXi'an to QingdaoXIY to TAOOsaka to QingdaoKIX to TAOQingdao to OsakaTAO to KIXJinan to ChangshaTNA to CSXJinan to GuangzhouTNA to CANChangsha to JinanCSX to TNAQingdao to ChangshaTAO to CSXChangsha to QingdaoCSX to TAOGuangzhou to JinanCAN to TNAShenyang to JinanSHE to TNAUrumqi to JinanURC to TNAJinan to UrumqiTNA to URCJinan to ShenyangTNA to SHEZhuhai to NanchangZUH to KHNBeijing to QingdaoPEK to TAOTianjin to ZhuhaiTSN to ZUHXi'an to GuiyangXIY to KWELanzhou to UrumqiLHW to URCQingdao to WuhanTAO to WUHZhengzhou to ShenyangCGO to SHEZhoushan to XiamenHSN to XMNNanchang to ZhuhaiKHN to ZUHXiamen to ZhoushanXMN to HSNLanzhou to JinanLHW to TNAShenyang to ZhengzhouSHE to CGOJinan to YinchuanTNA to INCYinchuan to JinanINC to TNANanjing to YantaiNKG to YNTShanghai to YantaiSHA to YNTJinan to SeoulTNA to ICNTaiyuan to UrumqiTYN to URCXiamen to QingdaoXMN to TAOJinan to ZhuhaiTNA to ZUHUrumqi to TaiyuanURC to TYNXiamen to ChongqingXMN to CKGZhuhai to TianjinZUH to TSNNanjing to QingdaoNKG to TAOSeoul to JinanICN to TNAZhuhai to JinanZUH to TNAYantai to ShenyangYNT to SHENanjing to KunmingNKG to KMGShenyang to YantaiSHE to YNTJinan to LanzhouTNA to LHWUrumqi to LanzhouURC to LHWWuhan to QingdaoWUH to TAOKunming to NanjingKMG to NKGYantai to ShanghaiYNT to SHAQingdao to BeijingTAO to PEKChongqing to XiamenCKG to XMNGuiyang to XiamenKWE to XMNQingdao to NanjingTAO to NKGQingdao to XiamenTAO to XMNXiamen to GuiyangXMN to KWEGuiyang to Xi'anKWE to XIYYantai to NanjingYNT to NKGHohhot to JinanHET to TNAJinan to GuilinTNA to KWLJinan to KunmingTNA to KMGUrumqi to AksuURC to AKUAksu to UrumqiAKU to URCGuilin to JinanKWL to TNAKunming to JinanKMG to TNAYanji to QingdaoYNJ to TAOJinan to HohhotTNA to HETQingdao to YanjiTAO to YNJJinan to FuzhouTNA to FOCFuzhou to JinanFOC to TNAXiamen to Xi'anXMN to XIYWenzhou to QingdaoWNZ to TAOQingdao to WenzhouTAO to WNZQingdao to JiamusiTAO to JMUJiamusi to QingdaoJMU to TAOXi'an to XiamenXIY to XMNZhengzhou to UrumqiCGO to URCQingdao to HefeiTAO to HFEYinchuan to XiningINC to XNNKashgar to UrumqiKHG to URCHefei to QingdaoHFE to TAOGuilin to NanjingKWL to NKGNanjing to GuilinNKG to KWLXining to YinchuanXNN to INCUrumqi to KashgarURC to KHGUrumqi to ZhengzhouURC to CGOShenyang to TaiyuanSHE to TYNZhengzhou to QingdaoCGO to TAOJinan to WeihaiTNA to WEHFuzhou to QingdaoFOC to TAOTaiyuan to BaotouTYN to BAVWenzhou to ZhuhaiWNZ to ZUHXiamen to KunmingXMN to KMGOsaka to JinanKIX to TNAGuiyang to WuhanKWE to WUHYantai to JiamusiYNT to JMULijiang to MianyangLJG to MIGShenzhen to QingdaoSZX to TAOQingdao to HohhotTAO to HETQingdao to NingboTAO to NGBBaotou to TaiyuanBAV to TYNQingdao to Wuyishan, Nanping, FujianTAO to WUSZhengzhou to SanyaCGO to SYXJinan to OsakaTNA to KIXHohhot to QingdaoHET to TAOWenzhou to JinanWNZ to TNAGuiyang to WenzhouKWE to WNZYantai to SeoulYNT to ICNNingbo to QingdaoNGB to TAOShenzhen to ShangraoSZX to SQDQingdao to FuzhouTAO to FOCJinan to DatongTNA to DATJinan to NanchangTNA to KHNTianjin to XiamenTSN to XMNHohhot to HailarHET to HLDHangzhou to TaiyuanHGH to TYNXi'an to KorlaXIY to KRLGuiyang to TaiyuanKWE to TYNZhuhai to HaikouZUH to HAKNingbo to HaikouNGB to HAKNanning to WuhanNNG to WUHShenyang to NanjingSHE to NKGSanya to JinanSYX to TNAAksu to Xi'anAKU to XIYChangzhou to QingdaoCZX to TAOHohhot to HaikouHET to HAKWenzhou to GuiyangWNZ to KWEZhoushan to JinanHSN to TNANanchang to JinanKHN to TNAXiamen to TaiyuanXMN to TYNZhuhai to FuzhouZUH to FOCNingbo to ZhengzhouNGB to CGOQingdao to GuiyangTAO to KWEChongqing to KunmingCKG to KMGChangzhou to GuiyangCZX to KWEJinan to SanyaTNA to SYXTianjin to HarbinTSN to HRBTaiyuan to XiamenTYN to XMNZhoushan to QingdaoHSN to TAOXi'an to AksuXIY to AKUYinchuan to UrumqiINC to URCNanchang to QingdaoKHN to TAOXiamen to TianjinXMN to TSNGuiyang to QingdaoKWE to TAOZhuhai to ChongqingZUH to CKGNanning to JinanNNG to TNASanya to ZhengzhouSYX to CGOQingdao to DandongTAO to DDGQingdao to UrumqiTAO to URCZhengzhou to GuilinCGO to KWLChongqing to QuanzhouCKG to JJNTianjin to HohhotTSN to HET

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