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Juneyao Airlines

Juneyao Airlines Flights

Home AirlinesJuneyao Airlines (HO)

Juneyao Airlines routes and airport map

Find all Juneyao Airlines flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Juneyao Airlines fly to?

Juneyao Airlines serves 69 domestic destinations and 22 international destinations in 15 countries, as of May 2024.

List of Juneyao Airlines destinations

The following is an overview of all Juneyao Airlines flights and destinations:

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
South Korea
South Korea
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Where does Juneyao Airlines fly from?

Juneyao Airlines departs from 91 airports in 15 countries, as of May 2024.

List of Juneyao Airlines departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Juneyao Airlines departs from:

Juneyao Airlines most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Juneyao Airlines, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Shanghai to GuangzhouSHA to CANShenzhen to ShanghaiSZX to SHAShanghai to ShenzhenSHA to SZXGuangzhou to ShanghaiCAN to SHAShanghai to ChengduSHA to TFUChengdu to ShanghaiTFU to SHAShanghai to Xi'anPVG to XIYShanghai to KunmingSHA to KMGXi'an to ShanghaiXIY to SHAShanghai to OsakaPVG to KIXOsaka to ShanghaiKIX to PVGXi'an to ShanghaiXIY to PVGShanghai to QingdaoPVG to TAOShenyang to ShanghaiSHE to PVGShanghai to ShenyangPVG to SHEChangsha to ShanghaiCSX to SHAShanghai to ChangshaSHA to CSXShanghai to SanyaSHA to SYXSanya to ShanghaiSYX to SHAShanghai to GuiyangSHA to KWEGuiyang to ShanghaiKWE to SHADalian to ShanghaiDLC to PVGShanghai to DalianPVG to DLCHarbin to ShanghaiHRB to PVGShanghai to HarbinPVG to HRBXi'an to NanjingXIY to NKGNanjing to Xi'anNKG to XIYShanghai to Jeju CityPVG to CJUJinghong to ShanghaiJHG to PVGNanning to ShanghaiNNG to PVGSingapore to ShanghaiSIN to PVGBangkok to ShanghaiBKK to PVGTaiyuan to NanjingTYN to NKGShanghai to HaikouPVG to HAKShanghai to BangkokPVG to BKKKunming to ShanghaiKMG to SHAShanghai to Xi'anSHA to XIYShanghai to JinghongPVG to JHGShanghai to NanningPVG to NNGJeju City to ShanghaiCJU to PVGNanjing to GuilinNKG to KWLShanghai to Changchun and Jilin CityPVG to CGQChangchun and Jilin City to ShanghaiCGQ to PVGNagoya to ShanghaiNGO to PVGShanghai to SingaporePVG to SINNanjing to TaiyuanNKG to TYNNanjing to ChengduNKG to TFUChengdu to NanjingTFU to NKGShanghai to NagoyaPVG to NGOShanghai to LijiangPVG to LJGChangchun and Jilin City to QingdaoCGQ to TAOQingdao to Changchun and Jilin CityTAO to CGQHaikou to ShanghaiHAK to PVGLijiang to ShanghaiLJG to PVGQingdao to ShanghaiTAO to PVGGuilin to NanjingKWL to NKGZhuhai to ShanghaiZUH to PVGShanghai to GuilinPVG to KWLHuizhou to ShanghaiHUZ to PVGShanghai to HuizhouPVG to HUZGuilin to ShanghaiKWL to PVGShanghai to TaiyuanPVG to TYNTaiyuan to ShanghaiTYN to PVGGuiyang to HuizhouKWE to HUZHuizhou to GuiyangHUZ to KWENanning to NanjingNNG to NKGNanjing to NanningNKG to NNGNanjing to ChangshaNKG to CSXChangsha to NanjingCSX to NKGDalian to NanjingDLC to NKGNanjing to DalianNKG to DLCHuizhou to HangzhouHUZ to HGHHangzhou to HuizhouHGH to HUZLijiang to NanjingLJG to NKGNanjing to LijiangNKG to LJGNanjing to GuiyangNKG to KWEChongqing to ShanghaiCKG to PVGGuiyang to NanjingKWE to NKGShanghai to ChongqingPVG to CKGShanghai to PhuketPVG to HKTPhuket to ShanghaiHKT to PVGChongqing to NanjingCKG to NKGNanjing to ChongqingNKG to CKGWenzhou to ChangshaWNZ to CSXChangsha to WenzhouCSX to WNZShanghai to ZhangjiajiePVG to DYGZhangjiajie to ShanghaiDYG to PVGKunming to ShanghaiKMG to PVGNanjing to Jeju CityNKG to CJUNanjing to LiuzhouNKG to LZHNanning to Wuxi / SuzhouNNG to WUXChifeng to NanjingCIF to NKGUrumqi to ShanghaiURC to SHAChangsha to QingdaoCSX to TAOWuxi / Suzhou to NanningWUX to NNGHangzhou to ChifengHGH to CIFHarbin to Wuxi / SuzhouHRB to WUXNanjing to ChifengNKG to CIFQingdao to ShanghaiTAO to SHAChifeng to HangzhouCIF to HGHWuxi / Suzhou to GuilinWUX to KWLLijiang to ChangshaLJG to CSXNanjing to Changchun and Jilin CityNKG to CGQShanghai to LinfenPVG to LFQBangkok to NanjingBKK to NKGTaiyuan to ShanghaiTYN to SHAChangsha to ShanghaiCSX to PVGWuxi / Suzhou to HuizhouWUX to HUZDenpasar to ShanghaiDPS to PVGXi'an to Wuxi / SuzhouXIY to WUXHarbin to ShenzhenHRB to SZXNanjing to BangkokNKG to BKKShenyang to NanjingSHE to NKGWuxi / Suzhou to HarbinWUX to HRBShanghai to ChongqingSHA to CKGShenyang to HailarSHE to HLDChangchun and Jilin City to NanjingCGQ to NKGChangsha to LijiangCSX to LJGHarbin to NanjingHRB to NKGBaotou to ZhengzhouBAV to CGOQingdao to ChangshaTAO to CSXWuxi / Suzhou to ChongqingWUX to CKGBangkok (Don Muang) to NanjingDMK to NKGHuizhou to Wuxi / SuzhouHUZ to WUXNanjing to OsakaNKG to KIXShanghai to XiamenSHA to XMNQingdao to ChifengTAO to CIFZhengzhou to WenzhouCGO to WNZHailar to ShenyangHLD to SHEChengdu to Wuxi / SuzhouTFU to WUXChongqing to Wuxi / SuzhouCKG to WUXXi'an to GuiyangXIY to KWEMacau to ShanghaiMFM to PVGShanghai to DenpasarPVG to DPSShanghai to XiangyangSHA to XFNZhengzhou to ShanghaiCGO to PVGChongqing to ShanghaiCKG to SHAHuizhou to NanjingHUZ to NKGLinfen to ShanghaiLFQ to PVGNanjing to HarbinNKG to HRBShanghai to UrumqiSHA to URCDalian to HangzhouDLC to HGHLinfen to HangzhouLFQ to HGHLiuzhou to NanjingLZH to NKGBeijing Daxing to ShanghaiPKX to SHAShanghai to Bangkok (Don Muang)PVG to DMKShanghai to TokyoPVG to NRTShenzhen to LijiangSZX to LJGChengdu to ShanghaiTFU to PVGXiangyang to ShanghaiXFN to SHAHangzhou to ChengduHGH to TFUNanjing to ZhangjiajieNKG to DYGNanjing to SanyaNKG to SYXShenzhen to HarbinSZX to HRBWuxi / Suzhou to Xi'anWUX to XIYGuilin to Wuxi / SuzhouKWL to WUXNanjing to ShenyangNKG to SHEBeijing Daxing to OsakaPKX to KIXShanghai to XiamenPVG to XMNChengdu to HangzhouTFU to HGHJeju City to NanjingCJU to NKGWuxi / Suzhou to ChengduWUX to TFUHangzhou to LinfenHGH to LFQOsaka to Beijing DaxingKIX to PKXLijiang to Xi'anLJG to XIYShanghai to ChangshaPVG to CSXShanghai to MacauPVG to MFMSanya to Wuxi / SuzhouSYX to WUXWenzhou to ZhengzhouWNZ to CGOChangsha to Wuxi / SuzhouCSX to WUXWuxi / Suzhou to QingdaoWUX to TAOOsaka to NanjingKIX to NKGZhengzhou to BaotouCGO to BAVChifeng to QingdaoCIF to TAOWuxi / Suzhou to SanyaWUX to SYXZhangjiajie to NanjingDYG to NKGXiamen to ShanghaiXMN to SHAGuiyang to Xi'anKWE to XIYLijiang to ShenzhenLJG to SZXTokyo to ShanghaiNRT to PVGShanghai to Beijing DaxingSHA to PKXSanya to NanjingSYX to NKGQingdao to Wuxi / SuzhouTAO to WUXChangsha to ChengduCSX to TFUXiamen to ShanghaiXMN to PVGHangzhou to DalianHGH to DLCGuiyang to TaiyuanKWE to TYNQingdao to ChengduTAO to TFUXiamen to NanjingXMN to NKGShanghai to Hong KongPVG to HKGShanghai to LanzhouPVG to LHWShanghai to ChengduPVG to TFUShanghai to ChifengPVG to CIFShanghai to HaikouSHA to HAKLanzhou to ShanghaiLHW to PVGQingdao to HangzhouTAO to HGHBangkok (Don Muang) to ShanghaiDMK to PVGNagoya to NanjingNGO to NKGNanjing to XiamenNKG to XMNTaiyuan to GuiyangTYN to KWE

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