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Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways Flights

Home AirlinesIraqi Airways (IA)

Iraqi Airways routes and airport map

Find all Iraqi Airways flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Iraqi Airways fly to?

Iraqi Airways serves 6 domestic destinations and 27 international destinations in 16 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Iraqi Airways destinations

The following is an overview of all Iraqi Airways flights and destinations:

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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Where does Iraqi Airways fly from?

Iraqi Airways departs from 33 airports in 16 countries, as of March 2024.

List of Iraqi Airways departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Iraqi Airways departs from:

Iraqi Airways most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Iraqi Airways, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Baghdad to ErbilBGW to EBLErbil to BaghdadEBL to BGWBasra to BaghdadBSR to BGWBaghdad to BeirutBGW to BEYBeirut to BaghdadBEY to BGWBaghdad to BasraBGW to BSRIstanbul to BaghdadIST to BGWBaghdad to IstanbulBGW to ISTBaghdad to SulaymaniyahBGW to ISUMashhad to BaghdadMHD to BGWErbil to BasraEBL to BSRBaghdad to MashhadBGW to MHDBasra to ErbilBSR to EBLTehran to BaghdadIKA to BGWAl Najaf to BaghdadNJF to BGWBaghdad to TehranBGW to IKABaghdad to DubaiBGW to DXBAmman to BaghdadAMM to BGWBaghdad to CairoBGW to CAIBaghdad to Al NajafBGW to NJFCairo to BaghdadCAI to BGWBaghdad to AmmanBGW to AMMDubai to BaghdadDXB to BGWSulaymaniyah to BaghdadISU to BGWErbil to DubaiEBL to DXBDubai to ErbilDXB to EBLBaghdad to AnkaraBGW to ESBAnkara to BaghdadESB to BGWIsfahan to Al NajafIFN to NJFIstanbul to Al NajafIST to NJFIstanbul to BasraIST to BSRAl Najaf to IstanbulNJF to ISTBasra to IstanbulBSR to ISTBasra to DubaiBSR to DXBDubai to BasraDXB to BSRSamsun to BaghdadSZF to BGWBasra to BeirutBSR to BEYErbil to FrankfurtEBL to FRAMashhad to BasraMHD to BSRBaghdad to SamsunBGW to SZFKirkuk to AnkaraKIK to ESBBasra to MashhadBSR to MHDFrankfurt to ErbilFRA to EBLAnkara to KirkukESB to KIKBeirut to BasraBEY to BSRAntalya to BaghdadAYT to BGWNew Delhi to BasraDEL to BSRNew Delhi to BaghdadDEL to BGWIstanbul to KirkukIST to KIKAl Najaf to Kuwait CityNJF to KWIBaghdad to New DelhiBGW to DELAl Najaf to KarachiNJF to KHIKirkuk to IstanbulKIK to ISTTehran to SulaymaniyahIKA to ISUBaghdad to AntalyaBGW to AYTErbil to BeirutEBL to BEYKarachi to Al NajafKHI to NJFBeirut to Al NajafBEY to NJFSulaymaniyah to TehranISU to IKADubai to SulaymaniyahDXB to ISUSulaymaniyah to DubaiISU to DXBBeirut to ErbilBEY to EBLAl Najaf to BeirutNJF to BEYBasra to New DelhiBSR to DELMashhad to Al NajafMHD to NJFIstanbul (Sabiha) to BaghdadSAW to BGWAl Najaf to MashhadNJF to MHDAhmedabad to Al NajafAMD to NJFBaghdad to Istanbul (Sabiha)BGW to SAWTehran to Al NajafIKA to NJFAl Najaf to TehranNJF to IKAAl Najaf to IsfahanNJF to IFNBaghdad to Kuala LumpurBGW to KULAl Najaf to AhmedabadNJF to AMDErbil to IstanbulEBL to ISTAmman to ErbilAMM to EBLAmman to BasraAMM to BSRBasra to AmmanBSR to AMMCopenhagen to Al NajafCPH to NJFIstanbul to ErbilIST to EBLMumbai to Al NajafBOM to NJFCopenhagen to ErbilCPH to EBLErbil to DüsseldorfEBL to DUSKuwait City to Al NajafKWI to NJFErbil to CopenhagenEBL to CPHKuala Lumpur to BaghdadKUL to BGWErbil to CairoEBL to CAICairo to ErbilCAI to EBLCairo to BasraCAI to BSRAl Najaf to ErbilNJF to EBLErbil to BerlinEBL to BERAl Najaf to CopenhagenNJF to CPHBasra to SulaymaniyahBSR to ISUErbil to AmmanEBL to AMMBeirut to SulaymaniyahBEY to ISUSulaymaniyah to BasraISU to BSRErbil to Al NajafEBL to NJFBerlin to ErbilBER to EBLBasra to CairoBSR to CAIDüsseldorf to ErbilDUS to EBLErbil to MunichEBL to MUCSulaymaniyah to BeirutISU to BEYMunich to ErbilMUC to EBLBaghdad to GuangzhouBGW to CANGuangzhou to BaghdadCAN to BGWCairo to SulaymaniyahCAI to ISUIslamabad to Al NajafISB to NJFAl Najaf to IslamabadNJF to ISBKarachi to BaghdadKHI to BGWBaku to BaghdadGYD to BGWAl Najaf to MumbaiNJF to BOMBaghdad to KarachiBGW to KHISulaymaniyah to CairoISU to CAIBaghdad to BakuBGW to GYDBaghdad to Moscow VnukovoBGW to VKOKirkuk to BaghdadKIK to BGWBaghdad to KirkukBGW to KIKMoscow Vnukovo to BaghdadVKO to BGW

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