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Spring Airlines

Spring Airlines Flights

Home AirlinesSpring Airlines (9C)

Spring Airlines routes and airport map

Find all Spring Airlines flights, destinations, routes and airports on this interactive airline map.

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Where does Spring Airlines fly to?

Spring Airlines serves 82 domestic destinations and 19 international destinations in 8 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Spring Airlines destinations

The following is an overview of all Spring Airlines flights and destinations:

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Where does Spring Airlines fly from?

Spring Airlines departs from 101 airports in 8 countries, as of December 2023.

List of Spring Airlines departures

The following is an overview of all cities and countries Spring Airlines departs from:

Spring Airlines most popular routes

These are currently the most popular flights operated by Spring Airlines, based on the number of scheduled flights for this month:

Shanghai to ShenzhenSHA to SZXShenzhen to ShanghaiSZX to SHAGuangzhou to ShanghaiCAN to SHAShanghai to GuangzhouSHA to CANXiamen to ShanghaiXMN to SHAShanghai to XiamenSHA to XMNShanghai to ChengduSHA to TFUChengdu to ShanghaiTFU to SHAShanghai to OsakaPVG to KIXJeju City to ShanghaiCJU to PVGOsaka to ShanghaiKIX to PVGShanghai to ChongqingPVG to CKGShanghai to Jeju CityPVG to CJUShanghai to BaishanPVG to NBSBaishan to ShanghaiNBS to PVGChongqing to ShanghaiCKG to PVGShanghai to DalianPVG to DLCDalian to ShanghaiDLC to PVGShenyang to ShanghaiSHE to PVGShanghai to ShenyangPVG to SHEHong Kong to ShanghaiHKG to PVGLijiang to ShanghaiLJG to PVGShanghai to ChongqingSHA to CKGShanghai to Xi'anSHA to XIYShanghai to Changchun and Jilin CityPVG to CGQShanghai to HarbinPVG to HRBChangchun and Jilin City to ShanghaiCGQ to PVGChongqing to ShanghaiCKG to SHAHarbin to ShanghaiHRB to PVGShanghai to Hong KongPVG to HKGXi'an to ShanghaiXIY to SHAShanghai to LijiangPVG to LJGShanghai to ShijiazhuangSHA to SJWShijiazhuang to ShanghaiSJW to SHABangkok to ShanghaiBKK to PVGShanghai to SanyaPVG to SYXPhuket to ShanghaiHKT to PVGShanghai to QuanzhouSHA to JJNKashgar to LanzhouKHG to LHWLanzhou to KashgarLHW to KHGSanya to ShanghaiSYX to PVGQuanzhou to ShanghaiJJN to SHALanzhou to HangzhouLHW to HGHShanghai to BangkokPVG to BKKShanghai to PhuketPVG to HKTHangzhou to LanzhouHGH to LHWShenyang to NingboSHE to NGBNingbo to ShenyangNGB to SHEShanghai to ShantouPVG to SWAShantou to ShanghaiSWA to PVGShanghai to Enshi CityPVG to ENHChangchun and Jilin City to ZhengzhouCGQ to CGOShanghai to LanzhouSHA to LHWChangzhou to ShenyangCZX to SHEDalian to YangzhouDLC to YTYShijiazhuang to GuangzhouSJW to CANShijiazhuang to NanningSJW to NNGHengyang to ShanghaiHNY to SHAShenzhen to Huai'anSZX to HIAChengdu to HangzhouTFU to HGHXi'an to Changchun and Jilin CityXIY to CGQLanzhou to AksuLHW to AKUXiamen to YangzhouXMN to YTYLanzhou to ShanghaiLHW to PVGZunyi to ShenzhenZYI to SZXTokyo to ShanghaiNRT to PVGBangkok to NanningBKK to NNGShanghai to GuiyangSHA to KWEShantou to HangzhouSWA to HGHShenzhen to DongyingSZX to DOYKunming to ChangdeKMG to CGDXi'an to BangkokXIY to BKKXiamen to ShijiazhuangXMN to SJWLanzhou to Beijing DaxingLHW to PKXNingbo to HarbinNGB to HRBNingbo to Xi'anNGB to XIYShanghai to Bangkok (Don Muang)PVG to DMKShanghai to KunmingSHA to KMGShenzhen to ChongqingSZX to CKGChengdu to BangkokTFU to BKKWuxi / Suzhou to ShenzhenWUX to SZXLanzhou to AltayLHW to AATZunyi to LanzhouZYI to LHWNanyang to ShenzhenNNY to SZXShanghai to QianjiangPVG to JIQShihezi to LanzhouSHF to LHWSanya to TianjinSYX to TSNQingdao to ChengduTAO to TFUWuhan to WuhaiWUH to WUAZhuhai to YangzhouZUH to YTYNingbo to ChengduNGB to TFUNanyang to ShanghaiNNY to PVGZhengzhou to Changchun and Jilin CityCGO to CGQShanghai to HengyangSHA to HNYDalian to NanjingDLC to NKGShenyang to YangzhouSHE to YTYShantou to ChangzhouSWA to CZXSanya to ShijiazhuangSYX to SJWWuhan to ShenzhenWUH to SZXLanzhou to ZunyiLHW to ZYIChangde to ShanghaiCGD to SHAShanghai to DongyingSHA to DOYEnshi City to ShanghaiENH to PVGHuai'an to ShenzhenHIA to SZXSanya to ShanghaiSYX to SHAJinan to LanzhouTNA to LHWWuhai to WuhanWUA to WUHGuiyang to YangzhouKWE to YTYYangzhou to DalianYTY to DLCNingbo to ShenzhenNGB to SZXAksu to LanzhouAKU to LHWChangde to KunmingCGD to KMGShenyang to ShijiazhuangSHE to SJWDongying to ShenzhenDOY to SZXShijiazhuang to KunmingSJW to KMGHeze to ShanghaiHZA to PVGShenzhen to ZunyiSZX to ZYIYangzhou to ChongqingYTY to CKGLanzhou to YiningLHW to YINNanning to YangzhouNNG to YTYShanghai to HezePVG to HZAShanghai to TokyoPVG to NRTShanghai to ChangdeSHA to CGDChongqing to YangzhouCKG to YTYDongying to ShanghaiDOY to SHAShijiazhuang to XiamenSJW to XMNShenzhen to Xi'anSZX to XIYQianjiang to ShanghaiJIQ to PVGZunyi to ShanghaiWMT to SHAGuiyang to ShanghaiKWE to SHANingbo to Changchun and Jilin CityNGB to CGQNanning to ShijiazhuangNNG to SJWShanghai to NanyangPVG to NNYChongqing to ShenzhenCKG to SZXShanghai to ZunyiSHA to WMTHuai'an to HarbinHIA to HRBShenzhen to Wuxi / SuzhouSZX to WUXTongliao to ShijiazhuangTGO to SJWNanchang to Xi'anKHN to XIYGuiyang to ShanghaiKWE to PVGXi'an to UrumqiXIY to URCAltay to LanzhouAAT to LHWChangchun and Jilin City to Xi'anCGQ to XIYChongqing to ShijiazhuangCKG to SJWShijiazhuang to TongliaoSJW to TGOHangzhou to ChengduHGH to TFUShenzhen to WuhanSZX to WUHUrumqi to Xi'anURC to XIYXi'an to ShenzhenXIY to SZXYangzhou to ZhuhaiYTY to ZUHNanning to BangkokNNG to BKKChangchun and Jilin City to ShijiazhuangCGQ to SJWDunhuang to LanzhouDNH to LHWShijiazhuang to ChengduSJW to TFUHangzhou to ShantouHGH to SWAShenzhen to ShijiazhuangSZX to SJWLanzhou to DunhuangLHW to DNHLanzhou to JinanLHW to TNAYangzhou to XiamenYTY to XMNNanjing to ShenzhenNKG to SZXShanghai to MianyangPVG to MIGShijiazhuang to HangzhouSJW to HGHGuangyuan to ShanghaiGYS to PVGShijiazhuang to ShenzhenSJW to SZXHangzhou to ShijiazhuangHGH to SJWShantou to ShanghaiSWA to SHAChengdu to QingdaoTFU to TAOKunming to ShijiazhuangKMG to SJWLanzhou to ChengduLHW to TFUGuangzhou to LanzhouCAN to LHWChangchun and Jilin City to NingboCGQ to NGBShanghai to Xi'anPVG to XIYShanghai to SanyaSHA to SYXShijiazhuang to SanyaSJW to SYXHangzhou to ShenyangHGH to SHEChengdu to ShijiazhuangTFU to SJWKunming to ShanghaiKMG to SHAYangzhou to ShenyangYTY to SHEBeijing Daxing to LanzhouPKX to LHWGuangzhou to Bangkok (Don Muang)CAN to DMKShanghai to ShantouSHA to SWAShenyang to HangzhouSHE to HGHBangkok (Don Muang) to ShanghaiDMK to PVGHarbin to NingboHRB to NGBShenzhen to NanyangSZX to NNYTaiyuan to ShanghaiTYN to PVGXi'an to ShanghaiXIY to PVGLanzhou to ShiheziLHW to SHFYangzhou to NanningYTY to NNGMianyang to ShanghaiMIG to PVGNanjing to DalianNKG to DLCShanghai to GuangyuanPVG to GYSShanghai to LanzhouPVG to LHWShanghai to TaiyuanPVG to TYNShijiazhuang to ChongqingSJW to CKGShijiazhuang to ShenyangSJW to SHEShenzhen to NanjingSZX to NKGChengdu to NingboTFU to NGBXi'an to NingboXIY to NGBLanzhou to GuangzhouLHW to CAN

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